Best Cordless Circular Saw in 2020 | Safe and Convenient!

A cordless circular saw is something that completes a modern-day handyman’s arsenal. They are a great alternative to bulky, heavy, older circular saws, as they come with a commitment to maneuverability letting you achieve great craftmanship with a little more efficiency.

We have looked into the market to figure out which cordless circular saws are at the top of their game. To help you make the right purchase decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cordless circular saws in the market. Read ahead to know all about them.

Top 10 Cordless Circular Saw in 2020

10. Ridgid Genuine Circular Saw

Ridgid Genuine Circular Saw

With an 18-volt support battery, this machine has the power to produce 3800 revolutions per minute without any hitch. It comes with a pair of gripping handles that are absolutely perfect for supporting your hand while cutting or ripping.

The machine features a LED light that helps users work in the dark. Besides, there is a dust blower that keeps the cutting point free from dirt and debris.

  • 7 ¼” blade
  • 8.5 lbs weight
  • Long battery life

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9. Hitachi C18DGLP4 Circular Saw

Hitachi C18DGLP4 Circular Saw

Hitachi is a powerful circular saw backed by 18 colts battery and a power of 4500 revolutions per minute along with features like an electronic brake, spotlight, and more. It is compatible with almost all Hitachi Batteries available.

The machine features an electric brake for precision, and a blade positioned on the left for easy operation. Moreover, there is a soft grip handle that helps reduce vibration and improves comfortability in the design.

  • Lightweight at only 6.2 lbs
  • Includes tooth saw blade and hex bar wrench

8. Bosch Circular Saw

Bosch Circular Saw

Whether you are looking forward to a DIY project or a professional project, Bosch is a solution to all your craft needs. It made our top 10 picks due to its unique spindle lock feature, which allows users to change the blade without any hindrance.

Featuring a depth of cut gauge and a bevel scale, Bosch has a cutting capacity up to 2 inches. In terms of design, it is one of the finest ergonomic, and compact cordless circular saw.

  • Features an electronic brake
  • Safeguard with a metal blade guard
  • 6 ½” blade

7. Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw can get your carpentry, plumbing, or framing done effortlessly cutting through heavy and sturdy materials. Its powerful battery enables it to work at 3500 revolutions per minute.

It comes with a magnesium blade guard to ensure the maximum security of users. Moreover, the saw features an electric brake, which follows your instruction to stop without any delay.

  • Maximum cutting capacity of ½ inches
  • 6.5” blade
  • Features a battery indicator to keep track of battery life

6. Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw

Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw

Makita is the perfect solution to all your professional or amateur carpentry needs, as it is a famous name in the industry. They are known for the precision they offer in cutting heavy materials.

Makita features a battery circuit that ensures efficient power management and keeps the battery safe from over-discharge or over-heating. It also has a nicely designed rubber grip handle to lessen fatigue and ensure the comfort of users.

  • 6.5” blade
  • 2 ¼” cutting capacity
  • Equipped with a guard to ensure safety

5. Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

Porter-cable is the name of a highly functioning cordless circular saw, primarily known for its mighty 20 Volts battery, enabling 4000 revolutions per minute. If you need a heavy-duty tool to do some aggressive cutting for you, then this will be the perfect choice for you.

The unit is 6.5 pounds compact body which is capable of carrying out heavy tasks without any trouble. It is equipped with a contoured molded handle ensuring firmer grip.

  • 6.5” blade
  • 2 ⅛’ cutting capacity
  • Compact size yet a heavy-duty unit

4. Black+Decker Cordless Circular Saw

Black+Decker Cordless Circular Saw

If you are looking for a high-quality cordless circular saw at an affordable price, then Black+Decker is the perfect product for you. It comes with a high torque motor capable of carrying out all kinds of tasks, heavy or light.

Despite being highly functional, the unit is lightweight and can be carried around to any of your project sites.

  • 1” cutting depth
  • 7.55 lbs weight
  • 12 Carbide teeth blade

3. Makita SH02R1 Max Circular Saw

Makita SH02R1 Max Circular Saw

A high power motor in a very light body, Makita is only 3.5 pounds offing a power of 1500 revolution per minute. This cordless circular saw can help you deal with smaller projects around the house or workplace much more convenient.

The unit features a built-in dust blower that takes care of getting rid of dirt and dust particles for you. It also comes with a LED battery indicator, which will notify you when the device is running low on energy. Moreover, its battery protection circuit makes sure that the battery is not overloading. So it is safe to say that you only need to focus on your project, and Makita will take care of rest!

  • 3 ⅜” blade
  • 1” cutting capacity
  • Lightweight and compact size

2. Milwaukee 2730-20 Circular Saw

Milwaukee 2730-20 Circular Saw

This offering by Milwaukee is one of the most powerful cordless circular saws in the market with a whopping power of 5000 rpm backed by 18 volts motor. You can accomplish all your project targets with this saw!

With this machine, you don’t have to worry about accidental drops as it comes with magnesium shoe and guards. Moreover, its brushless motor outpowers all its competitors in a blink.

  • 6 ½” blade
  • 2” cutting depth
  • 24 Carbide teeth blade and 50-degree bevel capacity

1. Dewalt Max Circular Saw

Dewalt Max Circular Saw

Dewalt Max is a revolutionary cordless circular saw backed by a 20-volt battery to enable the power of 5150 to 5250 revolutions per minute. This unit can cut through heavy materials up to 2¼” depth. It has won over thousands of users with its superb functionalities and efficiency.

With the blade positioned on the left side, it is easier for users to keep an eye on the cut while operating the cordless circular saw. What makes it unique is that it comes with a blade brake allowing the blade to stop even when the engine is running. To add one more star to its repute, the machine is compatible with almost all batteries from its manufacturer available for a cordless circular saw.

  • 6 ¼” blade
  • 2 ¼” cutting depth
  • Classic design with advanced functionalities

To wrap up, cordless circular saws are an increasingly popular solution for cutting heavy materials quickly and effortlessly. In an effort to help you understand what to look for in circular saws and what the current market is offering to you, we have compiled a list of our favorite circular saws. We hope you will benefit from it and can make the right purchase.

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