Best Wooden Salad Bowls in 2020 | Enjoy Your Salad With the Bowl !

Top 16 Best Wooden Salad Bowls in 2020

If you have a small or a large family and you have guests coming over, then you would want to present your meals to them in quite a different manner. Sometimes, you want to add a bit of variety in your presentation whenever you prepare meals. Here is where you can invest in some wooden salad bowls that have turned popular in recent times. A wooden salad bowl is where you can put your prepared salad and present it in front of your guests or family.

These bowls are made of high-quality woods. They are non-stick and you can clean them up very easily. However, there are different qualities and types of woods used every time so you won’t be able to distinguish when you see them for the first time.

With all the points into consideration, here are the top 10 best wooden salad bowls that you will find in 2020.

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1. Pacific Merchants Trading Acaciaware

The attractive feature of this wooden bowl set is that it is made from acacia wood. Furthermore, this wood is widely popular because it takes minimal effort to maintain. In addition, the perks of using acacia wood are that it does not absorb odors. Thus, you can be confident about your salads staying fresh with a natural smell. Certainly, the bowls are of decent sizes, making it usable for other purposes too!

This bowl is made of high-quality acacia wood, which provides a sturdy structure and makes it easier to maintain as well.


  • made from acacia wood
  • absorb odor
  • six inches diameter at the top and is three inches deep

2. Pacific Merchants Acaciaware 6

This beautiful piece of the bowl is crafted by the House of Pacific Merchants. Moreover, this three-inch acacia wood round calabash salad bowl can complete all your salad serving needs.

Constructed with acacia hardwood, this bowl has creamy color texture, curved exterior, and it is.


  • Water-resistant
  • Can be hand washed
  • Durable construction

3. Lipper International Cherry Finished Footed Salad Bowl

If you want some Roman serving experience, this classic and elegant salad bowl can fulfill your desire. Additionally, it can instantly increase the beauty of any kitchen or table. You can use it as a fruit display bowl besides for serving salads.

This bowl is made from rubberwood and has a classic look.


  • 13 ¾ inch diameter at the top
  • Made from rubberwood
  • Stained darker with a cherry wood stain

4. Aidea Acacia Wood Salad Bowls Set

Another acacia hardwood wooden salad bowl from Aidea, who are well known for their sturdy and long-lasting products. In addition, you can use these in microwaves, oven or even in freezers.

With materials of high quality, the wooden salad bowls are 7 inches in diameter as well.


  • Durable
  • Can be hand washed
  • It has four wooden bowls

5. Cospring Solid Wood Bowl Set

This wooden salad bowl has a unique and significant feature, and that is, every bowl is made from a single wood piece. In addition, they have a diameter of four and a half inches and are produced by lathe-turning.

These bowls are made from jujube hardwood, and there are no glued pieces.


  • Comes with four wooden salad bowls
  • Made from a single wood piece
  • lathe-turned

6. Lipper International Wooden Salad Bowl

This is a salad bowl that can grace any party, be it indoor or outdoor. The bowl can use to showcase fruit or even as a part of home decoration, besides using it for salad servings.

This bowl has a twelve inches diameter at the top and is seven inches deep.


  • Large salad bowl
  • Made from acacia wood
  • and-washed in mild detergent

7. Lipper Salad Set

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The set from Lipper has different types and sizes of bowls that you can choose every time you want to. The design is modern and stylish and the rich cherry color adds elegance into the set.


  • Odor-free: doesn’t change even if you put onions
  • The set can remain fresh for a long time and you can clean it easily afterward
  • It is made of high-quality woods that is non-stick
  • The small and large bowls give you the flexibility of using it anytime and anywhere you want

8. Wooden Round Bowl

Wooden Round Bowl

The best thing about this wooden bowl is that has no chemicals mixed into it when it is made. This means it is free from any type of toxic substance and is very hygienic. You can carry it easily due to its lightweight construction.


  • It is made of wood that is non-stick
  • There is no artificial dye in the making process
  • The surface is smooth and easy to clean

9. Lipper International 294 Bowl

Lipper International 294 Bowl

The bowl from Lipper is perfect as it has the shape for you to put in your salads and fruits inside the bowl. The wood that is used to make this device is high-quality. It has a sturdy construction that means it will stay durable for a long time.


  • A modern design: made of a dark cherry color to complement the whole kitchen décor
  • It gives you the liberty of using it in small parties and occasions as well

10. BirdRock Home Set

BirdRock Home Set

These bowls from BirdRock are great as they are long-lasting and durable. These bowls are suggested by professional chefs from around the world. The size is big and it is ideal for you to put this in the middle of the dining table if you want to.


  • Great for salads, pasta, and popcorn
  • Easy to carry due to their light-weight construction

11. Wood Salad Set, Bamboo

Wood Salad Set, Bamboo

The great thing about these bowls is you can add them with popcorns when you’re watching movies. This adds a unique way of presenting popcorns and it will complement the whole experience of watching the movie. The lightweight construction of the bowls is great as you can carry them and handle them with ease.


  • Durable with high-quality woods

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12. Lipper International 8203-4 Set

Lipper International 8203-4 Set

You can use this set from Lipper International as they are crafted perfectly with a modern design that will complement the whole experience of giving salad in them.

As they are made of wood, they are durable and strong. Although made of wood, they still don’t smell that bad and it also will never give off an artificial smell.


  • The taste and smell can stay constant for long
  • It is not suitable for cereals

13. Cospring Set Wooden Bowls

Cospring Set Wooden Bowls

The hardwood solid construction of these bowls from Cospring allows it to stay durable for a long time. You can clean these bowls easily after they are used because of the smooth surface it comes with.


  • The deep color gives it a stylish vibe and scratch-resistant
  • It is eco-friendly, no artificial dyes or chemicals
  • It maintains the hygiene when you put the salad in these bowls

14. Lipper International 1100-2 Square Wooden Bowls

Lipper International 1100-2 Square Wooden Bowls

These bowls from Lipper International are different as they have a unique design. They have a wooden shape that allows you with versatility when presenting your salads in front of your guests.


  • High-quality material: can tolerate any types of foods or water.
  • A premium high-performance product
  • The dark brown color gives off a stylish old-look vibe

15. Nambe Gourmet Wooden Salad Set

Nambe Gourmet Wooden Salad Set

This salad set from Nambe Gourmet is used in many five-star hotels and restaurants as they look at premium quality products You can maintain this set easily as it has a sturdy yet smooth finish.


  • The surface can be cleaned easily
  • You can wash it in cold water or hot water as it can withstand the change in temperature

16. Pacific Merchants Acaciaware

Pacific Merchants Acaciaware

The unique thing about this product is that it is made up of acacia wood. There are different sizes so you can adjust them according to your needs very easily. Also, these bowls are the easiest to maintain as you can wash them and dry them.


  • No artificial odors
  • The non-stick feature allows you to put in your salad without any problem

The wooden salad bowls are great at maintaining a bit of variety in your presentation of foods in front of your guest or family. You can store many things aside from your salad if the bowls are big enough. Every product has different features so you can check each of the products to choose the one that is the best for you.

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