Best White Hand Towels in 2020 | Keep Your Hands Dry!

Top Best White Hand Towels in 2020

Hand towels are there to keep your hands dry after you are done washing your hands. Not only this, but the towels can also provide comfort if they are made of high-quality and soft materials. The towels need to be of high-quality because it will determine whether the towel will stay fresh for long or not. Out of the hundred brands of hand towels in the market, only a few maintain the quality and comfort. These companies make sure you can have the best experience ever with the slightest thing which is washing your hand. Keeping the points into consideration, here are the top best white hand towels of 2020.

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1. AmazonBasics Hand Towels

AmazonBasics Hand Towels - White Hand Towels

The hand towels are great at pulling off their work because of their quality and built-in materials. Moreover, it is made of pure cotton and it is great at being used in the gym or your home. Further, it is also machine washable and it is safe from the dryer.


  • Fast absorbance ability: make face dry
  • Strong Weave: can use to clean different things in the kitchen

2. Oldest Village Towels

Oldest Village Towels - White Hand Towels

The towels are made from the oldest village in Portugal. In addition, they were made from a beige that was contrasting and feathery tassels. Additionally, the sleek design gives them a great look. Certainly, it is soft and the color is snow-white.


  • Machine-washable
  • The size of the towel is 50x100cm
  • The towel almost a hammam laid-back look to it which makes it look premium

3. OrlaKiely Rose Towels

OrlaKiely Rose Towels - White Hand Towels

The design and print of the towel make it look like an aesthetic product. Furthermore, it has a retro print of the 70s all over it. In addition, the towels look beautiful and they complement the environment they’re put into. Additionally, they are soft but they are also highly durable. They last-long because of the materials they’re built with.


  • The size of the hand towels is 50x90cm and the GSM is 580
  • Good color edges and design

4. Sheridan Luxury Towels

Sheridan Luxury Towels - White Hand Towels

The towel has luxury in its name and it completely lives up to its name. Moreover, it is made from an Australian brand and this towel is often seen in the best hotels in the country. The towel is made of pure cotton and the design has a great feel and looks to it. They can even complement the bathroom that they’re put into due to their elegant design.


  • Luxurious but affordable

5. Luxury Hotel Hand Towels

Luxury Hotel Hand Towels - White Hand Towels

The product lives up to its name as it is seen in the best hotels in the country and is only seen because of the comfort it provides. It is made of pure cotton and it is so soft that you will feel that you are covering up your hands in pure luxury. Additionally, they are fast absorbent of water and they can quickly dry your hands.


  • Soft but durable at the same time
  • Two years warranty

9. Wealuxe Cotton Hand Towels-White

Wealuxe Cotton Hand Towels-White

These sets of 12 with a superb 4.5 star Amazon rating, are ideal to fit a monochromatic palette!

Want to enjoy an amazing after-bath experience! Further, these exquisitely plush and wonderfully luminous hand towels will fulfill all your necessities.


  • 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Super absorbent
  • The economy pack of 12 is perfect for multipurpose use
  • Lightweight—3lbs per dozen
  • Highly durable—withstands any amount of wear and tear
  • Edges are stitched and hemmed
  • Ribbed technology in the fabric
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Does not shrink as much
  • Accompanied by a 30-days money-back guarantee.

10. Pinzon Organic Cotton Towels-White

Pinzon Organic Cotton Towels-White

Certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, Pinzon ensures that the responsibility to create eco-friendly products is their topmost priority!

White Pinzon hand towels come in packs of six, and when unpacked, your eyes will behold some of the most gorgeously plush cotton hand towels like never before!


  • Certified by GOTS—zero use of harsh chemicals, cotton seeds are organically grown, made by workers in ILO certified working conditions, zero use of insecticides
  • Fluffy and heavy—to create a luxury feel
  • Quite large—30 by 18 inches
  • Super absorbent and dries quickly
  • Towel weight is ideal—700 GSM

11. Hammam Linen Premium Organic Turkish-White

Hammam Linen Premium Organic Turkish-White

Hammam Linen has been providing luxury hand towels to 5-star Hotels and sumptuous Spas across Europe and the Mediterranean for the last 50 years!


  • Genuine 100% Turkish Terry combed cotton
  • Eco-friendly and super absorbent
  • Dries quickly, resistant to daily rough use
  • Edges are double stitched for extended life
  • Washing and drying takes less time
  • Can be used on poolside, bathrooms, dorm rooms and gyms

12. Menae Luxury White Hand Towel Set

Menae Luxury White Hand Towel Set

A luxury product by Menae, the use of hand towels in Turkey dates back to the ancient Roman times.

These days 40% of the world’s organic cotton originates in Turkey. Owed to their elegant quality, their popularity is also widespread in Hotels and Spas.


  • The deluxe pack of 6 are 900 GSM supreme quality Turkish Cotton
  • It is amazingly gentle to your skin, durable and strong
  • All towels have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk
  • Highly absorbent and dries quickly

13. Utopia White Cotton Towels

Utopia White Cotton Towels

Utopia Towels presents some high-quality Looped Terry woven hand towels at a 4-star Amazon rating. Moreover, it comes in a pack of 6!

Made of 100% cotton, these hand towels will pamper your hands making them feel supple and softer! Terry in nature, these towels are charmingly absorbent.


  • Made of 100% cotton –Terry weaving
  • Generously sized—22×44 inches
  • Edges are hemmed so prevents coiling up
  • Heat resistant and soft
  • Versatile in utility—can be used on poolside, spa or beach

14. Amazonbasics Fade Resistant Cotton Hand Towels-White

Amazonbasics Fade Resistant Cotton Hand Towels-White

Love white utility items but disappointed at the rate at which they fade or stain over time? Well, you should better look at this Amazonbasics item!

It is for times like these, that Amazonbasics have sprung up to help you with their amazing 6-per pack fade-resistant super-absorbent towels! Stop gaping and grab your pack!


  • Ring-spun 100% cotton
  • Super absorbency and softness retention
  • Complies with Oeko Tex Standard-100
  • Organic and skin-friendly
  • Absolute value for money

15. Towels N More Economy Cotton Towels-White

Towels N More Economy Cotton Towels-White

As they are only 2.25 lb per dozen, so can be worn around the head for hair drying. Certainly, you can finally tie that turban!

These 4.3 star-rated product is ideal for bulk purchase for businesses or if you are planning to hoard some stocks for your home gym—where economy matters!


  • 100% Terry cotton
  • Ribbed construction allows maximum absorption
  • Double-stitched edges for durability
  • Easily washable and dryer safe

16. SALBAKOS Bathroom Percent Oeko Tex-White

SALBAKOS Bathroom Percent Oeko Tex-White

SALBAKOS presents supreme quality Turkish hand towels in packs of 6 with an amazing 4.5-star rating at Amazon!

These products have imported from Denizli, Turkey where, using only the latest technology of weaving, cutting, and embroidery, have these hand towels been made available at your fingertip!


  • Deluxe 700 GSM 100% Cotton fabric
  • Double-stitched hems
  • Zero harmful chemicals
  • The Herringbone weaving technique gives a touch of luxury

To conclude, the hand towels are great at keeping your hands dry after washing. They also provide warmth and softness which is great for your skin. You can use them at the gym and even in your kitchen. The best white hand towels of 2020 have been discussed. You can have a look at choosing the best one.

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