Best Water Pillows in 2020 | Support Your Neck

One of the emerging problems of the current age is that many of us are having trouble sleeping. A potential solution to this prevalent problem is to switch from traditional foam or fiber pillows to a water pillow

The drawback of a traditional pillow is that it becomes flattened or rugged over time. Such patchy pillows can cause you breathing discomfort, neck ache, and consequently, you end up having trouble sleeping.

Conversely, water pillows retain its shape for years, adapts to your head posture, and ensures firm support for your neck and head along with premium comfort. In this article, we’ve researched into the best water pillows on the web. Keep reading to find out about our picks below.

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10. MODERNJOE’S Luxurious Water Pillow

MODERNJOE'S Luxurious Water Pillow

This pillow comes with an adjustable water base to allow you to customize firmness according to your preference.   This pillow is designed with three layers. The adjustable water pouch starts with a layer of hypoallergenic polyester fiber and is lastly encased with a cotton exterior.

  • Size: 20inch x 28inch
  • Customizable water base allows you to get the right firmness
  • 1-year warranty with a satisfaction guarantee

9. MODERNJOE’S Extra Fiber Fill Water Pillow

MODERNJOE'S Luxurious Queen Size Water Pillow

This is another amazing alternative that is perfect for those who crave for extra softness and comfort. It is designed with three layers, and the first layer is a water pouch that has a polyester fiber coverage on it. The remaining two layers are again encased with a hypoallergenic cotton veneer.

  • Size: 20inch x 28inch
  • Delivers extra softness with bonus fiber filling
  • 1-year warranty with a satisfaction guarantee

8. Mediflow Therapeutic Water Pillow

Mediflow Fiber: The First & Original Water Pillow

This Mediflow model is clinically proven to promote your overall sleeping quality by alleviating your neck ache.It comes with three layers of fully sealed construction. The insulated water bladder is sheathed with soft polyester fiber and then has pure hypoallergenic cotton covering.

  • Size: 20inch x 28inch
  • Clinically proven to enhance sleeping quality by cutting neck ache
  • 30-day trial facility with a 3-year warranty

7. Double Pipe Edged Water Pillo

MODERNJOE'S Luxurious Water Pillow

If you are concerned about water leakage, then this double pipe edged model right here has your back. It’s design and construction are quite similar to the previous entries on this list. Additionally, it has a double piped edge and an extra sturdy rubber-sealed valve cap to prevent leaks.

  • Promises no leakage
  • Ensures supreme support for your head and neck
  • 1-year warranty with a satisfaction guarantee

6. 2 in 1 Water Pillow Pack by Chiroflow

Chiroflow Pillow- 2 Pack

This model from Chiroflow comes in pairs, so opt for this model if you want to get two water pillows in one set. Each of them comes wrapped in three layers of insulated construction. The water layer has a thermal insulating coating on top and then has another robust layer of hypoallergenic fiber.

  • Size: 17inch x 24inch
  • Suitable for any skin type and enhances the sleeping quality
  • Proven to diminish neck pain and headache

5. Mediflow Chiroflow Travel Water Pillow

Mediflow Chiroflow Travel Pillow

If you’re looking for a portable water pillow to carry with you on your next trip, pick this travel water pillow from Mediflow Chiroflow. Like most pillows on this list, this model is made of 3 layers. What sets it apart is, it is pretty light compared to the rest, having only 1.7 pounds of weight.

  • Size: 11inch x 17inch
  • Portable yet durable enough to sustain rough usage
  • Ensures optimum head and neck support

4. Mediflow Chiroflow Water Pillow


 This alluring model will uphold your neck and head by promptly adjusting to your sleeping position, thanks to the Mediflow Chiroflow craftsmen! It possesses an easy-to-fill water bladder encased by a thermal insulator.

  • Size: 20inch x 28inch
  • Adapts to your sleeping position
  • Improves sleeping quality

3. FOMI Premium Sleeping Water Pillow

FOMI Premium Large Water Sleeping Pillow Adjustable

Opt for this model from FOMI if you want a good quality water pillow within a reasonable price. Designed with a high-end cotton crafted exterior for ensuring premium comfort, the next layer covering the water pouch is also fluffy and made of super-soft polyester fiber.

  • Size: 17inch x 26inch
  • Works great for relieving neck strain and headache
  • Pregnant women use it for their stomach support

2. Chiroflow Standard Water pillow

Chiroflow 81086958 Waterbase Waterpillow, Standard, White

Rejuvenate your skin cells and kick away the negative consequences of a stiff neck, fatigue, and headache with this brilliant water pillow from Chiroflow. In this model, the water layer is bounded by a thermal insulating layer, and for external veneer, it has hypoallergenic fiber filling.

  • Size: 20inch x 28inch
  • Clinically proven to alleviate stiff neck, fatigue, and headache
  • Regular use helps to rejuvenate your skin cells

1. Mediflow Memory Foam Re-Invented Water Pillow

Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam re-Invented

This model is a true standout, equipped with all the features you would want in a water pillow. With this, you won’t need to wake up just to adjust your pillow while you’re sleeping! This pillow will readily adjust to your sleeping posture when you move. Thoughtfully designed with three downright sealed layers, its water layer is encased with premium ventilation-proof memory foam, and for ensuring optimum comfort, the exterior has a hypoallergenic cotton filled layer.

  • Size: 20inch x 28inch
  • Readily adjusts to your sleeping posture
  • Clinically suggested for ensuring a healthy immune system

Say goodbye to sleeping problems by purchasing a suitable water pillow for yourself. For your convenience, we’ve presented the best water pillows available in 2020. We hope you’ll be able to find the one that meets your needs from this list.

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