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Small windows need curtains of a specific size so the regular ones don’t work. In order to find the right small window curtains, you will obviously need to plan everything accordingly. One of the top reasons why people buy a lot of small window curtains is to maintain privacy. It takes a lot of effort to pick curtains for a narrow window that maintains the elegance of your home.

Other than that, small window curtains have the ability to make your window appear bigger. So, to help you pick the right curtain, here is a list of the small window curtains in the market.

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Best Small Window Curtains in 2020

10. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

What makes these small window curtains so valuable is that they block out the UV rays. Other than that, the color of these curtains creates a calming aura in the room.

The curtains have been made with triple-weave fabric. As such, they hang perfectly from the curtain rods.

  • Comes with a couple of Velcro ties to pull them back
  • Keeps rooms warm during winter and cold in summer
  • Can be washed in a machine

9. IDEALHOUSE White Tier Curtains

IDEALHOUSE White Tier Curtains

IDEALHOUSE’s small window curtains have made with waffle weave fabric. These curtains are perfect for enhancing the window style.

They come with a rod pocket design. As such, they will make your room feel very comfortable.

  • Controls the circulation of natural light in a room
  • Can fit into 1.5” curtain rods
  • Drapers properly with a hefty weight

8. Haperlare Farmhouse Kitchen Window Curtains

Haperlare Farmhouse Kitchen Window Curtains

 These small window curtains are skin-friendly and have been made with top-quality polyester fabric. So, when you put them on a curtain rod, they will immediately improve the room’s environment.

Every curtain of this series features a Moroccan tile print design making it trendy. It coordinates and enhances the look of a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.

  • Compatible with regular rods as well as tension rods
  • Comes with a couple of panel tiers
  • Allows sunlight to flow steadily into a room

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7. RYB Home Short Curtains

RYB Home Short Curtains 

RYB’s small window curtains are great decorative items for the house. They can give your windows a vintage appearance.

These curtains have been designed to keep your room cool during the day. As a result, you won’t need to use air conditioners much during the night.

  • Blocks out the sunlight
  • Requires simple maintenance process
  • Can fit perfectly into the majority of the rods

6. PONY DANCE Black Out Window Curtains

PONY DANCE Black Out Window Curtains 

The entire package comes with a pair of blackout curtain panels. These small window curtains contain identical material on either side.

They have been designed with triple weave technology. In addition, it uses premium grade fabric to provide a soft touch.

  • Blocks out sunlight and street light
  • Contains 100% polyester and provides a vertical sense
  • Protects the privacy of your house

5. BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom 

BGment’s small window curtains have been interwoven with sturdy layers of fabric. It also includes a high percentage of black yarn. As a result, it offers a gentle touch.

They have been designed to slide in a smooth manner. In addition, you can hang these curtains with ease.

  • Blocks out most of the sunlight and UV rays
  • Provides insulation against summer heat
  • Actively reduces noise from the neighborhood

4. Haperlare Floral Pattern Kitchen Café Curtains

Haperlare Floral Pattern Kitchen Café Curtains 

Haperlare’s small window curtains contain 100% polyester fabric and are quite thick. You can combine these curtains with synchronizing curtain valances.

The curtains have been made with triple weave blackout fabric. As such, your skin will feel soft when you touch the fabric.

  • Creates a chic look for any room
  • Compatible with multiple decorating techniques
  • Provides privacy to any room it is placed in

3. oremila Tier Curtains

oremila Tier Curtains

These small window curtains feature a starfish pattern that can fit most curtain rods with the utmost ease. It does not block the circulation of natural light.

They have a special design that allows them to be sturdy yet have a touch of softness. Moreover, these small window curtains make your room feel cozier than before.

  • Comprises of 100% polyester canvas
  • Fits rods with a diameter of 1.27-inches
  • Blends into any room they are placed in
  • Can be washed with machine

2. Elrene Home Fashions Tucker Curtains

Elrene Home Fashions Tucker Curtains 

Elrene Home’s small window curtains have been made to elevate the beauty of your kitchen. They are made with top-grade cotton while featuring a balanced ticking stripe.

These curtains have a simple design. In addition, it is easy to iron them and remove all the creases. There is a tender hemmed boundary to these curtains that give it a complete look.

  • Protects privacy in the kitchen
  • Prevents the formation of wrinkles with soft cotton
  • Does not allow wear and tear

1. MIUCO Blackout Curtains
MIUCO Blackout Curtains

MIUCO small window curtains come in a couple of panels that have a width of 52-inches. It comes in multiple colors that accentuate class in every room of your home.

These small window curtains have been designed to help children fall asleep during the crucial hours.

  • Works best with Miuco’s sheer curtain
  • Reduces wrinkles with a wash
  • Eliminates the outside noise
  • Fits nicely into rods with 1.5” diameter

Small window curtains are more effective than most people anticipate it to be. With that said, the curtains above have a solid performance that has gained the trust of many customers. Now, it is time for you to give one a try.

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