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Top Best Home Theatre Curtains

No one just builds a home theatre. It requires meticulous planning and a sizable amount of cash to create your home theatre. The goal is to simulate the authenticity of an actual movie theater. Any normal curtain would not make the mark. You need curtains specifically designed for the theater to ensure the same level of feeling and excitement. And they are home theatre curtains that you need. Contrary to popular belief, there are many categories of theatre and we shall take a peek into them here.

Types of curtains:

  • Blackout curtains: It helps to block most light from entering the room and thus minimizes the effect of light reflections on your majestic screen. This enhances the view of the audience watching.
  • Soundproof curtains: As the name suggests, these curtains absorb sound especially noise and echoes in the room. The curtains also absorb sound wave reflections from windows and walls enhancing the acoustic experience. The curtains are made from heavy fabric which is woven perfectly to reduce distortions. Most home theatres are packed with expensive sound systems, so installing soundproof curtains is an unwritten rule.

Factors on deciding which curtain to buy

  • The curtains should be very effective in blocking light out. This is important to create a soothing and intimate environment just like in movie theatres.
  • The material of the curtain should be triple layered which absorbs noise. The color of the material should be as dark as possible to ensure good noise absorption and a better cinematic experience.
  • The curtains should be long and must cover as much area as possible. In general, the curtains should be more than twice the width of the wall it is covering. This can also be made up of smaller curtains instead of one large curtain.
  • Make sure the curtains fit your budget as well and do not break the bank.

Now that we know what goes into choosing the ideal curtain, let us look at a few curtains available in the market.

1. Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtain 

Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtain

The absolute zero Velvet blackout curtain is made from velvet and is the closest to the curtains available in a theatre. They block most of the light and reduce the noise from the surrounding. This makes them energy efficient. They are washable just like regular clothes, so you don’t have to worry about any dirt or drinks spilled on them.

2. Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains

Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains

The Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains are made from a polyester-based material. The tripled layered can block almost all of the light and also reduce noise from the surrounding area come in different sizes and color options. They can also be washed just like regular clothes without an extra hassle at maintenance.

3. Sebastian Insulated Total Blackout Window Curtains 

Sebastian Insulated Total Blackout Window Curtains

The Sebastian Insulated Total Blackout Curtains are a God sent for people who are very sensitive to light and for people who sleep during the daytime. They block almost all of the light during the day as well as making the room dark even during scorching sunlight outside. They are available in different sizes and colors too.

4. IKEA’s Marjun Curtains

IKEA's Marjun Curtains

IKEA’s Marjun Curtain is the budget king. They are the cheapest available option on the market and provides a decent light-blocking during the day and night. They, however, have a downside as it comes in limited colors and size options.

5. Eclipse Suede Blackout Curtains

Eclipse Suede Blackout Curtains

The Eclipse Suede Blackout Curtains give the IKEA curtains a run for their money in terms of being the cheapest and most effective on the market. The curtains are made from polyester-based material and can feel a bit cheap, but they get the work done and block most if not all the light entering a room. The only con is the limited option of color and size. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly blackout curtain then this is for you.

Home theater curtains are not something everyone goes and buys. It’s a niche product that caters to a very specific group of people. People who have a home theatre. Given the trouble, you went through in making the home theatre you would want your cinematic experience to be top-notch as well. Thus, it is important for the type of curtain you choose and use to be both functional and look pleasing. They must do their primary job, which is to block out light and sound perfectly. We tried to make our list based on these factors. You may have different requirements which will need catering too. Make sure you know exactly what you want. Measure your space before you head to the market and try to balance the color scheme of the curtains with the room.

In conclusion, the curtains you choose for your home theatre could be a make or break factor. You must pay attention to the details and make a perfect choice. We hope that after reading this you have enough curtain knowledge to take on the market and make the best pick.

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