Best Wired Mouse of 2020 | Comfortable in Your Hand!

You are better off investing in a wired mouse than a wireless one as not only it is cost effective, but it also provides the most stable connection with your computer. You can connect this device to your computer either through a PS/2 or USB ports.

And you know the best part? These mice do not require batteries to operate so you can work on your personal computer without any interruptions! Here are some of the best deals.

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Top 10 Best Wired Mouses of 2020

1. B100 Corded Mouse by Logitech

B100 Corded Mouse by Logitech

The B100 corded mouse is ergonomically perfect. It allows you to work on your computer for hours without interruption whether you use your right hand or left or both! You do not have to worry about the setup either because it requires very little- just a USB port.

The contoured shape prevents your hands from getting strained. Both the mouse button and scroll wheel are right at your fingertips.


It allows you to zoom in and out with ease and scroll both axes. The mouse has 800 DPI sensitivity so you can navigate your screen without a hitch.

2. Wired Gaming Mouse by PICTEK

Wired Gaming Mouse by PICTEK

This mouse by Pictek is a gamer’s strongest tool. With a DPI range of 500 to 7200, you can adjust the speed and sensitivity that will pave your way to victory.

There are five default colors set for varying levels of DPI but you can personalize the colors once you install the software. The mouse has a backlight and you can pick over 15 million colors for this setting.


The mouse has seven buttons on the design on which you can customize different functions that fits your gaming or official needs. The polling rate is adjustable and ranges from 125 Hz to 1000 which promises smooth and speedy cursor movements.

3. 6 Button USB Wired Mouse by TECKNET 

6 Button USB Wired Mouse by TECKNET

The surface of this mouse by TECKNET is curved at a smooth 130 degree angle which gives the right support to your hands for tedious office work or intense gaming hours.

The mouse comes with back and forward buttons that enables you to skim through your files or browse through your tabs in seconds.


You do not need to install software to operate this device. Just plug in and play. The buttons are stiff so you do not have to worry about accidentally triggering any activity.

4. USB Wired Optical Mouse by YUMQUA 

USB Wired Optical Mouse by YUMQUA 

This mouse by YUMQUA has a lightweight design and is easy to operate. The optical sensor makes your work precise and easy and your hands will not face the aftereffects of your extensive work.

It has a claw-grip design that promises a long lifespan and innumerable keystrokes perfect for long hours in the office.


The mouse requires no additional software to operate. It moves freely over any surface regardless of the presence of a mouse pad.

5. RGB Wired Gaming Mouse by PHILIPS

RGB Wired Gaming Mouse by PHILIPS

The RGB Wired Gaming Mouse instantaneously responds to every movement and click of yours allowing you to experience an A grade gaming performance.

The mouse has a sleek design that fits any grip style and comes with seven backlight modes that you can program according to your needs.


This mouse has a 3600 DPI sensor that has exceptional tracking speed. It has seven customizable buttons that you can adapt according to your official or gaming needs.

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6. RM105 Wired Mouse by Rii 

RM105 Wired Mouse by Rii 

This symmetrical and compact mouse is ideal for someone who works for long hours because it has anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant cover that promises a comfortable grip.

The Chroma RGB backlit lighting of this mouse has changed steadily and slowly which adds a visually appealing effect to the overall design. The USB cord is longer in length that most brands so you do not have to worry about flexibility.


It has three default DPI levels. No additional software is required to use this mouse.

7. 3-Button Wired USB Optical Mouse by Belkin 

3-Button Wired USB Optical Mouse by Belkin 

This ambidextrous mouse offers top-notch point and clicks accuracy. The third button can be customized to several functions according to your needs.

The mouse has a very professional design and the scroll wheel moves fluidly.


It has a red LED sensor light that is extremely responsive to your hand movements. The cord is five feet long that offers freedom of navigation.

8. HP x500 Optical Wired USB Mouse

HP x500 Optical Wired USB Mouse

The elongated optical wired mouse is sturdy in shape and comfortable for your hand and wrist.

This has a classical design with three programmable buttons than can be used by both left and right-handed people.


You do not need to fuss over the installation as it does not require any batteries or separate software. The optimal tracking allows you to control the cursor on any surface.

9. Wired Gaming Mouse by VersionTECH 

Wired Gaming Mouse by VersionTECH 

There are six programmable buttons for you to adjust to get the most of your gaming experience. The scroll wheel moves rapidly so you can maneuver through your virtual terrains with ease.

This multicolored, illustrated design is made to impress. The mouse has a rubber surface that is comfortable to hold and operate.


It has a 5V working voltage and an optical tracking system.

10. Scarab Gaming Mouse by AUKEY 

Scarab Gaming Mouse by AUKEY 

Functions can be added to the six buttons on the mouse according to your gaming needs with the help of the AUKEY GM-F3 gaming mouse software.

The RGB lighting enhances the overall aesthetics of this mouse but if you find it distracting, you can always switch it off.


The buttons are tactile and responsive and make no sound while being used.

In conclusion, wired mouses are more responsive because they do not face any disruptions or power dips because of the wireless signals. If you are a pro-gamer, you know the importance of having a programmable mouse. Most of these mice come in the form of wired ones so you can easily select the shortcut keys for your game.

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