Best HDMI Splitter in 2020 | For Your HDMI Cables!

If you are looking for ways to connect your PlayStation, gaming consoles, speakers and even your laptop to your television screen to set up the perfect gaming experience, then you need an HDMI Splitter in your shopping list.

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Most televisions or computers come with two or three HDMI ports respectively which hinders you from getting that sublime gaming experience. These ports are the best way to transfer signals between two devices so here is a list of the best ones available in the market today.

Top 10 HDMI Splitter in 2020

10. Innoo HDMI Splitter

Innoo HDMI Splitter

This device by Innoo distributes your audio and video signals to multiple screens at the same. Moreover, it ensures a high resolution and realistic display so you can vicariously live through the movies you are watching.

The output ports are all in one side with corresponding LED lights on the other side to signal which ones are activated.


It transmits up to 100 with a standard HDMI cable. It requires an AC adapter to operate.

9. VILCOME HDMI Splitter


This bidirectional HDMI switcher allows you to connect two HDMI sources to a single display or one source to two displays.

You do not need an external source of power. The device has a switch that allows you to swap the signals.


It supports any device that is fitted with an HDMI port. It transmits data at 3.4 Gbps without any loss of information or power.

8. SGEYR HDMI Splitter


This device by SGEYR comes with a button that enables you to switch between the ports easily. Further, it comes with a remote control that allows you to switch from multiple displays to a single one and vice versa.

This splitter is made of a sturdy metal that prevents dents and has vents on both sides for easier heat redistribution. In addition, all the ports are also on one side.


It supports high resolution 4000K videos with 18 Gbps/ 600 MHz. It identifies signals sources automatically and redirects the user to the activated ports.

7. ZACCAS HDMI Splitter


If you are hosting a seminar or conference and need to ensure all your information is distributed to the audience at the same time, this device was made for you.

It has an aluminium casing that removes excess heat. Furthermore, the device comes with a USB cable too for a stable performance.


You can transmit data without any time or signal losses. It is compatible with every standard HDMI interface.

6. Keliiyo HDMI Splitter

Keliiyo HDMI Splitter

The splitter by Kelliyo can be used in offices, educational institutes, and supermarkets and is ideal to disseminate information in the shortest amount of time.

This device is constructed with an anti-oxidation and anti-corrosive material which ensures any additional heat is dissipated instantly so you do not have to worry about any short circuits from the design.


The device transmits stable signals and supports a wide range of resolutions.

5. Techole 1 in 2 Splitter

Techole 1 in 2 Splitter

This splitter comes with an eight feet HDMI cable which you can easily operate by plugging it inside your desired device.  Additionally, the connected device will sufficiently power it to run without interruptions.

This unique design also comes with three input ports so you can easily work on several devices simultaneously.


You can build your own home theater with this device as it supports 4K video transmissions.

4. Techole HDMI Splitter

Techole HDMI Splitter

Another of Techole’s devices deserves a special mention because this splitter allows you to distribute audio or video signals from one source to two screens at the same time! If you want to nail an important presentation, this device’s mind comes in handy.

The design helps you save space because of its small size and is constructed with aluminium covering that reduces any chances of damage as well.


You can transmit data over a long-range as it can adapt wires that stretch up to 100 feet. No additional work is required to set it up.

3. Techole 4K HDMI Splitter

Techole 4K HDMI Splitter

No external power sources are required to operate this stylish and sensible splitter. In addition, you can enjoy high-resolution images and videos from any of your devices.

The device is made of a solid aluminium alloy which reaffirms its weight and strength.


You only need to click on the button to turn on the device and the LED light will indicate the active port. The bandwidth ensures around 10 Gbps data is being transmitted.

2. OREI HDMI Splitter

OREI HDMI Splitter

This device comes with only one input signal for four output ones! Moreover, the only catch is it will not let you screen multiple sources on a single screen.

The 1×4 HDMI Splitter is encased by a heavy metal that protects and insulates the hardware inside.


The device supports high definition videos and movies and all sorts of audio options. It cannot support HDMI cables which are longer than 30 feet.

1. XtremPro HDMI Splitter

XtremPro HDMI Splitter

This HDMI Port can be installed instantaneously and requires no additional software or settings.

This compact, lightweight device is supported by high speed hub cables and can accommodate two additional USB devices.


It has a wide frequency range from 25 MHz to 300 MHz. The Port can support both 2D and 3D videos up to 1080p.

You do not have to worry about the images, audio or videos to lose its quality over transmissions. As HDMI Splitters evolve, it ensures the quality of your visuals do not fade while cascading or splitting through various ports. It is a pretty nifty device to carry around to enhance your performance and impress your audience.


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