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Top 18 Best Face Towel

A face towel is a softer and smaller version of a standard towel. You may wonder why you need a separate towel for your face when you can use your regular cloth. You can use any other fabric that absorbs water, but if you have sensitive skin, you may face some consequences. And those who are not noticing any issue you can continue using it. But you should remember your skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your body. So, dermatologists suggest us to use a separate soft towel for our face.

Now you may ask why you would spend money on a face towel when you can just buy cloth and make one for yourself. But do we have that much time or energy to spend? I think most of us don’t. But if you do, give it a try!

We have filtered out these ten face towels considering all the essential factors for those who don’t have time to make their face towel! Check them out!

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1. Tia and Frey Bamboo made Face Towel

Tia and Frey Bamboo made Face Towel

These bamboo towels are softer than a regular towel. They quickly absorb water from your face. Moreover, this brand has a lifetime guarantee. You can ask for a refund anytime you want. Further, they provide the best product with the best customer support. Additionally, you will receive the product in a beautiful box. In one box, you will find six face towels. Each of them is 10 x 10-inch.


  • A lifetime guarantee: you can keep the product to claim for a refund

2. Hiphop Panda Bamboo Baby Face towel

Hiphop Panda Bamboo Baby Face towel

These cute towels are available in 4 different colors. In addition, this towel is suitable to use on a baby’s skin. Furthermore, it has two-layered which is super soft and thicker than regular sheets with premium quality.  Because of the two layers, this towel absorbs water faster, and it is gentle to your skin.


  • A lifetime guarantee

3. Sinland Microfiber Face Towel

Sinland Microfiber Face Towel

This product is entirely lint-free. You won’t have to worry about fluffs. Additionally, this towel is durable and very gentle to your skin. Further, the fabric is 20% synthetic polymer and 80% polyester. Certainly, the high-quality materials of this towel make it perfect for those who deal with acne and other skin problems.


  • A microfiber towel: it dries fast

4. Utopia Cotton Face Towel

Utopia Cotton Face Towel

You can buy 24 high-quality face towels for an affordable price tag with 4 colors available. It is slightly bigger than other face towels with the size of one sheet 12 x 12 inches.


  • Cotton towels
  • No particular step to clean them
  • Machine Washable

5. Truly Lou oversized Face Towel

Truly Lou oversized Face Towel

These towels are made of 100% cotton. Truly Lou oversized face towels can be used as a body towel too. It is a top-quality product. The towel is significantly thicker than other towels. These multipurpose towels are available in 5 colors.

Features: These towels are

  • Incredibly gentle your skin
  • Easy to clean

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6. Yoofoss Bamboo Face Towel

Yoofoss Bamboo Face Towel

These ultra-soft towels are highly rated on Amazon and available in many colors. They are made soft and fluffy as they are made of bamboo fiber. The size of these towels is just perfect for your face 12 x 12 inches.


  • The edges are well designed to avoid damage to the cloth

7. San Francisco Premium Baby Washcloth

San Francisco Premium Baby Washcloth

 Don’t get confused! You can use this baby washcloth as your face towel without an issue. It’s ultra-soft and gentle on your face. These towels are 100% made of bamboo. As it’s for babies, it is made of all-natural and safe materials.


  • If you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund

8. The Bamboo Kam Face towels

The Bamboo Kam Face towels

Need a change from the same solid colored towels? Buy this one! These face cloths are available in super bright colors with cool patterns. The Bamboo Kam Face towels have their style. Their towels can be distinguished pretty easily.


  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Perfect for acne-prone skin

9. Loran Luxury Bamboo Facial towel

Loran Luxury Bamboo Facial towel

They are made of good quality bamboo fiber. Loran Luxury Bamboo Facial towel is made from USDA-certified crops. Customers safety is their priority. These towels come in a small box. 1 box consists of 6 towels. All the towels are 10 x 10 inches.


  • Clean your skin deeply
  • Help your pores to shrink
  • A perfect towel after facial

10. Hopeshine Face Makeup Remover Cloth/ Face Towel

Hopeshine Face Makeup Remover Cloth/ Face Towel

These towels were made using laser-ironing-edge technology. You can just touch this towel and feel the difference between this towel and other towels. It is a high-quality product that comes with many choices of colors and a perfect towel for any skin type.


  • Fabric is luxurious
  • Long-lasting

11. The Original Makeup Eraser

The Original Makeup Eraser

No it is not a makeup removal kit, it is a face towel!

Available at Amazon at $20 with a 4.5-star rating, this amazing product in pink guarantees user satisfaction!


  • Microfiber technology
  • Makeup Erasers are a premium quality blend of polyester
  • The cloths contain no chemicals and are approved by dermatologists
  • Are reusable thus reduce waste—unlike, for example, wipes

12. Brooklyn Bamboo Everyday Adult Washcloth

Brooklyn Bamboo Everyday Adult Washcloth

Another nature-friendly product by Brooklyn!

With a whopping 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the authentic down-to-earth quality of this product would compel you to buy it and join the large community of bamboo product users.


  • 100% Bamboo material
  • More absorbent and hypoallergenic than cotton
  • Antifungal and Anti-bacterial

13. Eve Lom Muslin Cloths

Eve Lom Muslin Cloths

Available at $22, with its head held high at 4-star rating, these luxury muslin facial cloths are your thing when you want more than just a clean face.

Using Eve Lom Muslin Cloths is comparable to enjoying a Spa experience! The feather-soft material not only removes dirt and grease but also exfoliates your skin and even improves blood circulation.


  • Exfoliating nature of the product helps the regeneration of skin cells
  • When used with gentle circular massage technique, can help drain toxins
  • The Eve Lom facial cloth leaves the skin ready to absorb skin-enhancing products, like serums and crèmes, better.
  • They are 100% cotton, very soft and gentle on the skin, easy to wash, and dries quickly.

14. Earth Therapeutics Super Loofah Exfoliating Washcloth

Earth Therapeutics Super Loofah Exfoliating Washcloth

Earth Therapeutics has come up with this brilliant washcloth that is also a face exfoliating tool, practically providing a spa-quality facial at only $9!

Made of 50% nylon and 50% polyester, these washcloths are super soft and are available in one piece per package, with sizes 10 x10 inches.


  • The product comes with a loop to hang and dry
  • Very easy to wash

15. Gothic Bride Disposal Face Towel

Gothic Bride Disposal Face Towel

Gothic Bride has come up with high-quality disposable cotton facial towels, at 80 pieces per roll.

The bags the rolls come in are portable. The product is user-friendly, light-weight, and convenient. No fluoresces have been used in the making, thus hypoallergenic too.


  • Very soft so protects the skin
  • When dry could be used as facial wipes, when wet are ideal to remove makeup
  • These face towels are lint-free so they will not cause any irritation to people with skin issues.
  • Unlike tissue or facial wipes, they do not fall apart leaving bits here and there when wet.

16. Elaine Karen Soft Egyptian Cotton Face Towels

Elaine Karen Soft Egyptian Cotton Face Towels

Available in packs of 24 and 36 towelettes with a size of 12×12 inches, these face towels by Elaine Karen caters to the need of a whole family.

Each towelette is hem-stitched so it refuses to coil up. The products are also made of ring-spun cotton which is 100% pure. These Egyptian cotton face towels have an array of uses—for makeup removal, for baby cleaning, for dish cleaning in the kitchen. It is a stay-at-home mom’s delight!


  • Super soft and absorbent
  • Lint-free
  • Loop Terry design
  • It is machine washable and dryer safe

17. Cariloha Bamboo Washcloth

Cariloha Bamboo Washcloth

Made of 42% bamboo and 58% Turkish combed cotton, these washcloths have a super-smooth texture that cares for your skin.

The washcloths have a twisty yarned finish making them very convenient to use.


  • Highly absorbent, durable
  • Super soft to the skin
  • Odor resistant
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Affordable with a classic look

18. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

They don’t only clean, they cleanse!

The cloths are pre-moistened so give a super refreshing feeling!


  • Are very soft and non-abrasive, so could be used every day
  • Removes makeup and dirt thoroughly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisturizes and cleanses skin without clogging the pores
  • They are very easy to dispose of, and if you store them in your bag for a long time, they do not leave any film.
  • Removes body odor, so it could be used as shower wipes too.

To conclude, in our busy lives, we don’t get enough time to pamper ourselves and take care of our skin. So, if buying a towel can solve at least one skin problem we think it worth a try. You won’t regret purchasing any of these face towels, so if you are still not sure, just choose one randomly! Happy shopping!

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