Best Commercial Food Processors in 2020

Top 16 Best Commercial Food Processors in 2020

The food processor has gained in recent years as a kitchen appliance that makes it easy for you to store foods. Sometimes, you want to cook your food ahead of your schedule and want to do them fast enough. If you want to cook food for a crowd or a big family, then these commercial food processors come in handy as they can help you prepare your foods faster and more effectively.

These appliances are powered through electricity and there are some manual devices as well. Some models can facilitate your work by grinding, cutting your vegetables for you. There is a motor in the appliance that is responsible for the power of the appliance. If you’re thinking of opening up a restaurant then you should in this type of an appliance as it will make your work fast and then satisfy your customers as well. This doesn’t only prepare your foods faster but it can also effectively make your foods.

With all the points into consideration, here are the top 16 best food processors in 2020.

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1. VBENLEM Commercial Food Processor

VBENLEM Commercial Food Processor

This is one of the best commercial food processors. 4.2-star rating on Amazon, these Food Processors are widely used in Restaurants and Supermarkets!

Stainless Steel body with a Tempered Glass Lid ensures that you cook your delicious items easily, quickly, flavor-packed and nutritious!


  • Power Capacities ranging from 550W to 1500W
  • Motor—1400 RPM
  • Different parts (chopper, casing, blades) are Stainless Steel as well
  • A rubber lid to add water or oil whenever desired
  • Rubber feet for secured positioning
  • Rubber gaskets for zero leakage
  • Excellent for cutting and chopping all kinds of food
  • Lids are transparent for clear observation
  • Thick handles on two sides of the processor for easy handling
  • Simple on-off switch system for smooth and easy operation
  • Everything can be processed in this machine—fruits, vegetables, spices, proteins

2. KWS BC-400 Commercial Stainless Steel Food Processor

KWS BC-400 Commercial Stainless Steel Food Processor

This product meets the International Sanitation Standard and makes sure safety comes first!

They are perfect for processing meat, vegetables, and fruits into coleslaw, salads, sausage, and dips. Moreover, the blade and bowl are made of supreme quality stainless steel.


  • Motor—1.5 horsepower
  • Cutting speed—1460/min—even with tough proteins
  • Blades are cutlery-grade S-shaped and highly efficient
  • Voltage—110V/ 60HZ
  • Bowl rotary speed—20r/min
  • Electric input—1350 W
  • Very safe to use
  • Suitable for Restaurants and Meat Processing Shops
  • Included in the package—a wooden spatula
  • Non-slip feet—induced with rubber
  • Waterproof on-off switch

3. HANCHEN Electric Herbs Cutter

HANCHEN Electric Herbs Cutter

With a 4.2-star rating on Amazon and a year warranty, these slicers are less noisy, more efficient and energy-saving!

This product also consists of stainless steel blades that have a slicing speed of 720 pieces/min!


  • Blades can cut 360°– all directions
  • Cutting thickness is adjustable
  • The vent is stainless steel plated
  • Unique louver cooling area
  • Motor speed—240 rpm
  • After cutting herbs, blades should be cleaned immediately
  • Herbs are sliced into even thickness

4. MARADA Commercial Meat Cutter Machine

MARADA Commercial Meat Cutter Machine

Now you can dice and shred protein, fruits, and vegetables with ease!

The fuselage and Knife Comb are made of high quality—SUS 304 stainless steel!


  • Blade—85 mm—quite wide—made of Manganese Steel
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Easy to operate
  • Highly durable
  • Faster operation
  • The cover is easy to clean with water

5. INTBUYING Commercial Food Processor

INTBUYING Commercial Food Processor

This Food Processor is a dream for restaurant owners!

The Stainless Steel blade has a Revolution speed of 1400 r/h!


  • Capacity—4 Litres
  • Power—550W
  • Voltage—110V
  • The shaft is full copper wire stainless steel
  • Crescent-shaped blade
  • Can slice meat within 13 seconds and chop vegetables within 20 seconds

6. HYYKJ Electric Soybean Grinder and Processor

This product meets food hygiene standards and is perfect for hotels, restaurants, offices, and canteens!

The Grinder is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Now make Tofu and Bean Dregs Cake, in a snap, just like that!


  • Processes soybean into soy milk
  • High-speed motor—2800 r/min
  • Voltage—110V/60HZ
  • Power—1100W
  • Automatic Filtration System to separate soy milk
  • Quick-lock systems prevent accidental spillage
  • Waterproof Technology
  • Durable and fast
  • The machine does not overheat easily

7. Breville Sous Chef

Breville Sous Chef - Commercial Food Processors

The model is made of a powerful motor that can chop, grind your food in a matter of seconds. It also has a slicer that can be adjusted according to your will. The 24-settings allows you the flexibility of using it according to your will. With the box, you get a double-sliced blade with which you get to choose if you want a thicker slice or a thinner slice.


  • It can perform any of your functions
  • It can chop off mozzarella or a whole tomato

8. Costway Food Processor 

Costway Food Processor - Commercial Food Processors

This food processor from Costway is a professional device that is great at performing its works. It is one of the best processors of food in the current market only because of its proven versatility. It also gives you the flexibility to cook various types of foods as well.


  • The combination of different accessories perform the tasks efficiently and faster

9. Hamilton Food Processor 

Hamilton Food Processor - Commercial Food Processors 

The Hamilton Food Processor is made up of a powerful motor which is the reason for its ability to be a high-performance device. There are two types of speed operations in this device. The powerful motor is of 450Watt. It is made up of a really simple design and you can easily use it without any confusion.


  • The simplicity of the product
  • The sealed box stops the liquid from spilling

10. Cuisinart Food Processor 

Cuisinart Food Processor - Commercial Food Processors 

The Food Processor from Cuisinart allows you to cook food for a large family. Not only this, if you want you can prepare a variety of types of foods with the help of this device. It even gives you the liberty of preparing coleslaw you mixed vegetables due to its sharp blades that can cut through almost everything.


  • There are different types of blades and discs available in this device
  • You will get a case for your storage

11. KitchenAidMini Processor

KitchenAidMini Processor - Commercial Food Processors 

The processor from KitchenAid is great even if you have a small kitchen only because of its small and compact size. The multi-purpose blade in this device is responsible for the intensive and accurate cuts of your foods.


  • Easily clean as it is dishwasher-safe
  • It allows chopping vegetables faster due to its blades

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12. Oster Prep Processor 

Oster Prep Processor - Commercial Food Processors 

The stylish black model processor of the Oster Prep is great because of the discs it carries with it. It has a slicing, shredding disc which is powerful at chopping off almost anything and everything. However, all the discs in this device still make it easy and simple to assemble.


  • You can clean this device easily as it is dishwasher-safe

13. Proctor Durable Food Processor 

Proctor Durable Food Processor - Commercial Food Processors  

The Food processor from Proctor Durable has the word durability in it and it lives up to its name. It is really easy to assemble and use at the same time. The motor inside this device is really powerful and made up of 300watts. The cuts that are performed by this device are precise and accurate at the same time.


  • Blades and lids are all dishwasher-safe: great at keeping up its high-performance
  • The control and spinning of the blade are ensured due to its pulse function

14. Ninja Food Processor 

Ninja Food Processor - Commercial Food Processors  

This food processor is famous in the market due to its ability to cook fast and different varieties of foods. Your meal preparation will be a lot easier when you will use this device as it can efficiently chop off the vegetables it is said to.


  • You get to accurately and precisely ensure the cuts inside the device
  • The fast speed control ensures that you can cook meals faster at large amounts

15. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Processor 

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Processor - Commercial Food Processors  

The processor from Hamilton is commercial food processors in the market. They have 10-cups and with this capacity, you can easily prepare foods for a large number of people.


  • The ingredients will be closer to the blades due to their adjustment of the scraper
  • It has a vast number of the versatility of the blades: ensure the precise and accurate chopping of the vegetables

16. Chef VeggiChop Food Processor 

Chef VeggiChop Food Processor - Commercial Food Processors  

The food processor from Chef Veggichop is considered to be of great value for its money as it can efficiently perform the tasks. It is powered by electricity and it can perform your meal preparations quickly due to its powerful motor.


  • This has gained the respect of many professional chefs in the world due to their consistency in maintaining performance

The commercial food processors are great at maintaining their tasks assigned to them. They will compliment you in your experience with cooking as they can accurately slice through whatever you assign them to. You can check each of the products out and buy the one that you like the most.

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