Best Cute Cat Shower Curtains in 2020 | Cutie Vibes in Your Bathroom!

Top Best Cute Cat Shower Curtains in 2020

You are trying to fall asleep after a hectic day. Your eyes shut and you doze off into a dreamy…


Your catcalls you out of nowhere, its meow penetrating darkness, silence, space, and time. You decide to ask the cat why it called you, but then you change your mind, thinking the answer won’t be new. It might be hungry at 3 AM. Nothing unusual. Yea, you were trying to sleep, but what does it matter?

You pour some milk and cat food into kitty’s bowl, the kitty sniffs, grimaces and stares at you. “I was not hungry,” it purrs, “I just wanted to know how much you love me. Now sit on the sofa and place me on your lap.”

And the love story continues. This tale every cat lover will relate with.

If you want the world to know how adorable you find cats, express your love by printing your cat’s face on your shower curtains! Let’s take a look at some of the funniest and cutest cat shower curtains ever!

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10. AMBESONNE Kitty Under Arrest

AMBESONNE Kitty Under Arrest - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

If your cat has sniffed through your food again, it is time to send him to the dungeon of paws!

Ambesonne shower curtains reinforced stitched and made of polyester, and they come complete with plastic hooks for fuss-free installation.


  • The photos and designs on the shower curtains are high-tech digital printing with vivacious fade-resistant colors
  • The polyester fabric is water-resistant and machine washable
  • Measurements—70” long x 69” wide (other sizes are also available)

9. SUNLIT Multicolor Cartoon Cats

SUNLIT Multicolor Cartoon Cats - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

This shower curtain with colorful cat prints all over will hypnotize you into adopting another fur-ball!

The curtains are made of 100% polyester, quite thick for superior draping.


  • Polyester is water repellent and non-PVC
  • The grommets are rust-resistant with hooks attached
  • The designs are high-quality HD digital printing—vibrant and long-lasting
  • Easy to wash and dry

8. KXMDXA Space Cat

KXMDXA Space Cat - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

And just when you were sure you are over cats, there comes the Space Cat flying toward you!

This polyester curtain has an intergalactic colorful space background, with the picture of a cat sprawling through space.


  • Large in size– 70” long x 60” wide, prevents water from splashing to the drier side
  • Comes complete with 12 grommet holes and rings
  • Machine washable, no need to bleach
  • Digital printing is done using heat dye sublimation technique

7. ZXMBF Colorful Kitten Cartoon

ZXMBF Colorful Kitten Cartoon - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

Ever felt lost in a crowd of cats? This shower curtain will make you feel that way, but what a blissful feeling that one is!

This curtain has prints of a lot of cats crowded together and smiling at someone—you! A Lil creepy, but cute. Moreover, the curtains are crafted with high-quality polyester.


  • Dimensions– 72” long x 72” wide
  • Comes fully packaged with rust-resistant grommets and hooks
  • The designs are 3D digital printing—fade resistant

6. HIPAOPAO Japanese Cat Shower Curtain

HIPAOPAO Japanese Cat Shower Curtain

Cat’s eye can make you go into a trance, and with this shower curtain around, you are sure to experience an otherworldly effect!

This shower curtain has to hypnotize color patterns in the shape of a cat casting at you a mysterious look! Made of PVA-free, plastic-free 100% original polyester fabric.


  • This curtain will brighten up the décor of your bathroom
  • Versatile uses—can also be used as a window curtain, blackout cloth, room partition
  • Can be used at hotels, dorms, clubs, gyms
  • Waterproof, easy to wash and dry
  • Dimensions– 72” long x 72” wide

5. LEOTEAR Funny Dr. Seuss Cat

LEOTEAR Funny Dr. Seuss Cat - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

Okay, so now your cat is dressed up as Dr. Seuss! That was the only thing left to be done.

This cat shower curtain has a picture of a cat dressed up in a hat and a bow tie, as Dr. Seuss. Available in various sizes, this curtain is also made of microfibers.


  • Available in floral designs as well, the sets have two pieces—1 curtain, 1 bathroom rug
  • Dimensions– 72” long x 72” wide
  • Waterproof, super absorbent and dries quickly

4. XNICHOHE Watercolor Cute Kitten

XNICHOHE Watercolor Cute Kitten - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

This is one of the cute cat shower curtains. This kitty cat is begging for a scratch on its back, and a little treat in the process, salmon flavored would be good.

These curtains come in more than 20 fabulous prints—birds, lions, tortoises, giraffes with mystical and hypnotic backgrounds. Certainly, they are made of polyester.


  • The designs are thoroughly unique and detailed—will add a contemporary yet mysterious look to your bathroom
  • The fabric is waterproof, durable, Eco-friendly
  • Easily washable and install-able

2. ALAGO Cat Looking Up at Snowfall

ALAGO Cat Looking Up at Snowfall

This curtain tells a sad story about how a cat found falling snowflakes more interesting than its owner!

Made of 100% polyester, these curtains are also mildew or mold resistant.


  • Dimensions– 70” wide x 78” long
  • Packages come complete with grommets and hooks
  • Updates bathroom décor and gives it an upscale feel
  • Digital printing is excellent quality with 3D effect, vibrant, and fade resistant

1. ABLACKBEAN Cat Screaming Mouth

ABLACKBEAN Cat Screaming Mouth - Cute Cat Shower Curtains

“What do you mean my jump wasn’t perfect? It was perfect and you meow it! Give me my food!”

These curtains are made of 100% polyester.


  • Polyester fabric is tough, long-lasting and waterproof
  • Printing has been done using heat dye sublimation technique
  • Packaged complete with grommets and hooks

Furry coat, feathery tail, bright-beady eyes, angelic look—you will run out of words if you plan to describe a kitty cat. While curiosity might harm the cat, its indifference and arrogance will, I confess shamefully, win your heart. It is as if cats have mastered the art of seduction since the beginning of time. If you feel the same for your cat, then cute cat shower curtains are for you. Believe me, you would enjoy every bit of the fabric!

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