Best Glass Shelves in 2020 | Thick & Aesthetic

Glass shelves are not just made for aesthetic improvements of the house or bathroom, but also it can benefit the longevity of any compartment. Think if you use steel instead of glass, for the same price, will last longer? Obviously yes, because glass doesn’t have any risk of getting rust on it. If you don’t break it, it will be a shelf of a lifetime in your house. Beside any product made by the glass are more beautiful and standard.

You want to make your house and bathroom look special and which brought you to our article. So let’s just jump into our research on the market for glass shelves that may take place in your house after you go through this.

Top 10 Glass Shelves in 2020

10. Monarch Bookcase

Monarch Bookcase

Glass Type: Silver or Clear tempered glass

Best Use for: Keeping books or achievement medals along with flower vases 

  • Comes in 3 different design with three different sizes
  • Can go with any type of interior décor
  • Has 9 asymmetrical shelves in different sizes
  • Thick metal frame for long-lasting use

9.WALI Floating Wall Mounted Shelf with Strengthened Tempered Glasses

WALI Floating Wall Mounted Shelf with Strengthened Tempered Glasses

Glass Type: Black or Clear tempered glass.

Best use for Keeping TV or Audio System. Plus you can put any digital player to use with a TV.

  • Comes in three different sizes with 1, 2 or 3 shelve design
  • Maximum weight taking capacity is 8 kg on each shelve
  • Has adjustable height option that can be moved up and down
  • High-quality V shape metal frame.

8.Flash Furniture Mar Vista Collection

Flash Furniture Mar Vista Collection

Glass Type: Clear tempered glass

Best use for Keeping Books or small plant for decoration

  • Provides plenty of display space in every shelve, has cross sidelines
  • Gold color powder coated matt finish
  • A trendy style that can be fit into anywhere
  • Floor glides are adjustable in any measurement.

7.FURINNO 3-Tier Floating Wall Shelf for Media Accessories

FURINNO 3-Tier Floating Wall Shelf for Media Accessories

Glass Type: Black tempered glass

Best use for: It’s an ideal shelve to keep gaming console and speaker both at the same time

  • Easy floating platform media shelf designed to suit a contemporary lifestyle.
  • Comes with two different tires for two different shelve design
  • Can take weight up to 10 kg
  • Space saver than much other similar product

6. Spancraft Crane Floating Glass Shelf

Spancraft Crane Floating Glass Shelf

Glass Type: Clear tempered glass

Best Use for A proper shelve to keep your small handy stuff or books.

  • Can be hung from any height around your house
  • Crane type steel string to hold the whole shelve
  • Can take weight up to 4 kg
  • Compact size that can be set anywhere inside the house

 5.Howard Elliott 11062 Mirrored Wall Shelf 

Howard Elliott 11062 Mirrored Wall Shelf 

Glass Type: Mirror tempered glass design 

Best use for keeping cosmetics or valuable items

  • Stepped mirror layer to make it look more aesthetic as a shelve
  • Can be put with a mirror on top of it to make a dressing table (Mirror sold separately)
  • Affixed the back to ensure fast installation
  • Fully reflected and floating design

 4.HUIZWJ Tempered Glass Shelf Bathroom Corner Frame 

HUIZWJ Tempered Glass Shelf Bathroom Corner Frame 

Glass Type: Clear tempered glass.

Best use for Bathroom or Kitchen wall.

  • Three storied design with boundary metal frame
  • Comes with different size ranging from 200mm to 280mm (Design doesn’t change due to height)
  • Aluminum frame to ensure rust-free for a long period of time.
  • Corner design to ensure maximum space-saving

3.Allied Brass MC-1TB/16-GAL-VB Gallery Towel bar Glass Shelf

Allied Brass MC-1TB/16-GAL-VB Gallery Towel bar Glass Shelf

Glass Type: Clear thick tempered glass 

Best use for Bathroom or kitchen where daily necessities are kept.

  • Comes with a towel holder in the downside of the shelve
  • Made with Black Venetian bronze that will ensure long time rust-free
  • Finished with a patina matte that can embellish your accessories in a good manner
  • 3/8-inch-thick glass to ensure best weight-bearing capacity

2. Sanus Tempered Glass On-Wall

Sanus Tempered Glass On-Wall

Glass Type: Black tempered thick glass

Best use for: A gaming console, DVD, speaker or any other player

  • Can be installed easily with only 15 minutes of time
  • All the hardware’s that is necessary to install it is being included in the box
  • Can bear up to 12 kg of weight
  • Built-in cable management to make things easier

1. Howard Elliott Emerson Modern Decorative Hanging Wall

Howard Elliott Emerson Modern Decorative Hanging Wall

Glass Type: Mirror and ash color tempered glass

Best use for: Can hold anything starting from candle to small cosmetics. Heavy items are not allowed.

  • It’s a mirror along with a shelf in it, can save the space of keeping a dressing table that takes more space.
  • The edge of the shelf is covered with thick ash glass named as beveled glass.
  • Easy to install because of its d shaped wall hanging design. Just hang it anywhere with a hanger.
  • It can take 1-1.5 kg of weight inside the mirror shelf. Doesn’t come with any boundaries.

Before you purchase any of these glass shelves, you have to keep in mind that these are extremely fragile and can be break anytime if you push it hard. A glass shelve may look better than any other shelve but because of its high fragility, sometimes you may occur an accident. So before you start using these shelves properly, make sure they are installed correctly. Most of these shelves here are hanging type and you cannot install them without drilling into the wall. If you are thinking about further designs, then you should know that these are the best-designed glass bar that is currently available in the market. You can pick them without any confusion.

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