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Top Best Kitchen Knife Set

A good-quality and versatile kitchen knife set is the dream of any chef who is passionate about cooking. These knife sets come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and qualities. The prices vary as well. When it comes to knives, you need to look for ergonomic design and a sharp edge. No one likes a blunt knife; but more importantly, no one can use one. You need one that can cut through things smoothly and give you a beautiful surface to work on. We know how overwhelming it can be to shop for kitchen knife sets. There are so many options that it’s hard to settle on just one.

To help you out, here we have listed ten best knives below. You can pick them based on what you need and what you work within your kitchen. Check out our list below:

1. International 35309-000 Knife Set by Henckels

International 35309-000 Knife Set by Henckels

The set comes in a wooden box and is very easy to use. You can wash them in the dishwasher. It has all the different knives that a kitchen needs which contains 12 different knives with a triple-rivet full-tang handle. The stainless steel used for manufacturing these knives is high in carbon. The entire set is built to last a long time.


  • Cutting even the thickest of meat will be comfortable with this set
  • The knives require deficient maintenance and can be washed in the dishwasher

2. Genesis 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set by Mercer Culinary

Genesis 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set by Mercer Culinary

This set comes with all the necessary knives that you might need in a typical kitchen. It doesn’t have the extravagance of knives and comes in a minimal, sophisticated design. People who cook frequently adore this set. It has six different sized, very sharp knives that are ideal for cutting all kinds of ingredients.


  • The non-slip handle has an Ergonomic Santoprene design
  • It’s resistant to discoloration, corrosion, and rust.

3. Classic Ikon Kitchen Knife Set from Wusthof

Classic Ikon Kitchen Knife Set from Wusthof

This set consists of 7 knives; it is one of the most popular knife sets. High carbon stainless steel has been used for manufacturing these knives. The set is easy to hold and gives you more control over your cut. It comes in a highly durable walnut block. Polyoxymethylene material is used for making the handles.


  • The set comes with an option of altering the block and handles to blend with your décor
  • Handles of the knives have an ergonomic design

4. Kitchen Knife Set from Victorinox

Kitchen Knife Set from Victorinox

These are Swiss army knives and suitable for making precise cuts. The set contains four knives for entirely different purposes. All the blades are very light and easy to handle.


  • This particular set is highly affordable compared to the others
  • It features Fibrox handles which are great for those whose hands tend to get sweaty

5. Messermeister Royale Elite Kitchen Knife Set from Global

Messermeister Royale Elite Kitchen Knife Set from Global

Perfect for luxurious kitchens and lavish homes; this set comes with six knives and a beautiful block. Stainless steel with high carbon quantity is used for making the knives of this set. The knives are designed to retain their sharpness and have consistency in performance.


  • The knives are very light, easy to store in the block and made of CROMOVA steel.

6. Kitchen Knife Set by DALSTRONG

Kitchen Knife Set by DALSTRONG

This set is perfect for commercial kitchen and restaurants. It has so many knives that you can even use the whole set in a day without having to wash any of them. With its18 knives, this set might be the largest one you’ll find on the market. All the knives have a simple design and an ergonomic handle.


  • This is a highly durable set that will last in your kitchen for a long time.
  • The handles have three rivets which make them easy to hold
  • Affordable

7. Insignia 2 from Chicago Cutlery 

Insignia 2 Kitchen Knife Set from Chicago Cutlery 

With a sharpener, scissors, and its 17 knives, this one is the perfect versatile set from any enthusiast. All the knives in this set are made of high carbon stainless steel. The knives must be washed by hand.


  • You can cut anything with this set
  • It’s great for steaks, veggies, and even shearing.

8. Kitchen Knife Set from Chef Essential

Kitchen Knife Set from Chef Essential

Looking for something stylish and colorful that’ll enhance the look of your kitchen? This one is the perfect set for you. It comes in 3 different colors; black, red, and blue. The block of this set is cylindrical shaped. Each knife looks very classy with its marble coating.


  • This is the ultimate knife set for a small home
  • You can wash it in dishwasher
  • It’s rust-resistant as well!

9. Premier Essential from Shun

Premier Essential Kitchen Knife Set from Shun

If you are an experienced chef looking for a set that challenges you, this one is the one you need in your kitchen. It’s a Japanese style knife set, primarily designed to be used by professionals. The set block is made of bamboo, and it stores seven knives. All the knives have a unique sharpness to them and are recognized for their precise cut.


  • With its finish of Tsuchime hammering, the knife set is a unique collection you’d want to keep
  • It’s efficient, sharp, and easy to use

10. Cangshan N1 Series
Cangshan N1 Series Kitchen Knife Set

Our last pick is also a massive set with 23 knives, including scissors in it. The set is made of German steel and is very durable with its high carbon steel. You will be able to use it for cutting steaks and other soft or hard meat.


  • A versatile set featuring sharp knives
  • It’s perfect for busy kitchens and restaurants

A kitchen is not complete without a knife set. Many of us tend to buy knives separately, but that’ll just cost you more money. Investing in a knife set is much better than opting for solo knives. We hope this list helped!

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