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Cutting up vegetables is the hassle every self-respecting has to go through on a daily-basis. And after a hard day’s work, that should be the least of our problems. So we thought, why not make a list of the top 10 vegetable choppers in today’s market and list them according to their usefulness to help you eat healthy and fresh every day. Read on and check out the top 10 vegetable choppers you can buy in 2020.

Top 10 Vegetable Choppers in 2020

10. Sedhoom Vegetable Slicer

Sedhoom Vegetable Slicer

We start off with the sedhoom vegetable slicer. Moreover, this little slicer has 4 blades, awesome ergonomics and a compact design which makes very easy to store and carry around to picnics and barbeques!  Certainly, the Sedhoom vegetable slicer is made from environmentally friendly ABS plastic and food-grade stainless steel.

  • Food can be cut into a fine spiral shape.
  • It is very compact which makes it easy to store almost everywhere.
  • The blade can be adjusted in different orientations.

9. Cuisinart


The Cuisinart vegetable chopper is for people looking for a compact and handheld chopper with a slightly better build. In addition, this is built using a full stainless steel body and blades with a compact structure. It has a silver and black contrast which makes it look very good.

  • It has a plastic base at the bottom, so veggies can be cut even without a chopping board.
  • Full stainless steel body.
  • Can chop everything from hard nuts to soft cheese in just seconds.

8. Chef’n VeggiChop Food Chopper

Chef'n VeggiChop Food Chopper

For people willing to store and cut a big bowl of veggies in one go, the chef’n veggiechop food chopper comes into play. Moreoverm it can easily store large amounts of vegetables and chop them up very easily compared the last 2 choppers in the list.  Further, it has a pretty basic build. It’s made entirely of plastic with just steel blades in between. Additionally, it’s relatively sturdy with a see-through design in the middle.

  • It doesn’t require an alternate power source to run.
  • All it takes to operate is a simple pull on the chord.

7. Nutrichopper Food Chopper

Nutrichopper Food Chopper

For people looking for faster and efficient cutting in various shapes, this chopper is not a bad choice. Also, it comes with several attachments and various blades to meet your specifications. The nutrichopper is basically made using ABS plastic. Certainly, it has 4 stainless steel blade attachments to meet user demands as well.

  • It allows very fast chopping.
  • It comes with a container.
  • Stylish design and sturdy build quality.

6. LHS Vegetable Chopper

LHS Vegetable Chopper

The LHS vegetable chopper is the one of best choppers we could find for its size. Further, it has several cutting options with various attachments. Certainly, the material used in this is Professional grade ABS plastic which is reinforced to resist high forces.

  • It has an ergonomic design that doesn’t strain the user’s hands even after long periods of chopping.
  • Has different chopping modes for different veggies and adapts to changes very rapidly.
  • It has a “Hand Protector” that reduces the chances of an accident significantly.

5. Mueller Ultra Heavy Duty Chopper

Mueller Ultra Heavy Duty Chopper

Known for their amazing durability, beautiful design and functionality, Mueller is dominating the markets. Furthermore, the blades are made of surgical stainless steel which don’t deform even under extreme conditions and are extremely sharp. In addition, it has a bold posture with beautiful contrast. The blades are very sharp and strong as they are made from high-end stainless steel as well.

  • It has one of the largest bowls compared to its competitions.
  • It has an anti-skid base to increase friction.
  • Like various Mueller products, it comes with a Life time warranty.

4. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Fullstar is also a very popular name in the vegetable chopper field. Additionally, if you’re looking for a compact chopper but want the best possible quality, this is the way to go. Like most choppers this is also made from plastic. But its blades are a different story. In addition, the blades are Rust-resistant and made from heavy duty 420 stainless steels, one of the best.

  • It has 4 inter changeable blades.
  • Its blades are among the top ones in market both in terms of durability and sharpness.

3. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

There’s no arguing the fact that Fullstar is a trustworthy brand. But if you’re in the market for something with a lot of other options than the last one, you might wanna take a look at this. Besides, it has a stunning white-black combination with a see-through food compartment. Certainly, it also uses non-toxic ABS plastic and stainless steel blades.

  • It has 7 different attachments which allow various cutting modes.
  • It comes packed with a Juicer, Egg Separator, and Peeler free of cost.
  • Has a large container.

2. Mueller Austria

Mueller Austria

Mueller Austria products are quite popular and are known for their quality, performance and good looks when it comes to kitchen choppers. Moreover, this chopper is made from heavy-duty food grade ABS plastic for high resistance against shocks and has 2 ultra-sharp hardened German blades for easy cutting as well.

  • Mueller Austria is very confident by this product and offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Its 1.2-liter cup minimizes onion vapors in the storage containers.



If you’re too lazy to use your hands to chop the vegetables, don’t worry; we have just the thing for you. Further, the Black+Decker chopper comes with an electric motor that will slice all your troubles away with just the press of a button. Also, it has Bi-level stainless steel blades that have a relatively large life-span and continue to chop vegetables for you at ease. This chopper is designed brilliantly with a transparent lid and an amazing glossy black finish which gives your kitchen a premium look which it deserves!

  • It has a huge 1.5 liter cup.
  • It has motor power
  • The chopper can be taken out part-by-part to clean it thoroughly.

A healthy diet can give you a healthy mindset. And as everyone is either buying them or planning to buy one, we decided to make your lives a bit easier and compiled this list of the top 10 vegetable choppers you can buy in 2020. Happy chopping!

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