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Top 10 Best Bamboo Towels in 2020

Bamboo towels have always been there as a replacement for towels made out of cotton. These towels are better than cotton towels. The towels are made of materials that are stronger than cotton. They are also absorbent than other towels. Towels made of bamboo are known for their durability and long-lasting. Not only are they known for their durability, but they are also known for the comfort that they bring. The towels are soft and are good for your skin. These towels are made out of fibers of bamboo.

As there are many brands to choose from, it gets a bit confusing the first time. So here the top 10 best bamboo towels in 2020 for you to choose from.

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1. Ariv Premium Towels

Ariv Premium Towels

You get towels of different sizes which project absorbency, strength, and comfort. Moreover, the towels live up to its name for being really premium. Further, it is made up of raw materials mainly of bamboo. Certainly, the bamboo material ensures that this towel is protected from any sort of virus or fungi.


  • The perfect weight ensures comfort
  • It comes in a size of 30x52inch
  • Different colors to chose
  • Fast absorbency will dry your body quickly

2. Brooklyn Bamboo Towels

Brooklyn Bamboo Towels

Brooklyn Bamboo is made out of fibers of bamboo that are soft and comfortable. In addition, the design of this towel makes it look premium as it has the royal white color. Furthermore, the comfort of this towel is also complemented by the durability providing.

Product Features:

  • Fast absorbent ability
  • The towel comes in a size of 28x55inch
  • Hypoallergenic: can use it on any type of skin

3. Caribbean Bamboo Towel

Caribbean Bamboo Towel

The towel is made of bamboo fibers that are soft and organic. Additionally, it is comfortable because of the high-quality materials it is built with. Also, they have no chemical used in them because they are made of only natural, raw materials.

Product Features:

  • Anti-fungal
  • They come in a size of 17x30inches
  • Hypoallergenic: can use them in any type of skin

4. JML Bamboo Towels

JML Bamboo Towels

JML towels are way better than cotton as they are 4times more absorbent. Furthermore, the towels are soft and comfortable. Moreover, they are made of natural, raw fibers of bamboo which means they can be used in any kind of skin.


  • It won’t cause any harm to your sensitive skin
  • You will receive a bag to carry this towel everywhere and use it
  • The towel can stay fresh for a long time and is odor-free

5. Chakir Turkish Towels

Chakir Turkish Towels

The towels are premium because they maintain their quality always. This luxurious towel from Chakiris made from bamboo and Turkish cotton and is soft and comfortable.


  • Soft and durable
  • Machine-washable
  • Odor-free can use as a hand towel

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6. Special Home Towel

The special home towel is thin but it is shocking absorbent. They are made of raw materials that ensure that it is good for the skin and not reactive. The towel is soft and comfortable.

Product Features:

  • No chemical dyes
  • Odor-free
  • Dry better and faster

7. Caihong Bath Towel

Caihong Bath Towel

The bath towels from Caihong are great at absorbing water than other cotton towels. The design is unique and they have a silky sheen which is attractive. The towels are made of bamboo fibers that ensure comfort and relaxation.

Product Features:

  • No chance of the colors fading in this towel
  • They can stay fresh for a long time
  • Easily maintain and clean
  • No chemicals: it won’t react to your skin

8. Lymga Bamboo Towels

Lymga Bamboo Towels

The bamboo towels from Lymga are made of bamboo fibers and no other fibers are used in the making process. They come in different colors and the measurement is 28 x 55 inches.

Product Features:

  • It doesn’t contain any artificial smell to it
  • It can stay fresh for a long time

9. Cariloha Bamboo Towels

Cariloha Bamboo Towels

The bamboo towels from Cariloha are made of fade-resistant materials only to protect their colors from fading. The fast absorbent ability of this towel means that it will dry out your skin faster than other towels.

Features: Although the towels are

  • A bit expensive but durable and comfortable

10. Villa Vaste Bamboo Towel

Villa Vaste Bamboo Towel

The bamboo towels from Villa Vaste are great as they are soft and comfortable for the skin and you can also choose from six different colors. They are made from bamboo and cotton and the fibers don’t allow any bacteria or germs to enter into it.


  • The fibers are breathable and they make sure that the towel is
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Machine washable

11. Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton

Premium quality Bamboo and Cotton Blend towels of Ariv Collection, at a price of only $21.99, are one of its kind!

Available in three different colors, Ariv Collection towels come in sets that include two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, perfect for an entire family!


  • Natural Bamboo to Natural Cotton ratio is 3:7—premium quality
  • Microbe-resistant due to “bamboo Kun”
  • An ingenious blend of bamboo and cotton ensures durability and softness
  • Super absorbance
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Organic product
  • Odor resistant

12. Cariloha Bamboo Turkish Cotton Piece

Cariloha Bamboo Turkish Cotton Piece

“Soft, Cool, Clean and Green” are the keywords for Cariloha Bamboo Towel sets, backed by an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon!

Three degrees cooler than cotton products, the hypoallergenic qualities of Bamboo beats every product in the market! The harvest process includes bamboo pieces being processed in a solution that releases the pulp; the pulp is then dried into parchment-like sheets and then melted into Viscose. This viscose is then spun into threads, thus the Bamboo fabric is born!


  • Bamboo yarn loomed into 600 GSM induced with silicone softener
  • Ultra-plush yet organic
  • 42% Viscose, 58% Turkish Combed Cotton
  • Super absorbent
  • Not too thin, not too thick—just right, ensuring a wide range of satisfaction
  • They wick up all moisture while staying dry themselves—almost magical!

13. Classic Turkish Towels luxury Bamboo

Classic Turkish Towels luxury Bamboo

By Towels beyond, this Dimora Towel Collection is featured in posh hotels and spas!

60% Turkish combed cotton and 40% Bamboo Viscose, a powerful, much sought-after blend which makes any towel super absorbent, yet soft!


  • Cotton to Bamboo ratio= 3:2
  • Bamboo is naturally mildew, fungus and bacteria resistant
  • Turkish cotton dries much faster than other types of cotton

14. HOPAI Washcloths Bamboo Towel

HOPAI Washcloths Bamboo Towel

Available in beautiful soft colors and within budget at only $14, complimented by 4.5-star rating, is a great favorite of moms and their little ones!

Made of 80% bamboo and 20% polyester, these washcloths could be used for various purposes—face wiping to kitchen cleaning, baby’s body wiping to spa uses!


  • 80% bamboo rayon to 20% microfiber
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Plush yet long-lasting
  • Naturally microbe and odor resistant
  • Get softer with every wash
  • Excellent for sensitive skin people.

15. JML Bamboo Bath Towels

JML Bamboo Bath Towels

“Softer than the softest cotton”—are words used to describe these plush towels by JML! Now, own Cashmere-like towels at affordable prices.

Coming in sizes 27×54 inches, in appealing colors, these bath towels look and feel amazing! Why wait?


  • 90% bamboo Viscose to 10% cotton blend—terry weaving
  • 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton
  • Naturally hypoallergenic quality of bamboo prevents microbial growth
  • Odorless dries quickly
  • Multipurpose utility—bathroom, gym, beach, camping
  • Marvelous for individuals with acne-prone skin
  • Comes with a laundry bag

16. Cotton World Li Bamboo Fiber Towel

Cotton World Li Bamboo Fiber Towel

This first-rate extravagant collection of towels by Cotton World-Li, 3 piece set, are fade-resistant, backed by 4 stars on Amazon!

The rising part of the towels are 100% bamboo fiber, and the base is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton blend!


  • Soft and eco-friendly
  • Made of Cizhu Bamboo plants, also known as the Fiber Queen
  • Incredible at moisture absorption
  • No pesticides and fertilizers have been used

17. Yamama Hand Towels Bamboo Fiber

Yamama Hand Towels Bamboo Fiber

If you are looking for towels that are soft and organically manufactured, at an affordable price, do not hesitate to grab a pack by Yamama!

Versatile in use, these packs of 2, are also fit for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, gyms, and hotels!


  • Bamboo to cotton ratio is 1:1
  • The towels are as soft as they are durable
  • Highly absorbent and dries quickly
  • As they are organically produced therefore safe for babies and adults alike.

18. Home Bamboo Fade Resistant Towels

Home Bamboo Fade Resistant Towels

Available in sets of 6, awarded with 4.1 stars on Amazon, these bamboo fiber towels are highly affordable!

Made out of 100% bamboo, they are thin, lightweight, and soft as well.


  • Ultra-absorbent and dries quickly after wash
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial therefore skin-friendly
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

19. TURKUOISE Turkish Towels

TURKUOISE Turkish Towels

Available in evergreen white and grey in packs of 6, these premium quality Turkish Towels, with a 4.5-star rating, are your thing if you want the utility as well as the luxury!

These towels are 700 GSM–superior quality! Moreover, they are VAT-Dyed, a process that subjects yarns to high temperatures and pressure for 6-12 hours so that the pigments are deeply infused into the fabric.


  • Turkuoise is a trusted brand
  • Made out of 65% premium Turkish Cotton and 35% bamboo fibers
  • Double-stitched hems
  • Super soft and ultra-absorbent
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Organically made so skin-friendly
  • Soft but strong and durable
  • Plush product within budget
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

20. Royal Tradition Bamboo Blend Towel

Royal Tradition Bamboo Blend Towel

Available in 7 attractive colors, in 6 piece set, and a whopping 5-star rating, these super absorbent bamboo blend towels are going trendy!

Consisting of 60% combed cotton and 40% bamboo rayon, Royal Tradition promises premium quality towels at maximum satisfaction!


  • Cotton to bamboo ratio= 3:2
  • Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Zero chemical, toxins, and synthetic ingredients
  • Super soft, highly absorbent
  • Excellent for people with sensitive skin
  • Machine washable

In the end, it can be said that bamboo towels are more comfortable than cotton towels only because of the high-quality bamboo fibers. This towel can satisfy you as it will provide absorbance, strength, comfort all in one go.


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