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BROTHER XM2701 Kids Sewing Machine Review

Kids Sewing Machine

When looking to get a sewing machine for kids what you ideally would want to get is one that is easy to operate, durable, and if possible designed to appeal to children. Children who learn to sew will find it an essential life skill either when they grow up or just as a hobby – and having a useful and practical hobby of course doesn’t hurt either. If you are in the market for sewing to hand over to your child or teenager as a way for them to get into the world of embroidery or sewing, the BROTHER XM2701 kids sewing machine is a perfect choice.

With a balanced blend of style, durability, and practical features, this provides one of the best learning and sewing experience for beginners and kids. Let’s take an in-depth look at what you get included in the box, the design, and the actual performance of the machine.

Kids Sewing Machine

You get a pretty well-rounded package in our opinion. In the box, you get a bunch of accessories that should be more than enough to get you started right away. 6 sewing feet, 4 bobbins, twin needle, 3-piece needle set, instructional DVD, a screwdriver, and a manual.

All in a pretty full-featured box. The packaging itself was quite premium. When you get your hands on the box you immediately get a sense of quality. It was packaged well and you can be sure chances of it being damaged in shipping is pretty minimal if you order online.

Kids Sewing Machine

Brother is a pretty reputed name when it comes to sewing machines and is known to produce some high-quality equipment for all ages. They have been in the game for almost 120 years and it is fair to say they have picked a thing or two in that time about making a solid sewing machine. The company was started in Japan and soon has become a popular name in the sewing and home products market here in the US. They’re known for their great quality product and superb customer service.

Usually, you would kids sewing machine forego a rugged build which makes them come off as flimsy and just generally unappealing. That is not the case with this model from Brother though. The guys over at brother have managed to make their XM2701 sewing machine fairly lightweight without making it overly heavy. The build is a solid and clever use of plastic and metal in all the right places gives it quite the premium feel. As for design, the machine manages to look playful without being too silly or childish.

It boasts a fun purple floral pattern on the front side where you have your dials. Although this does add some color and character to this machine and makes it more appealing to kids; it does this by also not looking overly tacky either.

Might not be the best fit for every room. If you want something a bit more minimalistic this isn’t the greatest design out there. Having said that, for something that is primarily targeted for beginners and kids, it totally works. Playful yet not silly. That is how we would describe the design of the XM2701 from Brother. The rest of the machine is mostly white and simple. Nothing too over the top but not boring either.


Brother has packed in some really thoughtful features that new beginner sewing enthusiasts will find handy.

First up you have the jam-resistant bobbin pin. For newbie sewer, a jam-resistant bobbin pin can be a godsend. Experienced sewer would know how key a perfect bobbin placement is to tight and good quality stitches. The jam-resistant feature is convenient and it is made even better by an automatic winder. Easily wind it and ensure the bobbin stays in place with Brother’s Quick Set technology.

One of the biggest annoyance sewers faced back in the day was threading the needle. Well, that was back in the day. With Brother’s XM2701 kid’s sewing machine, it just takes a push of a button to get the needle threaded.

You also get 27 stitches built-in, that is a lot of built-in stitches for a sewing machine that is primarily made for beginners, but we will take it. With this many options, you can easily get basic household stitches and even some complex projects.

Another value adds that we don’t really see in an entry-level machine is the twin needle option. These features are usually reserved for higher-end ones. So if you find your kid getting the hang of this machine, they can move up to more complex and decorative stitching patterns and even hemming.

Other extra features that made it stand out are the LED lights, the sewing feet, and also the button holder. With the button holder, you can easily sew in buttons in a jiffy.  Let’s be honest here most day to day sewing is just small things like these that needs to get repaired. As for the stitching quality, this is a great performer on all fronts. We quite like how easy and hassle-free it is to use. Making it perfect for a child or a beginner. With the inclusion of some extra higher-end features, it means that you can keep using this even after your children have gotten a bit more experience too.

The BROTHER XM2701 kids sewing machine is a complete package of ease of use and quality that provides a stitching experience that is well above average. Although there is somewhat of a learning curve, it isn’t anything major and will do just fine for kids learning to sew or even a beginner. Coupled with its durable build and design, this sewing machine from BROTHER is an easy recommendation from us.

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