Best Bedroom Trash Cans in 2020

Top 16 Bedroom Trash Cans

Trash can play a crucial role in all homes and offices. Its placement is done without any thought. It is always there. It contains the waste of your house or office or all the items you no longer require. Despite being a basic necessity, your rubbish bin can also hide your wastes with a stylish facade. You can de-clutter your bedroom with our list of attractive (and some simple) trash cans.

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1. Umbra Mini Waste Can

Umbra Mini Waste Can

Have you ever looked at those beautiful marble bins and thought about getting one for simply as a decoration? Well, this marble trash can is a suitable choice, and it will not break your bank. It does its job and is quite eye-catching.

The trash can features a trendy white onyx finish, with a subtle marbled effect.


  • It is made from molded plastic
  • The trash can have a modern and attractive design
  • Has versatile features
  • It is super lightweight
  • They can have a wide brim
  • Easy to clean

2. Umbra Metalla Modern Trash can

Umbra Metalla Modern Trash can

This fantastic looking trashcan has a copper look, which makes it look quite stylish. This will enhance the overall look of your bedroom. It is fourteen and a half inches deep and has ten inches in diameter. You do not even need to worry about having a dent on it as it is dent-proof.

This trash can is available in a wide array of stylish colors.


  • Super easy to clean
  • The can is waterproof
  • It is dent-resistant

3. Danese Milano Trash Can

Danese Milano Trash Can

This Italy-made trashcan looks more like an art piece than anything. The unique design is eye-soothing and you can use it as a double bin since it comes with a section clip to separate individual wastes. As a result, you get an organized trash can.

This trashcan comes with quite an eye-catchy design


  • Sturdy
  • Super easy to clean
  • Durable

4. simplehuman 1.5 Liter trash can

simplehuman 1.5 Liter trash can

This is a compact-sized trashcan but can store a decent amount of trash. There is a swing lid that opens easily, and the inner part is made of smooth plastic, which makes it super easy to clean.

The trashcan has a compact design with a lift-off lid


  • The lid of the trash can is smooth
  • Lift-off lid feature
  • A smooth plastic inner lining
  • Comes with a five-year Warranty

5. DWBA Square Open Top Trash Can

DWBA Square Open Top Trash Can

If you want a reliable, sturdy trash can, this is the one for you. It is made of stainless steel and has an excellent finish. This trashcan increases the elegance of your bedroom.

This trash can is designed in Germany. It has a polished and matte chrome finish.


  • It has a square open top
  • The stainless steel used to make this trash can
  • Elegant design

6. mDesign Small Round Plastic Trash Can

mDesign Small Round Plastic Trash Can

This bamboo trashcan looks natural yet gives a modern look to any bedroom. It is super easy to care for, and the natural material adds a contemporary touch to your decorations.

This can is made of chlorine-free shatter-resistant plastic. The wooden lid is made from durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly bamboo


  • It has swing top lid
  • It has useful functionality and is versatile
  • Great quality
  • Lightweight

7. Collapsible Trash Can

Collapsible Trash Can

This trashcan is collapsible, making it handy, and colorful, making it eye-catching. You can double it as a storage box too. So you are getting value for money with this can.

This trashcan comes with a colorful design.


  • Sophisticated & Stylish design
  • Foldable trash can
  • Can be used for multipurpose

8. Umbra Woodrow Trash Can

Umbra Woodrow Trash Can

This is one of the high-end trash cans on this list. This small unique can is made of bentwood and has a stained exterior finish. If you are someone who looking for eco-friendly products for your home, this is the right choice for you. It is made of real wood and has a modern look. This elegant trashcan adds a contemporary touch to your home décor!

Woodrow trash cans are unique and modern. With a wooden finish and sleek shape, it will surely enhance the look of your bedroom.


  • Comes with a clean and modern design
  • Functional and durability
  • Comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty

9. simplehuman 10 Liter Trash Can

simplehuman 10 Liter Trash Can

This stylish yet simple trashcan is an excellent addition to any room. It has a lift-off lid and a removable inner bucket, making it convenient to change bags or move trash out. The top cover comes with a net to prevent emitting any foul odor. Besides that, it is easy to clean because of its material.

Made with high-quality materials, this trashcan comes with a stylish design.


  • The can has code R custom fit liners
  • It is slim as a result it is also space-efficient shape
  • It has a lift-off lid feature

10. ESSEY Crumpled Bin

ESSEY Crumpled Bin

John Brauer came up with this sassy, postmodern bin that looks exactly like the crumpled paper you might find inside them. Moreover, he designed this bin with Essey’s philosophy in mind which is that the function should be representative of its natural form in other words, “Symbolic Functionalism.”


  • This ‘crumpled waste paper basket’ is made of hard, durable plastic
  • It has color black, white or red
  • The height and width are 30 centimeters

11. Umbra Mini Waste Can

Umbra Mini Waste Can

Are you looking for a marble bin that will not exceed your budget? Then this plastic trash comes with a marble finish might just be what you are looking for. Further, it is a chic addition to any bedroom.

This bin features a swing top lid and comes in two colors. Additionally, you can pick from either a black or white onyx. You can clean it in a minute with simply a damp cloth!


  • It is made of durable polypropylene and recyclable materials
  • The item weighs very little and its dimensions are 7.5 x 7.5 x 12.2 inches

12. Umbra Brass Metalla Trash Can

Umbra Brass Metalla Trash Can

This is a medium-sized trash can with a sleek, metallic finish that adds a pop of color to your room. In addition, it has a large open top allowing you to dispose of your garbage effortlessly. Certainly, the Metalla Trash Can is waterproof so you can even use it as a planter. It is lightweight and easy to rinse.


  • It is dent-resistant
  • The dimension is 10 x 10 x 14.4 inches

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13. Creative Scents Vintage White Bathroom Trash Can

Creative Scents Vintage White Bathroom Trash Can

It has a rounded shape and a lovely vintage pattern that exudes style and sensibility. Also, its unique shape allows it to also work as a decorative piece. Moreover, you can easily wrap it up as a gift. It is made of ceramic and has a high quality finish promising durability for many years. Its slim profile also saves up on space despite its roundish shape.


  • This vintage bathroom trash can is topped off with a non-chipping paint
  • Its dimensions are 7.25 x 7.25 x 9.75 inches

14. Simplehuman Dual Compartment Recycler in Rose Gold

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Recycler in Rose Gold

This dual compartment trash bin comes with an innovative liner pocket that dispenses liners one at a time. In addition, it has two compartments allowing you to separate the recyclable material from the generic trash. Certainly, the clear coat protects the stainless steel from any fingerprints or germs. The lid is also controlled to be slow and silent.


  • A ten-year warranty
  • The dimensions are 22 x 14.2 x 25.8 inches

15. Ideaco Mini Tubelor Trash Can

Ideaco Mini Tubelor Trash Can

This cute trash can paints your room with a splash of color. Further, it is compact and discrete and can be easily on a desk or table. Additionally, no one can ever tell you are using a plastic bag as the basket conceals it. The rounded edge secures the plastic bag from slipping or moving. It comes in ten different colors!


  • It is made of polypropylene
  • It has two pieces working together making it easy to clean

16. Tess 1.5 Gallon Waste Basket

Tess 1.5 Gallon Waste Basket

This is a pretty stylish pick. The white hues and curves make it stand out in front of a dark background. This bin is sculpted in solid white resin. Not only does it add a lovely texture but it also has an anti-chip agent to make it strong.


  • it is resistant to water which you can clean easily with a damp cloth
  • A leak-proof which you can use as a small planter

In conclusion, bedroom trash cans often have the dual ability to not only hide your wastes but also act as a decorative. So take a pick from these sleek, practical or stylish choices which accentuate your room!

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