Keter Pacific Cool Bar | Best Outdoor Bar Table in 2020

Why Keter Pacific Cool Bar is the best outdoor bar table

Outdoor Bar Table

The outdoor bar table, typically placed on a patio, near an outdoor kitchen, or positioned neatly on a porch is an absolute essential if you are looking forward to the best open-air recreational experience. This furniture is also the perfect accessory to complement the serenity of the outdoors as you sip on your drink as the gentle breeze brings to you the best of nature. Can you truly experience a proper hangout while locked indoors? Bar tables can offer unparalleled functionality to aid in all of your social gatherings.

Practicality and looks are a quintessential pair when it comes to bar tables. They have much more to offer than the average furniture. Over time, innovation has led us to explore additional functionalities that we might not have dreamed about a few decades ago. One of the pinnacles in this innovation is the Keter Pacific Cool Bar. Read more to find out why!

Outdoor Bar Table

The Pacific Cool Bar is hands down the ultimate patio table for your outdoor use. Why is that? It’s because Keter has introduced a revolutionary 3-in-1 design, which is guaranteed to satisfy all your demands. There are certain reasons why this product is the #1 best seller in Amazon! You might be wondering how we are so confident in this particular product. Let us elaborate.

You have most certainly come across patios where people use separate outdoor tables for various purposes. Well, this table can give you all the functionality (with additional bits!) in one ingenious compact package. Use it as a basic coffee table at your convenience, and when it’s time to party, just lift the top of the table and lock it, to reveal a magnificent 7.5-gallon cooler! There you have it. That’s storage enough for at least 40 12. oz beer cans. Do you not like beer? You are bound to be impressed at how much of a beautiful cocktail table it can transform to.

What’s more remarkable is that the in-built cooler can help you rest easy by keeping the drinks properly cooled for at least 12 hours! This is more than enough time to fetch all your friends and relatives and impress them at the sleek magnificence that this amazing table has to offer.

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to this bar table. This does not only take care of your needs but helps you clean up after them. Provided underneath the cooler is an incredibly useful drainage plug, which you can easily pull to release all the accumulation from the ice.

Looks are also a department in which the Pacific Cool Bar shines miles ahead than many of the competitors. The ultra-sleek and elegant design allow the tabletop to fit virtually anywhere, and this is one piece of furniture that would complement any patio – regardless of how small and big!

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Outdoor Bar Table

The Pacific Cool Bar is constructed out of durable polypropylene resin, shaped to a very eye-catching rattan-like texture. You can forget about rust or decays as this material can withstand any sort of weather.

The aesthetic value is incredible, as the beautiful texture that comes in two different colors can complement any environment it is set on. The compact design makes it ideal for smaller spaces, while you can set up multiple to achieve a magnificent combination on larger yards or patios.

Convenience is engraved into the design, and you will feel it immediately when you start your usage. It is an easy one-person installation and operation. The locking function stays true to this with a convenient pull-and-roll mechanism.

The design also makes maintenance a breeze, for all you have to do to get it looking like new is to lift off the cooler’s plug to let the liquid escape. The next step would be to wipe the entire thing down with a cloth, and you’re done!

The locking mechanism, albeit ridiculously simple, got us somewhat skeptical. Furniture in general, are expected to last years, and at maximum decades. This is one crucial factor that we usually consider while buying them. The mechanism has not given us an astounding amount of confidence when speaking of durability. With that in mind let’s look at some other pros and cons for this product.

  • 3-in-1 package
  • Pop-Up Top enables use as a perfect cocktail table
  • Hidden cooler with 7.5-gallon capacity
  • Weather-resistant durable resin with attractive texture
  • Super convenient cleaning
  • Questionable lock quality
  • Lacks the premium look
  • The top area might lack space for some users


When searching for the ideal bar table for the outdoors I would much prefer something small, compact, and easy to use. Convenience in moving the table to various locations is a big deal for me since I am a big fan of redecorating my premises once in a while. This is one of the bigger benefits of having an easily portable piece of furniture. However, you will have to keep in mind that this product has been developed for various purposes, but no more than them. The limited space on top as well as the hidden cooler can be rather insufficient when tending to large audiences. Looks are also subjective, and hence should be paid attention to.

This table is the complete package! We also consider this product to be ideal as a gift; innovative, functional and doesn’t break the bank.

An outdoor bar table is a very important addition to a home. Its use throughout time has slowly embedded it into a part of the American culture. If you are looking to make a purchase, why not go with this multifunctional table with amazing features that will guarantee you to get your money’s worth?

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