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Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush Review

Baby Bottle Brush

The only doctor we wish as your company regarding your baby’s issue is Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown is a trustworthy and well-established company regarding baby products. We are reviewing Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Brush (Blue) for your baby’s clean, uninfected bottle.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush Design

Baby Bottle Brush

This Bottle Brush has an impressive design. As it is from Dr. Brown, it goes well with Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles. Also, it can clean all standard and wide neck bottles. It features a grooved, no-slip handle and combination of sponge and bristles brush head for easy cleaning. At the base of the bottle brush, there is a fixed nipple cleaner. It is well designed, so the cleaning of the nipple becomes easy. As it has the cleaner revealed while in use, you can flip the wand over meanwhile, clean out the nipple, and then can return to clean the rest of the bottle.

There is also a storage clip that grants you to place the brush conveniently near the sink. Because of the feature of the suction cup, you need not worry about placing the bottle brush. As a result, it is not taking your valuable space. It is also effortless to move around.

This bottle brush is Nitrosamine free. The design is so efficient that you can wash bottles from unique brands with the brush. That bottle does not necessarily to be from Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush Performance

This brush can go inside the Dr. Brown’s long, narrow bottles. The brush fits all different sized bottles perfectly. The brush holder has a fantastic suction cup. Because of this, the brush stays upright all the time. This feature helps grab the brush on the go.

The bottle brushes are flexible and gentle. So, you can comfortably clean each side of the bottle. There is a sponge on the top. So, this brush requires very little cleanser to wash the bottle adequately. The head is adjustable and cleans tight corners without applying too much force. Because of this feature, curved glasses are also easy to clean with this brush. It can be used for any natural flow and vented type bottle.

This grand bottle brush cleans from the upside-down and helps you to move from nipple to base area with ease. There is a suction storage clip for sanitary storage. A squad of soft and sturdy bristles functions in tandem to simplify scrubbing. Multi-layered rubber grip won’t twist or bend.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12 inches (H) x 4 inches (W) x 4 inches (D)
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Target gender: Unisex
  • Instructions: Clean with mild foamy water before you use
  • Shipping Weight: 2.9 ounces
  • Easy to use and clean
  • A great glasswasher tool too.
  • Suction power is amazing
  • Reliable, long-lasting, durable
  • works well regardless of the size of the bottles
  • Clutches suds well
  • A built-in storage clip houses the brush within easy reach.
  • Specially designed elevation teat cleaner in base
  • BPA-free
  • Grooved no-slip holder for comfortable grasp with soapy hands
  • you don’t have to unscrew anything to use the revealed nipple cleaner.
  • The sponge foams and lathers the soap better.
  • Cleaning the top of the nipple is very hard, as it is too small for the brush to get in.
  •  The sponge on top keeps coming loose, so one has to be more careful with using it.

Should You Buy it?

Dr. Brown is a trendy brand for baby products. The bottle brushes they produce are mothers’ top choice. New mothers often feel it difficult to choose the best product for their babies. And once they use Dr. Brown, they do not change the brand. Dr. Brown’s baby bottle brush cleans from the root and presents you a clean, germfree, healthy bottle. You can also clean mugs, other types of containers, cups, glasses comfortably. This brush is easy to store and also cleans well.

The suction stand is a widely appreciated feature for the bottle. Also, the nipple washing nib at the bottom will make your work very easy. So, if you are tired of unscrewing and screwing your antique baby bottle brush, this bottle will give you a different experience.

Another big issue that is worth enough to buy is its ability to stand upright right next to the sink. So, it is effortless for it to drying out between your uses.

This bottle brush will not leave an inch for cleaning. The regular sponge cannot reach all of those areas. You can easily take extra care of baby’s used bottles and milk storage bottles. So, it is a great idea to replace a regular sponge with Dr. Brown’s brush.

This brush is a cheap product to buy. But washes like a top-class product. So, it is a great deal in the budget, maintaining the quality.

Dr. Brown’s products users usually go to the product line of Dr. Brown and start their purchase. All of Dr. Brown’s products are amazing and healthy for the baby. All products are free of harmful chemicals. And so, the brush. This brush is Amazon’s top, and everyone loved it so much because of its efficient nipple cleaner flip ability and suction stand. The suction stand holds the brush upright, which is excellent at keeping the brush from lying on the board and getting germs. Also, it is a long-lasting brush. But the top sponge becomes loose over time. One needs to handle it carefully while washing. These elegantly designed bottle brushes include a sponge cap for additional cleaning capability and nylon fibers to scrub off any debris. Cleaning becomes very sluttish with this brush.

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