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Doing yoga is simple. You do not need to get any membership. Or need any specific equipment. All it requires is some room allowing your body to move freely. Doing Yoga is a more effective option for a healthier lifestyle. One simple thing which you need for doing yoga is a yoga mat. Certain factors go into choosing the perfect round yoga mat. To help save you the trouble, we researched for you and came up with a list of the best 10 round yoga mats.

Top 10 Round Yoga Mats in 2020

10. Mandala Yoga Mat

Mandala Yoga Mat

 A good round yoga mat will make doing Yoga more comfortable. It has to have the proper thickness to help provide proper cushioning. It has to have the right length to provide you with the exercise space your body requires. A product meeting all these requirements is the Mandala Yoga Mat. The Mat has a diameter of around 6 feet along with a thickness of about ¼ inches. It is available in different colors with the purple one’s being the most stunning.

  • Made from eco-friendly Polyvinylchloride (PVC).
  • Free from latex and phthalate.
  • Better stickiness because of the high tack surface.

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9. Leevan Round Yoga Mat

Leevan Round Yoga Mats

Want a yoga mat that will also work as a mat for your room? The Leevan art deco yoga mat is just the one for you. It is both comfortable and decorative. On its surface the mat has a painting of a tree with multiple colors, giving it a more refreshing look. It is made from microfiber making it more durable and long-lasting.

  • Soft surface ideal for yoga.
  • Versatile as you can use it as a yoga mat or as a floor mat.
  • Easy to clean.

8. LEEVAN Flannel Round Yoga Mat

LEEVAN Flannel Round Yoga Mat

Sitting one spot above at number 8 comes the Leevan flannel round Yoga Mat. It multipurpose as it can be used both as a yoga mat or a living room mat. Speaking about the design and quality of Leevan yoga mats you will never be disappointed. They always deliver elegant looking mat along with superior quality.

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Versatile.
  • No shedding and easier to clean.

7. Jaipur Handloom Round

Jaipur Handloom Round

Want something unique? Handmade from pure 100% cotton. You will have a better experience of doing yoga on this mat. The reason being it is softer and more comfortable because of the cotton. It has a gorgeous handwoven design. Making it a classic yoga mat. It has a 70 inches diameter, so you will have plenty of room to perform all your yoga exercises.

  • Attractive design.
  • Lightweight.

6. Violet Mist Round Mat

Violet Mist Round Mat

 Want a yoga mat where you can do more than just yoga? Welcome this mat from Violet mist. You can take it to the beach and sit or lay on it. You can even put this mat on your roof and do yoga with your partner. Yes, it can fit two people comfortably. It consists of gypsy tapestry making it more appealing to the eye. It can serve as a great decorative mat in your living room. Made from Microfiber so it provides superior comfort.

  • Fashionable design.
  • Built for multipurpose use.

5. Round Beach Tapestry

Round Beach Tapestry

Jaipur Handloom is well known for producing excellent yoga mats. This is another of their superior quality product which is available in different sizes. Choose the size which is for you and start doing yoga. Stunning handwoven design which is going to demand people’s attention. Made from pure cotton making it more soft and comfortable.

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Multipurpose use.

4. Stage Thick Beach Yoga Mat

Stage Thick Beach Yoga Mat

Made from 100% pure microfiber making it more comfortable and soft. Weighing around 1.2 pounds, you will be able to carry it anywhere you want. Come with an attractive design along with handmade tassels which adds to its appeal even more. The diameter of this mat is 60 inches – plus it has a thicker surface making your yoga experience better.

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Large surface area.
  • Comfortable to use.

3. Anyone Outdoor Yoga Mat

Anyone Outdoor Yoga Mat 

If you are in the market for around yoga mat which you can use at any place – this product from Aiycome is the one. You will be able to use it in any season during any time at anyplace. Talking about the design Aiycome came with handwoven tassels around the circumference of the mat, adding to its beauty. Made from microfiber making it durable.

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Multipurpose item.
  • Affordable price.



Beautiful yoga mat made from 100% cotton. You will experience superior comfort when performing yoga on this mat. Not only you will get a product that is of premium quality. You will get a mat that can act as a beautiful piece of home décor.

  • Versatile.
  • Comes with screen printed design.
  • Comfortable to use.

1. Violet Mist Mandala

Violet Mist Mandala

  • Color does not fade.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean.

 This product is more gentle to your skin. If you are a yogi, you value every part of your body. You do not want you to get bruises or scratches from cheap yoga mats. To avoid such incidents you can take a look at this round yoga mat from Violet Mist. Beautiful tropical printed design along with tassels on the circumference. Made from genuine cotton giving you a better yoga experience.

A good yoga mat makes the experience of yoga better. We aim to help make your life a bit easier by finding the right products for you. Hope our list of the best round yoga mats will be of help to you!

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