Funniest Shower Curtains in 2020 | Funny and Attractive!

The Funniest Shower Curtains

Are you planning to change your shower curtain? Or maybe upgrade your current one from its traditional but benign design? Have you ever made a trip to the washroom to someone else’s house and come across a weird shower curtain that left your mind at an overdrive? Why not go for something funny or funky too? Here is a list of the funniest shower curtains you might consider investing in.

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1. Superhero Cat Shower Curtain

Superhero Cat Shower Curtain

Take your love for cats to the next level with this superhero cat shower curtain! Moreover, this superhero cat will lighten up your mood and give you a pleasant time in your shower.

This is a seventy by seventy inches shower curtain that comes with twelve hooks as well.


  • This curtain is machine
  • High-quality product
  • This is a designer artwork

2. Cat Selfie Shower Curtain

Cat Selfie Shower Curtain

This amusing shower curtain for cat lovers will make your day. Further, they have contagious smiles, and the image itself is very creative. In addition, this is a great way to start and end your day!

This shower curtain is available in four different sizes, and they come with twelve metal grommets.


  • Very creative design
  • This dyes in this shower curtain are made using environmental protection reactive dyes technology
  • It is machine washable

3. Lazy Sloths Shower Curtain

Lazy Sloths Shower Curtain

A sloth sense of humor is one of those few things you can never go wrong with. Additionally, Sloths are cute, funny, adorable, and, most importantly, lazy, which is something everyone can relate to. Certainly, you might even have a hard time leaving the sloths snoozing!

This curtain is also made of polyester, so it is water-proof.


  • This can be used in other places
  • The curtain includes 12 plastic curtain hooks
  • It is machine washable and dries quickly

4. Shark and Bear Surfing Shower Curtain

Shark and Bear Surfing Shower Curtain

This bear surfing on a shark curtain is quite funny! Furthermore, the print has stunning details and looks realistic.

This curtain is seventy-eight inches in height and fifty-four inches in width. In addition, it is suitable for both bathroom shower and bathtub.


  • This curtain is made from 100% Polyester
  • It is waterproof
  • This design is a designer artwork and
  • It is machine washable

5. The Thinker on the Toilet Shower Curtain

The Thinker on the Toilet Shower Curtain

This one is hilarious! It is great if you want anyone visiting your bathroom to have a good laugh. Moreover, this shower curtain portrays a thinker statue-like thinker seated on a toilet, which is quite relevant because we all have been there!

The print quality is excellent and suitable for showcasing humor.


  • The curtain printing does not fade
  • It is waterproof
  • The materials used for the curtain are harmless
  • This is a unique design
  • Can be washed in a machine

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6. Pug Bathing Shower Curtain

Pug Bathing Shower Curtain

Who does not love dogs? Moreover, who does not love pugs? This cute, delightful pug shower curtain is an excellent addition to your bathroom. Certainly, to complete the experience, bring a rubber toy with yourself and enjoy the experience.

This is seventy-two inches long and ninety-six inches wide curtain, and it is made of polyester fabric as werll.


  • This curtain is waterproof
  • It is environment friendly
  • It is designed to fit standard showers, bathtubs
  • Machine washable curtain

7. Llama Fry Shower Curtain

Llama Fry Shower Curtain

If you want something fun and amusing, this splendid shower curtain has it all. Additionally, the cloudy background shows off a bunch of funny llamas all stacked in a French fry box.

Made of polyester material, this curtain can give you a laugh while you are in the bathroom.


  • This llama shower curtain waterproof
  • As you noticed the design is unique
  • High-quality product

8. Loch Ness Monster Shower Curtain

Loch Ness Monster Shower Curtain

Enjoy a whimsical twist of the Loch Ness monster!. Further, this shower curtain features Tangqian Bigfoot Riding to complete the mythical effect.

The shower curtain is made of 100% polyester material and is water repellent as well.


  • This curtain portrays a very creative pattern
  • The image is unique
  • Can be washed in a machine

9. Elephant on the Toilet Curtain for the Shower

Elephant on the Toilet Curtain for the Shower

You remember the thinker statue, right? Further, this is like that but more hilarious. In addition, tt has an elephant thinker sitting on the toilet instead of a human thinker. Certainly, the toilet seems sunken down, obviously, because of the weight of the elephant!

The curtain is made from polyester material, and it is waterproof.


  • The curtain has a unique design
  • It is machine washable
  • The print is long-lasting

10. Unique Comic Shower Curtain

Unique Comic Shower Curtain

This exciting and funny shower curtain is ideal for any girls who love unicorns and feel empowered. In addition, the comic book style drawing highlights the unicorn and the rainbow and stars under the unicorn’s feet are both refreshing and unusual for shower curtains.

Made of polyester fiber material, this shower curtain can be a perfect gift for your favorite girlfriend as well.


  • This curtain is waterproof
  • Bright colors are used to highlight itself
  • This artwork designer artwork

11. Unicorn Shower Curtain

Unicorn Shower Curtain - Funniest Shower Curtains

Spruce up your washroom with this curtain designed by Sharp Shirter! No hooks and rod included in the package it cleaning the curtain is no trouble as you can simply use a machine. Moreover, the design is printed on a soft, waterproof fabric. Further, the image is drawn in a comic book style and depicts a girl kicking a unicorn. Certainly, the unicorn then spews rainbows which are oddly empowering and a perfect gift for a girl.


  • The product is made of polyester
  • It measures 71 x 74 inches that will fit any standard tub

12. Jesus Peeking Shower Curtain

Jesus Peeking Shower Curtain - Funniest Shower Curtains

Add a little character to your bathroom with this hilarious shower curtain. Furthermore, it is a wonderful way to startle your guests and will be appreciated by anyone with a funny bone in them. Additionally, the Oxford cloth shower curtain features Jesus peeking around the corner with the words saying “I saw that.”


  • It is made of woven polyester and measures 70 x 73 inches
  • The material guarantees the longevity of the curtain

13. The Thinker Shower Curtain

The Thinker Shower Curtain - Funniest Shower Curtains

This shower curtain is ideal for those who want a good laugh. Also, it is a humorous take on The Thinker statue. The design illustrates a silhouette of a man sitting on the toilet and thinking, something we all indulge during our “me times.” Further, The background can be customizable with any colors.


  • It is lightweight polyester and comes in any size

14. First World Problems

First World Problems - Funniest Shower Curtains

Anyone who watches reality television knows what “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is. And anyone who is an ardent admirer of the sisters can easily connect to the scene where this iconic sticker of Kim crying comes from. In addition, the curtain sports a plethora of “Kim heads” and is made of tightly woven polyester. Moreover, the vivid design on the curtain will bring a pop of color to your bathroom.


  • It measures 69 x 70 inches that will fit any shower space

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15. Vandarllin Dinosaur Bicycle Shower Curtain

Vandarllin Dinosaur Bicycle Shower Curtain - Funniest Shower Curtains

The blue geometric pattern adds more a soothing atmosphere to your washroom, while the dinosaur adds perfectly the right amount of color. Furthermore, the image is clear and rich and will not fade over time. The image is clear and rich and will not fade over time. It is advisable to wash it in cold water and not bleach.


  • This funny shower curtain comes in different sizes for you to choose from and is made entirely of polyester
  • It does not require any linen before using it
  • The curtain has twelve holes and rings attached

16. LIGHTINHOME Cartoon Sloth Shower Curtain

LIGHTINHOME Cartoon Sloth Shower Curtain - Funniest Shower Curtains

This eco-friendly shower curtain comes with twelve plastic hooks and is easy to install and clean. The design features a sloth hanging from a large branch on a bright blue background with the text “So… You come here often?” This sets a lecherous yet funny tone and will make any spectator chuckle.


  • It measures 72 x 72 inches, an optimal length for any shower space

17. Toothbrush and Paper Towel Shower Curtain

Toothbrush and Paper Towel Shower Curtain - Funniest Shower Curtains

This curtain is one of the funniest shower curtains. It showcases a troubling conversation between a toothbrush and toilet paper debating over who has the worst job in the world. Who do you think wins?

The design illustrates a toothbrush claiming, ‘He has the worst job in the world.’ Followed by a toilet paper retorting with, ‘Ya, right.’ The comic is printed using 3D technology and brings a strong visual impact.


  • This chucklesome shower has a 70 x 70 inches dimension
  • It is made entirely of polyester ensuring a pollution-free and environmentally friendly purchase for you

18. Wash Up Ya filthy animal

Wash Up Ya filthy animal - Funniest Shower Curtains

Familiar with the line ‘Keep the change, ya filthy animal?’ Us too. If you have not heard this line from the fictional flick Angel with Fifty Souls, you certainly heard it in Home Alone when Kevin McCallister uses this line in three separate scenes. Well, this shower curtain plays its take on that line.

The design emphasizes the words “Wash Up ya filthy animal.” Despite the message, the text is beautifully calligraphed with white ink on a contrasting blue backdrop.


  • The fabric is synthetic and water-resistant
  • It comes in 71 x 74 inches dimensions

In conclusion, a funky and funny shower curtain will not only entertain you daily but also make an interesting conversation with your guests over the dinner table.

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