Best Overbed Tables of 2020 | You Can Even Work From Your Bed Now!

Top 17 Best Overbed Tables of 2020

The tables are great bedside tables. You can rest according to your comfort with the tables at the side of the bed. These overbed tables have a nice design that will complement your room décor to all standards. You can put it to use with your laptops, medical use, or any sorts of use when needed. There are a lot of brands in the current market. But the ideal table should be one that has the flexibility of changing the height of the table according to your will. Also, you don’t want a table for which you will have to spend everything.

Keeping all the points into consideration, here are the top 17 best-overbed tables in 2020.

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1. Doewroks Overbed Table

Doewroks Overbed Table

This overbed table is a great deal and can serve every need of yours. Additionally, its super thin design makes it easy to store under a bed or sofa. Certainly, this table is also multipurpose since you can use it as a standing workstation besides using it as an overbed table.

This table is a super study.


  • Only fifteen mm thick
  • Has a three-level shelf
  • Comes with stop plugs
  • You can tilt the top surface

2. Table-Mate Overbed Table

Table-Mate Overbed Table

The Tablemate overbed table ensures maximum comfort and versatility. Moreover, it has little extra width in comparison to other overbed tables, making it convenient to use on recliners and wheelchairs. Furthermore, you can also adjust it to six different heights.

You will find this overbed table quite flexible to use due to its versatility in addition to its excellent quality


  • It is adjustable in six different heights and three angles
  • This table offers maximum comfort
  • It offers versatility

3. UNICOO Height Adjustable Overbed Table

UNICOO Height Adjustable Overbed Table

This is Unicoo’s unique overbed table. Furthermore, the adjustable height and length can cover any size of beds. In addition, it comes with a tray top that can be used for placing a laptop or enjoying food comfortably.

The table designed to give you comfort. Besides, it is very lightweight.


  • You can use if for different purposes
  • The length and height of the table is adjustable
  • Super easy to assemble

4. KOMOREBI Adjustable Overbed Table

KOMOREBI Adjustable Overbed Table

Another large overbed table for versatile use, this fantastic product can be used as an overbed desk, workstation, or you can simply use it as a bedside or sofa side table. Furthermore, its tilting surface gives you the ability to adjust it according to your comfort.

This table ensures your comfort due to its convenient design.


  • This is a multifunctional table
  • It has an adjustable height from 29.9 inches to 47.3 inches
  • You can tilt the surface
  • This table can move 360 degree

5. SIDUCAL Overbed Table

SIDUCAL Overbed Table

If you like to read magazines or use a laptop while in bed, this overbed table is a suitable option. The caster wheels allow you to move it from room to room, but in case you need a stationary model, you can also remove those.

The table has a sleek design, and you can quickly move it from one place to another


  • You can quickly move it
  • Adjusts to as low as 22 inches
  • It can be used for multipurpose

6. Drive Medical Silver Vein

Drive Medical Silver Vein

If you are having trouble moving around and have a tendency of spilling food everywhere, this is the right choice for you, because this overbed table is spill-proof and waterproof.

This spill-proof table can hold a decent amount of weight


  • The table has an h-shaped base providing stability
  • The surface is crack-resistant
  • It Can support up to 50 pounds

7. Vaunn Deluxe

Vaunn Deluxe

This is one of the best-overbed tables out there in terms of looks, usage, and quality. This table can be used for multiple purposes. It has a walnut finish along with a tilting surface. Overall, this is an excellent product for both home and hospital use.

This high-quality product comes with an elegant design.


  • The table has an impact-resistant molded edge
  • You get a one-year warranty
  • To keep the table sturdy, it has a powder-coated metal frame

8. TribeSignsOverbed Tables

TribeSignsOverbed Tables

The table from Tribesigns is great as you can move it with the help of rollers. It is made of a strong construction which makes it strong and durable. The table is made of advanced features and modern design. You can use this table for almost anything.


  • It made of high-quality materials: a thickened board and steal
  • It has a large amount of space available and lightweight despite the amount of steal

9. Medical Adjustable Bedside Table

Medical Adjustable Bedside Table

With the help of this overbed table, you can now enjoy having your meals in your bed and even work for hours on your laptop. The table can easily be adjusted according to your height and comfort. Once you place the table according to your level, it can be locked so that it doesn’t remain wavy.


  • A smooth surface ensures the substances on the table don’t slide away when moving
  • With the help of rollers, you can move around easily

10. Carex Table

Carex Table

You can use this overbed table for your meals and work at the same time. it is really easy to be put together. The lightweight but strong construction of this table is the reason why many people buy this in the first place.


  • It can last long due to the high-quality materials polypropylene
  • You can move it through any surface due to the wheels

11. Able Life Universal Table

Able Life Universal Table

The table is made of bamboo and used by people who want to have their breakfast on the bed or want to work on their laptops for a long time. Anyone can use this model because of its universal design.


  • The table has added durability and flexibility due to its high-quality materials
  • It contains rubber pads that have a great grip

12. Platinum Professional Overbed Table

Platinum Professional Overbed Table

The table is famous in the market because it is one of the easy to use and simple overbed tables of all. It is really easy to assemble and the lightweight construction makes it easy to move.


  • Strong and durably
  • You can easily store it anywhere
  • You can adjust the height of the table according to your comfort

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13. CoavasOverbed Table

CoavasOverbed Table

The table can be used for many functions and it can efficiently perform all of the functions. You can even perform your homework if you want to on this table due to its sturdy construction.


  • Due to the four-wheel, It maintains the balance in the bed and easily moves around
  • You can lock the wheels of the caster to stop from sliding away
  • There are three-levels of adjustment of the height

14. Drive Medical Overbed Table

Drive Medical Overbed Table

The table can be moved around because of the wheels and it provides a balance in the bed due to its sturdy construction. There is a lot of space in the table and you can lock the height when it is finally adjusted.


  • The rollers can slide the table easily from one place to another
  • It has a traditional design that gives off an old-school vibe

15. UNICOO Table


The tray top in this table from UNICOO is responsible for putting the laptop in place. The rollers in the table allow it to be pushed to the side of the bed. It is compatible with any of the mattresses and the mattresses don’t affect the height of the table at all.


  • The steel frame and the wooden built makes it classy and stylish
  • You can use this table in the workstation or the hospital
  • The carpet wheels make it easy to push this table

16. VAUNN Medical Table

VAUNN Medical Table

The table is recommended by the doctors if you have a patient who is trying to recover from illness and want to have his meals on the bed. The table can be adjusted to any height or any position according to your will.


  • It has a user-friendly design which is simple to use
  • The tray doesn’t tilt
  • It has the roller to move around

17. Invacare Overhead Table

Invacare Overhead Table

The overhead table from Invacare has the latest features like touch, lock, and a secure tabletop. The table doesn’t let the substance on it slide off as it has a substantial grip present in it. As the table is large enough, you can significantly easier for you to put a laptop or any devices on it.


  • You can move it faster and easier with the help of the wheels
  • It can use in hospital

Overbed tables are great if you want to have breakfast or perform any tasks from your bed. It can be moved easily with the help of rollers or by the use of hands. Almost all of them have sturdy construction but they all have different designs. You can check out each of them as they come with their features.

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