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SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Review

Sparkling Water Maker

Love sparkling water? You would definitely be amazed at the number of enthusiasts not only in America but the rest of the world! And we cannot blame them. Sparkling water, also known as club soda, soda water, fizzy water, or Seltzer water, is formed by dissolving Carbon Dioxide with water. This process is either done naturally via geological processes or artificially manufactured by injecting the gas under pressure. Sparkling water generally contains naturally formed minerals, and in some cases, it is treated to them to achieve the natural flavor. To this day, they are considered the best alternative to high sugar and high-calorie soft drinks. This is because the sparkling water can mimic somewhat the taste of soft drinks, minus the hundreds of health complications they brought about. It has also been medically proven to cause no notable harm to the human body, and might even potentially come with benefits!

So, what if you are already hooked to this fizzy drink? How convenient is it truly, to sprint to the grocery store every time your stock runs out? This is where a sparkling water maker becomes an absolute must-buy! No more having to worry about going out to get your favorite drink. The only energy you will be using is to retire to your kitchen counter, and voila! Sparkling water at your arms reach. We have researched thoroughly to find you the best possible sparkling water maker, and we can proudly say, The Soda Stream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker (ASIN: B01HW6P3J2) takes the cake. Read through this article to find out why!

Sparkling Water Maker

The Fizzy Sparkling Water Maker features a sleek and elegant module, with hidden inside it a cylinder of compressed gas. The gas mainly consists of CO2, the main ingredient that will be used to carbonate your water. Each of these cylinders can carbonate up to 60 L (15.9 gals) of water, and hence will last according to do your required usage. The cylinders are easily replaceable and can be bought separately from the manufacturer.

The module also houses a 1 L (33.8 oz) BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle, which has a screw cap quick snap design that guarantees ease of use. Have you ever wondered how much plastic waste came to be as a result of buying these beverages? Most sodas come in single bottles/cans, which lose their value immediately after consumption, and are hence thrown away. Safety for the environment has been greatly prioritized here, as you can keep reusing the bottle and this would in turn reduce a lot of litter. Each bottle is rated for around 3000 uses or at least 3 years!

You will find the application of this sparkling water maker to be ridiculously easy and trouble-free, easily attained by virtually anyone. Insert the pressurized gas cylinder in the designated spot, fill the reusable carbonating bottle with distilled water, screw it in, and press the button located on top. And you are done! Press as many times as you want, to get your desired level of fizz.

Soda Stream also offers a wide variety of flavors, categorized as Classic, Organic, Diet, and Fruits. Enjoy your carbonated water as is or add a bit of flavor to customize your experience. You can obtain them via retailers or order them straight from the manufacturer.

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Sparkling Water Maker

The elegance is definitely apparent once you place this product neatly on your kitchen counter bedside table. Being rather compact in size, it can be moved to your own desired location, whichever suits you the best. Soda Stream manufactures this product at 6 different color options, so you can decide the best tone for your mood.

The environmentally friendly reusable carbonation bottles are built of premium quality and functions extraordinarily. You can carry the around carbonated beverage easily in them, or use them as a decanter to refill your glasses. Each Soda Stream bottle is tested to last around 3000 uses.

Generally, electrical appliances are known to be less enduring than their manually operated counterparts. This is an added reliability given the push to fill operation on the Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker. Therefore, absolutely no need for an electrical power supply – portability ensured. Over time, the manual operation may become somewhat of a hassle. This brings us to one of the drawbacks. We shall summarize our positives and negatives below for this product so it can be easier for you to decide.

  • Convenient easy to use design
  • Environmentally friendly reusable BPA-free carbonation bottles
  • No electrical power required
  • Moderate customizability
  • Repetitive presses might get annoying over time


The Fizzi by Soda Stream is, all in all, a genuinely useful product for the right audience. It can provide your entire family with instantaneous, quality sparkling water with a few presses. If you are into soda, this is an absolute must-have for this price range. The repetitive presses may turn out to be an annoying factor in the long run, but that’s a big win considering the savings you’ll be making by choosing this over the automated options. Might we also mention the huge bundle of cash you’ll be saving from each bottle of Fizzi? We find this product the ultimate go-to for a quick glass of soda, and one of the most ideal gifts to be given to soda lovers their families.

The Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker is a remarkably decent and functional gadget for all the soda enthusiasts and their families. It’s compact, easy to use, and it can deliver right out of the box. This can be your ultimate go-to if you are looking for reliability, flexibility, and convenience at a price range of $80-$100. This can also be an amazing product as a gift for someone. And remember, every time you use a Fizzi, you are not littering, in fact you are helping everyone to make the world a cleaner place!

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