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Nest Learning Thermostat Wireless Thermostat Review

Nest Learning Thermostat Wireless

Internet of Things (IoT) services have been sweeping the market in recent years and one of the newest technological trends has been wireless thermostats. These smart and thermostats can be used to turn a home into a smart home with many different features and capabilities.

If you are in the market to upgrade your digital living, Nest’s Learning wireless thermostat is perhaps one of the most highly recognizable and reliable ones you can get out there.  This review will give you an in-depth review of the 3rd generation model and take a look into the unboxing, design, features, and performance. Let’s jump right in.


Nest Learning Thermostat Wireless

We quite like a good unboxing experience around here. How a product is packaged sometimes does set the mood for the product and you can gauge how much thought has gotten into the product. As for the packaging of this Nest thermostat, the packaging was quite minimal and classy. You get a plain white cover with tasteful graphics and the Nest wireless thermostat proudly displayed at the front of the box. At the back, you have your list of all the features and other information.

To take the thermostat out, you slide the white cover out revealing a brown plain brown box. After you’ve opened up the box, you are presented with the thermostat right upfront. Nest made waves in the smart home market way back in 2012 and has since bought by Google and the packaging and quality of the product shows. You get a very classy and premium unboxing experience. For added accessories, you get everything you would need to get you started. You have the Nest thermostat itself, four screws, a backplate for installation, a cool looking screwdriver, and some paperwork and manuals.

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Beautiful Design and Solid Build

Nest Learning Thermostat Wireless

The design of the thing is gorgeous. Nest’s products have always had a minimal and classy design language and this one is no different. The shape reminds us of a hockey puck with a stainless steel brush finish and comes in 4 different color options – stainless steel, white, copper, and in black.

At the front, you get a larger 2.1-inch display with higher resolution compared to its previous generations. The larger screen should help with better visibility overall. The size is quite pretty manageable too. All in this Learning thermostat from Nest is compact and pretty sleek which should fit in easily in any house. The build was solid. The ring has a satisfying feel to it when you turn it.


The 3rd iteration of the Learning wireless thermostat has some serious smart home feature add-ons that make it one of the most versatile in the market right now.

Three temp sensors

First up this has wireless support, 2.4 GHz WiFi support to be exact, and gives you some pretty nifty functionality. There are some energy-saving features like its Home/Away assists. The thermostat will turn itself down when it detects no one is at home which saves you energy and shaves off a couple of bucks off your bill.

The name ‘Learning’ is used for a reason too. With its smart features, it will learn the temperature you will automatically program itself. We found this one of the key conveniences with the Nest Learning Wireless thermostat. No more fiddling with the temperature dial to get it just right. It creates a schedule for you itself. If you are the person to like a little more control, worry not. You can easily create your schedule and set the temperature and create your personalized schedule as well.

Let it do it for you!

Other thoughtful features include what Nest calls its Farsight functionality. If it spots you across the room, it will light up the display and show you the temperature and the time. Every time you walk by it; you can glimpse at it and know the time and the temperature of the house.

Additionally, you have the remote-control features and smart assistant features too. You can use your phone/tablet to control the thermostat – which truth be told is a very convenient thing that is hard to let go once you have experienced it. The app is solid too. Intuitive interface with lots of controls and information right at your fingertips.

Nest is trying to build up a smart home ecosystem with its product line. If you have other Nest products installed in your house, this can work in conjunction with those. No wireless thermostat is truly smart until it can communicate with a smart assistant, is it? Luckily Nest’s thermostat works with both Alexa and Google Home.

You can control everything with just voice commands using an Amazon Alexa or Google Home. If you happen to have a beefier Google Home set up like the Google Home Hub, you can go all-in with the touch controls to make tweaks and changes.

The Nest’s 3rd Gen Learning thermostat’s performance is very commendable. We love how responsive the dials and controls are. It makes quick changes the moment you turn the temperature up or down. The ‘learning’ part of the device worked pretty flawlessly too. Although, it takes some time to get your preference right after it learns your preference it does a pretty bang-on job. The correctly knew what was our preferred temperature and at what time. The Home/Away and other eco-features did not disappoint either. Its sensors know when you are at home and when you are away – smartly changing its settings depending on that.

All in all, Nest’s 3rd Gen Learning wireless thermostat is a stellar performer and a great looker to boot. With a mix of futuristic and minimal design and additions of some truly smart innovative features, this one of the best wireless thermostats you can buy right now.

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