Best HDMI Cables in 2020 | Faster Data Transfer!

We live in an age where 4K television or computer screens are a common phenomenon in most households. And you need the right cables in order to transmit data, audio or visuals to these screens without ruining the quality. An HDMI cable is a perfect attachment to deliver this task.

So if you want to hook up your consoles to the screen to host an intense match of FIFA or want to set up your very own home theater, look through this list to find the cable that will fit your needs best.

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Top 10 Best HDMI Cables in 2020

10. Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable

Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable

This cable supports high resolutions and fast frame rates so you can immerse yourself in the scene you are binge-watching.

The cable is only two meters long so you can easily tuck it away once you are done using it.


It is proofed to support 8K/60Hz resolutions. The Dolby Vision delivers new heights of colors and realism on the screen.

9. 4K HDMI Cable by Toptrend

4K HDMI Cable by Toptrend

This cable can synchronize high frequency video and audio streams. Moreover, you do not require any additional wires for the Ethernet or audio return channels with this cable lying around your house.

The connectors in this cable are also plated with 24K gold that can resist corrosion or damage.


It supports bandwidth up to 27 Gbps, has a 48-bit deep color and it does not allow any EMI or RFI interference.

8. 4K High Speed HDMI Cable by Highwings

4K High Speed HDMI Cable by Highwings

This cable is ideal for streaming and gaming as you can enjoy high-resolution images and speedy data transmissions.

Highwings created this cable with nylon braids to promise longevity and to eliminate the risk of tangles as well.


It transfers data up to 18 gigabits per second. It supports wide angle video and image formats.

7. Cinema Plus HDMI Cable by Zeskit

Cinema Plus HDMI Cable by Zeskit

Four times the normal amount of pixels is transmitted in this cable by Zeskit. In addition, if you are looking for a cinematic experience, this cable is the one for you as it has an exceptional color depth.

The cable is made of oxygen-free copper conductors that reduce distortion.


It solves the HDCP issue faced by many users of different cables.

6. 8K HDMI 48Gbps Cable by Zeskit

8K HDMI 48Gbps Cable by Zeskit

The Zeskit cable is built to support high resolution videos as well as cater to newer features such as eARC and VRR. Furthermore, the cable reduces any interference from wireless networks.

The cable is around six feet long and has a 48Gbps bandwidth.


You can easily install this cord in any of your devices because of its thin cord. It is compatible with any existing HDMI versions. One of the highlights of this cord is the exceptionally low electro-magnetic interference.

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5. 4K HDR HDMI Cable 8 by iBirdie

4K HDR HDMI Cable 8 by iBirdie

 The dynamic range this cable offers brings forth a rich spectrum of colors and sounds.

This cord comes with a HDMI USB power cable that boosts transmissions if an HDMI splitter is used as well.


This heavy duty cord supports the Ethernet too and can be utilized by any HDMI ready devices.

4. 4K HDMI Cable by BlueRigger

4K HDMI Cable by BlueRigger

If you live in a boisterous household where things often require rough handling, this strong cable is the one for you.

This durable, nylon-braided cable is also available in various lengths starting from three feet till twenty-five! It is built to withstand corrosion.


It has pure copper conductors and gold plated metal jacket connectors that ensure strong signal strength and it is compatible with every HDMI component.

3. Braided 4k HDMI to HDMI Cable by AmazonBasics

Braided 4k HDMI to HDMI Cable by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics ensured this cable connects with any device that enables the HDMI port. Additionally, I t even supports the Audio Return Channel.

This nylon-braided cable stretches up to 10 feet long.


It is compatible with earlier versions of the HDMI. You can share your internet connection to multiple devices without the help of an Ethernet cable.

2. 4K HDMI Cable by iVANKY

4K HDMI Cable by iVANKY

This high speed, corded HDMI cable ensures a flawless transmission and optimal sound quality.

iVANKY uses a thick 32AWG wire with gold-plated and connectors to minimize distortion and screen flickers.


It has a bandwidth that can increase up to 18 Gbps and is compatible with HDMI 1.4, 1.3 and 1.2 as well.

1. 8K HDMI Cable by OneConvey

8K HDMI Cable by OneConvey

OneConvey ensured that the quality of the transmitted data remains the same despite the high speed transfer.

The cable is also made of durable PVC and nylon fiber that can withstand heat and can bend without any damage.


It supports all HDMI along with Dolby Atmos and HDR10 which delivers superb visuals.

In conclusion, it is without doubt that a high speed HDMI cable is a one stop solution for replacing analogue problems. So unless you are still using your old DVD player, choosing the right cable is not as simple of a process as it seems. Do you want a smoother transmission of data? Do you want fast transmissions? Are you looking for the best cinematic experience without any visual or audio loss? You need to pin down your requirements and buy the cable that fits your needs. A cable can last you for a long time so invest in a good one for maximum use.

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