Best Small Cordless Drill in 2020 | Easy and Portable!

For many years, nothing compared to a corded drill when it came to heavy-duty and high-intensity work. However, the ever-evolving market is now full of cordless drills that offer excellent maneuverability, and flexibility, while even becoming more energy-efficient, and lighter due to lithium-ion battery technology advances.

If you like crafting and convenience alike, then we suggest you get a small cordless drill as they are lightweight and jampacked with amazing functionalities. Read ahead to learn all about the best small cordless drills available in today’s market.

Top 10 Small Cordless Drill in 2020

10. Cartman 20V Cordless Drill

Cartman 20V Cordless Drill

This powerful tool by Cartman will help you manage your work and time properly. This is because it is highly efficient and will get all your drill-work done quickly. It has been serving hobbyists and contractors alike for decades.

The product comes with two batteries. With its powerful 20-volt lithium ion battery and 1500 ROM speed, you will never fall behind schedule.

  • 5.6lbs weight
  • Fully charges within 2 hours

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9. Galax Pro Two-speed Cordless Drill

Galax Pro Two-speed Cordless Drill

This lightweight, sophisticated cordless drill delivers the highest torque of 265 in-lbs. with the potential to carry out the heaviest of drill-jobs. It also offers great versatility through an adaptable speed between 1500 RPM to 400 RPM.

Featuring a soft rubber handle, the machine lessens the operator’s fatigue and ensures safety. You can also set a speed point as per your preference using its two-speed gearbox. Moreover, Galax Pro introduces an innovative keyless chuck function to switch the drill bits or screws efficiently.

  • User-friendly
  • Features LED light function for a clear view in low-light
  • Features lock-off dial for an easy switch

8. Milwaukee ½” Cordless Drill

Milwaukee ½” Cordless Drill

This offering by Milwaukee comes with an elegant design, offering convenience and efficiency at the same time. It can run through the roughest of materials without a hitch.

The machine offers excellent durability thanks to its brushless motor technology and a lithium-ion battery. It also has excellent control and balance, weighing about 3.7 pounds.

  • Highly durable
  • Producing 500 in-lbs force
  • Compact size, high-grade product

7. Teccpo Cordless Drill

Teccpo Cordless Drill

Offering a 24+1 clutch and 2-speed adjustment, the machine will assist you in working around the house and your workplace with maximum efficiency. This small cordless drill has the potential to run through everything, regardless of the material.

To offer maximum user comfort, Teccpo has wrapped a rubber over the mold handle; you will feel less vibration due to it. It also features a LED light to help you work in the dark.

  • 530 in-lbs torque
  • Suitable for one-hand operation

6. Avid Power Cordless Drill

Avid Power Cordless Drill

With a sharp design, this electric drill will present you with high torque and superior functionalities. It is a great product if you need to drill through heavy materials, as it is lightweight and its ergonomic design minimizes user’s fatigue. You can even operate it with one hand effortlessly.

The machine features electric brake function and works at two-speed points, offering precision in your drilling. This 20V lithium-ion drill is powerful and can drill any material easily.

  • Features comfortable rubber handle and variable speed trigger
  • Equipped with LED light

5. Porter-cable 20V Max Cordless Drill

Porter-cable 20V Max Cordless Drill

Adding great value to any toolman’s box, the Porter-cable small cordless drill is an excellent device with impressive features. It has a battery life that can last for 24 hours on average. With this powerful device, you will be able to carry out some exceptional work within the shortest time.

The machine features an LED light to help you work even in the dark. With 2 powerful batteries and a speed up to 1500 rpm, the machine never stops offering excellent craftsmanship.

  • 3.5 lbs lightweight body
  • Features 2 speed gearbox

4. Worx 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver

Worx 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver

Worx offers highly convenient features, and it is evident in this product as it offers instant alteration between two bits. That is to say that you can drill a hole and then the screw, without even needing to switch between tools.

This lightweight and compact machine is packed with amazing functions. You can carry out all popular applications with this dual-speed device. Moreover, you can switch from drilling to driving in an instant at the push of a button.

  • Built-in LED light
  • Equipped with 20V lithium-ion battery

3. Skil Cordless Drill

Skil Cordless Drill

Skil has won our hearts with its superb features packed into a compact yet elegant body, which is also inclusive of a cooling function, allowing the battery to run for a long time without interruptions.

With 17+ clutch settings, the device is equipped with a brushless motor delivering immense power. Thanks to its keyless chuck, you can switch between bits without a buffer.

  • Durable battery life
  • Compact body
  • Features USB port

2. Dewalt Cordless Drill

Dewalt Cordless Drill

User’s convenience has always been Dewalt’s top priority. Their small cordless drill has a variety of features to offer, enduring substantial force during operating.

With 300 watts motor, the machine runs on a 1.3 Amp lithium-ion battery generating heavy power that helps your drilling gain maximum efficiency.

  • Instant recharge
  • Compact size with high-potential
  • Equipped with a LED light

1. Black+Decker BDCD8C

Black+Decker BDCD8C

Black+Decker offers reliability in the form of a small cordless drill, offering great portability while focusing on ergonomic design. The drill has a perfect handle wrapped by a rubber coat to allow a solid grip with minimum vibration.

Depending on your working standard, you can swap the bits effortlessly with its tool-less chuck. With a durable lithium-ion battery, you can perform all kinds of tasks. From light to heavy-duty work, the device can do it all.

  • Compact body, great power
  • Instant battery charge
  • Easy to control and operate

To wrap up, whether you need a small cordless drill for professional or amateur purposes, you will find the right machine for you from our top picks. The above list is a mixture of all kinds of drills. Check them out, and we hope you will be able to decide on one for yourself.

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