Best Metal Shoe Rack in 2020 | Smart Way to Place Your Shoes!

A few pairs of clattered shoes can seem like a huge mess. To get rid of such a mess, get a shoe stand or rack that can keep your house and closet more organized. Metal racks are one of the most durable ones. It might be time-consuming to look for a shoe rack. To make things easy for you, we put together a list of 10 metal shoe racks that are each different from the other. Feel free to take a look below.

Top 10 Metal Shoe Rack in 2020

10. AXDT Iron Shoe Rack

AXDT Iron Shoe Rack

With a slightly different design, this rack can be a perfect addition for any household. The tiers are easy to remove, so if you find it difficult to store any of your boots or tall shoes, just make the needed adjustments.

  • Made from premium quality metal
  • Each tier has a beautiful leafy design on the sides
  • Slatted shelves allow shoes to breathe easily
  • Easy assembly, doesn’t require tools
  • Can store from m16 to 20 pairs of shoes

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9. AmazonBasics Shoe Rack Organizer

AmazonBasics Shoe Rack Organizer

Stack all your shoes in a single rack. This massive rack can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes neatly. You can place it by the hallway and if you feel the need to change its location, it’s very easy with its lockable PU wheels.

  • 10 tiers that can hold 50 pairs of shoes
  • Strong metal construction with perfect chrome finish
  • Light and portable
  • Wheels for convenient transport (lockable wheels)
  • Easy to install (no extra hardware required)

8. HYNAWIN Shoe Rack


This rack can be kept on the porch or outside. The non-woven fabric used in this is waterproof and resistant to dirt. The quality metal frame keeps it from being rusted. You can easily disassemble the tiers to customize the size as needed.

  • Made with non-woven fabric along with a strong metal frame
  • Dust and rust-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy and quick assembly, no tools needed

7. HOMEFORT Metal Shoe Rack

HOMEFORT Metal Shoe Rack

The all-metal construction makes this rack extremely durable. The top part is an MDF board that has a beautifully finished wooden pattern-design. You can use that for decorating purposes. The rack can be kept in any room or hallway.

  • Made from thick and sturdy metal tubes
  • Each tier is metal-wired
  • Wired tiers allow shoes to breathe and dry faster
  • The top part is made from MDF wooden board
  • Can fit around 15 pairs of shoes

6. Metaltex USA Inc. Shoe Rack

Metaltex USA Inc. Shoe Rack

Clear the mess of shoes in your house with this sturdy rack that comes with a white polyethylene finish. You can easily keep it by your closet, in the living room or in the hallway.

  • Made from heavy-gauge welded steel
  • Has polyethylene finish that prevents rusting or chipping
  • Easy to assemble, no tools needed
  • Can easily store 12 pairs of shoes
  • Compact and lightweight

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5. Lynk Stackable Shoe Rack

Lynk Stackable Shoe Rack

This all-steel constructed rack is perfect for storing shoes of the entire family. You can stack up with the connectors to extend the tiers to 8. The steel mesh on the sides keeps dust and dirt away while letting enough air in to keep the shoes dry.

  • Quality heavy-gauge steel used for construction
  • Comes with a steel mesh which allows air circulation for shoes
  • Tiers are expandable
  • Can fit up to 40 pairs of shoes
  • Easily stackable tiers

4. Whitmor Shoe Tower

Whitmor Shoe Tower

Like its name, it is a shoe tower rather than a mere rack with 8 tiers. You can easily store shoes of the entire family with this single rack.

  • Made from heavy-duty metal with silver epoxy finish
  • The 8-tiered rack can hold 40 pairs of shoes effortlessly
  • Non-slip tubes at the feet provide better stability and protect the floor from being scratched
  • Easy to assemble, all you need is a screwdriver

3. SONGMICS Shoe Rack


This is a 2-set pack where you have 8 tiers. You can set them up separately or keep them stacked on top of each other. The steel construction makes the rack durable with the perfect bronze finish that makes it corrosion-resistant.

  • Made from high-quality steel with a bronze finish
  • Easy to assemble (instruction manual included)
  • Anti-tipping hardware included with the rack to provide better stability
  • A single rack can hold around 20 pairs of adult shoes

2. Homebi Shoe Rack


Homebi Shoe Rack

Homebi is offering a pretty well-built rack that comes with a classic design. Aside from putting it in the closet, you can place it by your entryway or in the living room. The metal grey finish enhances its simplistic design.

  • Made from powder-coated metal along with quality plastic
  • Easy to assemble, stacks can be customized as needed
  • Rustproof and corrosion-proof
  • Standard 4-tiered rack can store up to 20 pairs of shoes
  • Open-shelved design provides air to circulate so the shoes stay dry

1. Seville Classics Shoe Rack Organizer


Seville Classics Shoe Rack Organizer

This classic rack can fit into any closet and help you in organizing all your shoes. The overall construction is pretty durable and sturdy. The iron mesh in between the tiers adds to the durability and makes it easier to store heels.

  • Simple and classic design
  • Easy to assemble, no tools needed
  • Store around 10 pairs of shoes
  • Iron mesh on each tier
  • Resistant to corrosion

The key features of these racks were highlighted as much as possible so you can get a clear idea about the available products. We hope you found your desired metal shoe rack from our list.

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