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Syiswei Chinese Tea Set Review

Chinese Tea Set

You have probably seen the ritual practices of the Chinese regarding their tea. To them, it is a blend of three characters – elegance, practicality, and art. They strive to discover the true meaning of having tea and embrace its spiritual journey.

It is obvious that you would like to experience their trip to Nirvana too. Although you can’t dive right into the culture by hosting tea ceremonies at your home, you can at least taste the difference by buying a Chinese tea set.

Whether you want a new vessel to try out one of their Oolong teas, a Pu-erh tea like the zhuancha or bingcha, the original matcha, or just want something fancy to sip your chamomile tea in, the Chinese tea set is your go-to guy. Who wouldn’t want to discover their spirit energy and defeat their inner Tai Lung?

In fact, most of Po’s resilience centers around the spiritual history of making tea. During the rule of Tang Dynasty, when people demanded relaxation from their

With this immaterial stimulant in mind, we have brought you the best Chinese tea set not only to immerse you in its spirit but also to fancy up your next fabulous tea party. In this article, we have brought you a Chinese tea set by Syiswei. The company specializes in tea sets and brings to you collectibles that you would die for once you take a peek.

Chinese Tea Set

The Syiswei is a Chinese porcelain tea set that is a complete package for a beautiful tea ceremony. This set has been constructed for a Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony and can be used for a Japanese one as well. The set consists of a beautiful teapot, a tea can, four tiny teacups, a tea tray, a tea tweezer, and a tea towel. Each contains an immaterial meaning, which will be elaborated later.

The black color of the porcelain tea set has great historical significance, particularly in the Song Dynasty. When the system of detoxification of plants, commonly known as the tea decoction method, gradually transformed into the method of spotting tea, people needed black layers to observe the spots left. And black porcelain was declared the winner of tea spotting games and fights.

Since the large-scale production of tea sets began so as to evaluate the consistency, uniformity, and purity of color, the tea sets grew popular. They were bought anyway because of their beauty. Then again, in the Jian kiln, black porcelain teacups were famous because they involved recipes with them, which were fun to prepare. They would reflect the lights of colorful spots.

You would love sipping tea from these ceramic teacups of the east, as it brings out the vibrancy of the color of your tea.

Chinese Tea Set

Perfect for presenting on a tea table or a hotel room table, the tray can not only be used to serve guests but has brewing purposes too. 175 ml or 6 oz. oriental charm teapot is made of porcelain and can withstand any temperature, low or high, for tea. The handle is thin and curved resembles the historic chinaware before being traded to Europe.

The hemp wrapped up in both sides of the handle serves the purpose of pouring tea while avoiding scalding of your hands. We would recommend using mittens, though. Each of the black cups is 1.1″ and can hold 1.7oz for every immersing sip.

If you wish to conduct a playful Gongfu tea ceremony with your friends at home, you have to try this tea set. This Syiswei package contains a lot of elements to conduct the Gongfu ceremony. The ceremony must include a Yixing teapot, a brewing vessel, a porcelain teapot or a Gaiwan. The main feature of the set is the lidded bowl, Gaiwan, also called Zhong.

The Gaiwan has been used for infusing tea leaves or drinking tea since the Ming dynasty. It is mostly preferred for brewing up white and green teas. The porcelain absorbs all the extra heat while not harming the tea.

You can use it for black teas as well if you don’t mind the large lid. And for all Jasmines who love their tea scented, this bowl is a dream in Gaiwan as the height of the lid allows more infusion. The Chinese consume their tea straight from the Gaiwan, while blocking all the leaves with the lid, or decant it into a teacup. You probably would choose the latter.

Among other components of the set, the tea tray is different from our regular plastic and wooden trays. Primarily used for holding teacups and pots, the unique function of the bamboo tray is to hold up the water that overflows or is discarded during brewing. The square tray has a separate hose to plug in its hole to unload the wasted water after your meal. The tray is built with plastic and only has a surface of the bamboo, so you don’t have to worry about wet wood.

  • Teapot and Gaiwan holds heat well
  • Porcelain enamel prevents cracks
  • Package for conduct Gongfu tea ceremony
  • Comes in a foam box
  • Great as gifts and decoration
  • Cups are extremely small
  • Requires mittens to hold teapot handle

You will find plenty of other Chinese tea sets with scribblings and even with dragon emoticons that have no meaning, but the art and beauty of Chinese tea sets lie in the history and spirit of the Chinese civilization. And this tea set by Syiswei is not only a great example of that but it is also a marvel to look at and to have tea with. You can enjoy your tea with Chinese snacks like bean cakes, coconut cakes, and bean pies too.

To sum up, the Chinese tea set by Syiswei comes at an affordable deal of $39.99 and is available in five different colors, all equally stunning. Happy Shopping!

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