Best Rolling Tool Boxes in 2020 | Easy to Move Around!

Ever had to walk to and fro your tool shed just because you forgot a tool? Or because you weren’t able to carry the myriad tools required? Yeah you probably weren’t expecting so much cardio. But what if we tell you that there’s a solution to this problem? You could use a rolling toolbox! Rolling toolboxes are designed to help you carry all those heavy equipment. They are basically suitcases, but for your tools. It has built-in handle and wheels, so you are able to transport your large number of tools with ease. We have the top ten rolling toolboxes that you might want to check out!

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Top 10 Rolling Tool Boxes in 2020

10. WEN 73015 Garage Glider

WEN 73015 Garage Glider - Rolling Tool Boxes

 If you’re searching for something which is small and easy to transport then the WEN 73015 Garage Glider might be the best suited to your budget. This rolling tool box has thick, absorbent multi-layered padding that is vinyl protected to maximize comfort and protection.

  • Has two foldable storage trays that are magnetic
  • Can hold up to 350lbs of weight
  • Comfortable to use.

9. Plano Molding

Plano Molding - Rolling Tool Boxes

 If you’re a painter of craftsman, Plano Molding is best suited for you. You can fit all your tools and other art supplies in here. And it comes with its very own cup-holder. It has a metallic bar that locks the bottom and middle sections. The bottom section is large enough to fit in your power tools.

  • Sturdy Latches
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Metal lock bar.

8. Stalwart Oversized

Stalwart Oversized - Rolling Tool Boxes

Stalwart just never fails to impress us, this time with a spacious storage system to fit all of your tools with no problem.  It is very sturdy with each of the boxes detachable so you can transport the required tools quickly.

  • Glide wheels
  • Boxes are detachable
  • Handle is easily adjustable.

7. Erie Tools Heavy-Duty

Erie Tools Heavy-Duty - Rolling Tool Boxes

Just want to get your tools out and want the least bit of hassle? This rolling tool box has an auto-lock system that is foldable making you transport your equipment and tools with simplicity. It is made of polypropylene, designed to protect your equipment from harsh atmospheres and latches made of stainless steel.

  • Built with durable polypropylene
  • Storage compartments are detachable
  • Three trays containing divided slots of eight to keeps your smaller accessories.

6. Stalwart Heavy Duty

Stalwart Heavy Duty - Rolling Tool Boxes

 Always on the move? This rolling tool box is suitable for you. Your tools will feel safe here as this tool is made of metal and polypropylene of high durability. Great for working around construction sites that are rough. The Stalwart Heavy Duty is rigid, has nylon wheels that are 4.2″ and a grip that is so comfortable that your hands will feel as if they’re on clouds.

  • Storage is plentiful with 24 top compartments and an extended bottom compartment
  • Easy to arrange your tools due to the large number of compartments
  • Cable organization is excellent thanks to the attached hooks.

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5. Craftsman 1000 series

Craftsman 1000 series - Rolling Tool Boxes

 Worried if all of your tools are going to fit or not? You have nothing to fear with the Craftsman 1000 series. Your larger tools can easily be stored in this large rolling tool box. It has a chest on the top part which can be used for keeping your wrenches and screwdrivers. And a spacious bottom part with panel door which you can easily slide away.

  • Parts are easy to assemble
  • Very spacious storage system
  • Chest lid can stay open while in use thanks to a hinged cover.

4. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products - Rolling Tool Boxes

Are you a bit of a neatfreak and want to have different kinds of drawers for different kinds of tools? This rolling tool box comes with an army of drawers which can help you in that. This rolling tool box has caster wheels that can move in any direction and so they are very easy to transport.

  • Can be moved easily
  • Durably built
  • Upper Section is lockable to prevent theft.

3. Keter Masterloader

Keter Masterloader - Rolling Tool Boxes

 Want an umbrella for your tools? I’m afraid this time you won’t have to bother Rihanna for that. The Keter Masterloader is built with polypropylene which is weather-resistant. This rolling tool box contains a central locking system which secures your tools while also preventing your tools from falling out while moving.

  • Can be moved with ease
  • Contains removable bins for arranging smaller tools
  • Handle extendable for comfort.

2. Dewalt Deep

Dewalt Deep

Ever had a tough time trying to find a bolt in a box jumbled with tools? That’s the worst thing ever! But lucky for you, the Dewalt Deep has a detachable tray where you can keep nails, bolts and extra accessories. This rolling tool box has a collapsible handle and so does not take up space and its 7″ wheels makes it easy for movement.

  • Opening and closing can be done using a push button
  • Detachable tray to keep smaller items
  • Collapsible handle to prevent storage interference.

1. Goplus 6-Drawer

Goplus 6-Drawer

If you don’t want your expensive tools to get stolen, Goplus 6 is ideal for you! Each of the drawers of this rolling tool box is lockable and so ensures maximum security.  The handle is on the side of the Goplus 6 and it has four caster wheels and two brakes.

  • Storage capacity is large
  • Detachable boxes
  • High quality paint and material.

Each of these rolling tool boxes has a variety of features. But at the end of the day, their task is to carry your tools. Choose the one that is best suited for you. Hope our list of the best rolling tool boxes will be of help to you!

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