Best Bathroom Rugs in 2020 | Soft and Clean for Your Feet!

Best Bathroom Rugs

Placing a rug in your bathroom has several advantages. Most bathrooms have monotone tiles so rugs add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral room. Bathroom rugs are a warm and comfortable safe-place for your feet from the cold floor. Rugs are easily replaceable whereas floors are not. Rugs also protect the floor from wearing out. Here are our top picks for bathroom rugs. If you have a small bathroom with an attractive floor, you should not consume it with rugs but rather pick one that will accent the room instead. And if you have a larger space with a solid colored floor then you should pick a rug that makes a statement!

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1. Chenille Bathroom Rug

Chenille Bathroom Rug

This dense and luxurious mat will soothe your tired feet in seconds. The rug comes with a ten-year guarantee and a variety of colors for you to pick from. The rug has tightly woven chenille fabric fingers that instantly absorb moisture. It also dries very quickly allowing the bathroom floor to be pristine all the time.


  • You can put this mat in the washing machine for a quick scrub
  • The TP rubber backing makes the rug much stronger and durable
  • Its dimensions are 17 x 24 inches.

2. Wamsutta Duet Bath Rug

Wamsutta Duet Bath Rug

If you want a bath rug that runs the entire span of your tub or shower, the Wamsutta Duet Bath should be your first pick. The bath rug is created from nylon fibers which are both water-resistant and have non-slip properties that keep the rug in place at all times.


  • This 24 x 60 inches bath rug is available in twenty-eight different colors

3. Tinsley Runner Bath Mat

Tinsley Runner Bath Mat

The contrasting black and white design on the bathroom rug will make it a valuable addition in any household. It is made entirely of cotton but must be carefully washed, preferably with cold water.


  • Its dimensions are 20 x 50 inches

4. Bambusi Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat

Bambusi Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat

This traditional bamboo bath mat accentuates any bathroom by bringing a natural essence to it. You can use it anywhere indoors or outdoors. The Bambusi Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat is entirely made of Moso bamboo which is guaranteed to last for years. It also has six soft pads secured at the bottom that prevents it from sliding from its place.


  • The mat measures 18 x 24 inches
  • It is waterproof, sturdy and more importantly environmentally friendly

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5. HEBE Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Mat

HEBE Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Mat

This non-slip rug is made from high-density microfiber that absorbs water quickly. It has a one of its kind fiber-locking system that ensures the mat looks new despite frequent use.


  • The mat measures around 26 x 18 inches
  • Its simple design blends in with any decor

6. Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

The Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat has a velvet finish and a springy feel because of the polyurethane foam. The color does not fade over time unless you end up using chlorine or bleach and it only costs $8! The mat has PVC dots to prevent skidding on wet surfaces.


  • The mat measures around 20 x 32 inches
  • Its simple design blends in with any decor

7. Uphome Extra Long Bathroom Rug

This refined Moroccan design comes in five different hues allowing you to choose the one that fits your scheme best. This rug is super easy to clean and you either dump it in the washing machine or simply use a brush to cleanse it.


  • It comes in different sizes so you can pick one for the space available in your home or you can buy all three that come in a set

8. Better Homes and Gardens Bath Set

Better Homes and Gardens Bath Set

Now if you are looking for a bath mat that comes in a set with a toilet seat cover and a contour mat then this is what we suggest. This rug is made of nylon and comes in twelve different neutral colors that add a soothing tone to your washroom.


  • These thick rugs will add much-needed texture
  • It comes in 20 x 34 inches sizes.

A soft bathroom rug is more than something for you to step on when you get out of the shower; it injects colors and contours to your space. It increases the flair and functionality so you know you have something good waiting for you at the end of a long day. Pick a bathroom rug that serves your purpose because you will be habitually using it!

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