Best Bed Tables in 2020 | Suitable One For You!

Top 20 Best Bed Tables of 2020

A bed table can be the one that is beside the bed or which could be above the bed. The bed tables are great if you want to have your breakfast in your bed or you want to conduct any of your work in your bed. If you happen to work on your laptop of ours then you must get a bed table for your bed. When working for long hours, the laptop can get overheated which can cause harm as a result. The bed tables can reduce your discomfort and allow you to work for a long time. You can also get the flexibility of having meals in your bed with the help of these tables. Not only this, but you can also do many things in your bed due to this.

As there are many brands of bed tables in the market, here are the best 20-bed tables in 2020 that you can take a look at.

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1. Tangkula side table

Tangkula side table

In this table, the frame is made from birch wood, which ensures stability, and the stainless steel makes the table sturdy, while its nitro surface is resistant to rust and scratch.

This table also has a carved wood design.


  • As it has burnished top, it’s easy to clean
  • Solid wood makes it long-lasting
  • There are anti-slip mats to ensure floor protection
  • Birchwood curve and frame is used to ensure sturdiness

2. Sauder Shoal Creek Nightstand Bedside Table

Sauder Shoal Creek Nightstand Bedside Table

This bedside table is perfect as a nightstand. Moreover, it is rectangular and can be used for storage. Furthermore, the table is made of solid wood, making it sturdy. And it can hold up to thirty lbs. of weight.

The rectangular shape and white color make it attractive.


  • The table is easy to assemble
  • The wood makes it durable
  • It can hold considerable weight.

3. Atlantic Furniture Nantucket End table

Atlantic Furniture Nantucket End table

This table has a vintage style that is perfect for any old school lover. In addition, it is made from eco-friendly hardwood, which makes it highly durable. Also, you get two USB charging ports for your convenience.

The table has a vintage look, and the sturdiness of the table complements it.


  • Solid hardwood material and high build five-step finish makes the table sturdy
  • It is convenient to use
  • This table is easy to set up

4. Winsome Wood Table

Winsome Wood Table

This is a solid wood constructed table. It shows versatility and has a fresh, clean look. Additionally, the table is made from composite wood. Certainly, it also has storage space and can be used as an open shelf.

It is available in three colors to chose from. And the clean-lined table offers casual style.


  • It has a curved top
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from solid wood
  • It has a drawer

5. Tucson Electric flip top table

Tucson Electric flip top table

Tucson has some of the most elegant and compatible table collections to chose from. Moreover, this table has an x metal frame, and it is also powder-coated, which makes it sturdy. Further, the melamine veneers give it a smooth surface. In addition, you will also get a built-in charging station, which is a nice touch.

The metal design gives the table durability.


  • Powder-coated metal frame provides sturdiness
  • Realistic faux wood grain mixed with cherry melamine veneer gives the table durability
  • It has two hidden charging outlets and two USB ports
  • Easy to assemble

6. Furinno Simplistic End Table

Furinno Simplistic End Table

This table has a simple design yet has an elegant look. Futhermore, you will get two bedsides tables at a reasonable price. Certainly, each of them has two shelves giving you more storage space!

The table is compact and blends in with any bedroom as well.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • The tables are durable
  • Compact size

7. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Table

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Table

It is an elegant table that provides enough storage space for your belongings. Moreover, its design and materials make it very durable. Additionally, it is also one of the best designs for small spaces as they are significant in style but also compact.

This table is also made of veneer and wood with a dark brown finish.


  • Two storage shelves
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has built-in charging stations

8. Prepac Sonoma Tall Nightstand

Prepac Sonoma Tall Nightstand

If you want a bedside table with significantly secure storage, you have to give the table a go. Furthermore, it is twenty-eight inches tall and has a width of thirteen and a quarter inch. Besides, you will find an open drawer, and two glided drawers in this table.

This is a beautiful table that has a dark color finishing.


  • It has a secure storage capacity
  • Very sturdy
  • There are metal slides with safety stops on drawers

9. VASAGLE industrial side table

VASAGLE industrial side table

Now, we present to you one of the most top-rated bedside tables. It is a modern side table. What makes this table stand out from others is that it has a glass surface and a rustic wood shelf. There is a chance that you might not even see the drawer below its glass surface as it is well hidden.

The well-designed table is made using very high-quality materials


  • Made of the rustic wood
  • It has a black iron frame to support the shelf
  • Has an invisible extra drawer which increases more storage space
  • It can hold heavyweights

10. Zinus OLB-ET-2020Q

Zinus OLB-ET-2020Q

Here is our top choice for a bedside table. Why is this our favorite? It is made from wooden boars and is supported by a highly durable square steel tubing frame. You will get two shelves for storage. The exciting feature is it is only twenty inches, wights around twelve pounds, but it can hold up to a hundred pounds in weight. Overall, it is a compact yet sturdy table.

This table is small but durable and has a stylish rich brown, wood-grain finish.


  • Very easy to Assemble
  • It is Sturdy, durable
  • Can hold massive weights
  • Easy to clean

11. PWR Table

PWR Table - Bed Tables

The table was mainly designed for laptops and is durable for long hours working. The tables are made of the sturdy construction of aluminum. You can adjust the height of the table according to your comfort as well.


  • You can power the fans using the ports of your laptop via USB
  • It comes with the availability of putting two fans side by side

12. Winsome Bed Tray

Winsome Bed Tray - Bed Tables

The bed tray from Winsome is made of high-quality wood. It has a top that can be adjustable. You can even store kinds of stuff inside its drawer. The design is modern with a classy look. It has a walnut finish that is a bit antique and different from other models.


  • You can fold the leg so it easily stores in smaller places
  • It is lightweight so you can carry it easily

13. Executive Office Solutions 

Executive Office Solutions - Bed Tables

The table is really strong only because of its aluminum construction which makes it strong as well. At times, your laptop can get heated when used for a long time. In this case, this table can protect your laptop as it can cool down easily.


  • It has heat absorbent ability to the ionized aluminum panels
  • You can fold and open the table legs

14. Furinno Aluminum Laptop Tray

Furinno Aluminum Laptop Tray - Bed Tables

The laptop tray table is made of aluminum which gives proof about its durability and strong construction.

It can offer you the liberty of owning a big laptop as it has a lot of space available. The sturdy construction makes this model last long and a few years of warranty as well as received from the manufacturers.


  • You can always remove and adjust the legs according to your height

15.Avantree Adjustment Table  

Avantree Adjustment Table - Bed Tables

The design of this table is what sets it apart from the other competitors in the market. It is made out of aluminum which is why it is durable and attractive at the same time. You can always carry it around due to it being lightweight and compact.


  • Use USB to charge and operate

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16. Greenco Foldable Tray

Greenco Foldable Tray - Bed Tables

This tray is used as a breakfast tray in many five star hotels and resorts only because of the high-quality materials used in the making process. It is made out of bamboo which means it is strong and durable.

The design is modern and the touch of bamboo makes this as an attractive element to be put in your room if you want to.


  • You can clean and wash it easily
  • The raw materials make it remains fresh for a long time

17. Songmics Portable Tray Table

Songmics Portable Tray Table - Bed Tables

The table gives you flexibility and comfort at the same time. It is made out of bamboo which makes the model strong and durable. The model is resisting any sorts of moisture and it eco-friendly. As it is made of raw materials, there is no use of any chemicals or artificial dyes.


  • Mainly used for laptops
  • It has a large space to put other things

18. Large Foldable Laptop & Notebook Table

Large Foldable Laptop & Notebook Table - Bed Tables

This table is large which gives you the liberty of putting many things on it. The pattern used in the making of this model gives it an elegant look. If you want to have a cup of coffee and work at the same time then you can easily put them all together as space will allow you to do.


  • The lightweight construction: you can carry it around
  • You can clean it easily and it has a cup-holder as well

19. Winsome Ventura Tray 

Winsome Ventura Tray 

You can use the table for your breakfast, laptop, and many more. There is a solid wooden frame on the top that is water and dust resistant. The mechanism of this table is great and is supported by a U-shaped bar made of metal.


  • It is really easy to clean as you can wipe everything off with just a cloth
  • You can adjust the legs according to your comfort and height

20. Furinno Laptop Bed Table

Furinno Laptop Bed Table

The table is made of strong constructions but it is still easy to carry it around. You can roughly use it as it can withstand most of the damage applied to it. The model is one of the most durable tables in this market which is made of aluminum.


  • The leg is adjustable and removable
  • You can choose colors to match your room

The bed tables are great at accompanying you and your laptop when you’re working late or working for hours. You can easily use this table according to your comfort and height. Also, you can check out each of the reviews and buy the one that you think is the best.

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