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COOGU Teapot Set Review

Japanese Tea Set

If you have a habit of having green tea in a teacup, then you’re doing it all wrong. Whatever your plans are, be it tea with the girls, buying a gift for the new couple, a new addition to your tea set family or just to show off your collection to your sister, who’s making you jealous of her vintage watch collection, what you need is a Japanese tea set.

The Japanese respect their tea. They have a beautiful tea ceremony and schools with thousands of students who only learn how to perform their religious tea ritual. This practice is an example of Asian culture, and their tea sets represent their craftsmanship. Japanese hosts and guests both believe that we only live once and that we should celebrate every moment by uniting humbly with each other. And their best expression of respect and unity is tea.

Apart from its historical importance, we have to agree that the Japanese tea sets are like this rhythmic music that connects you to the world.

Now, the types of Japanese tea may vary based on the type of beverage. If you have had the chance to explore the Japanese tea culture, you’ll have discovered porcelain, iron, and clay tea sets. These teapots are constructed with single bar handles, tiny looped handles, regular handles, and even with no handles, according to the type of drink they prefer.

We’ve picked out a stunning Japanese tea set for you as well. We’re not accustomed to scalding our palms with hot tea, and need practicality in our drinking style. And that is why we have picked out a tea set that comes with hints of the revered Japanese features. This will complete your tea set collection and look like it is straight out of Po’s noodle shop.

In this article, you will read about the Coogou Japanese tea set. Coogou is a lifestyle company that excels in providing its customers with stunning tea sets.

COOGU Teapot Set Design

Japanese Tea Set

The Coogou is a floral Japanese iron tea set that signifies the traditional atmosphere of the Asian realm. The set constitutes of an attractive teapot with a lid holder and trivet, four teacups, and a mesh strainer. Covered entirely in an attractive fish scale pattern, the color of the sets represent the cultural beliefs of the Japanese. The teapot, cups and trivet have a bold blue colour that expresses the hope for luck amidst the chaotic world.

The teapot has a large surface area and can carry up to 800 ml or 28 oz. The diameter of the base is 5.2″ and the non- slip trivet it comes has 3 feet. If you don’t know what the use of a trivet is, these plane utensils are used under teapots to eliminate the conduction of heat between the hot liquid of the pot and your furniture. The trivet that comes with the Coogou has an aesthetic hole in the middle and has a diameter of 5.2 inches.

You will notice that instead of a handle of the same material, a copper handle is used wrapped up in hemp at the top. The copper handle can rotate an entire 360°. Copper is usually used in high-end French restaurant kitchens and, well, in Japanese tea sets. While this is a primary feature that sets Japanese teapots apart, it also has a chemical advantage. While cast iron is a slow conductor and retains heat for a long time, copper can swiftly lose heat. So, zero hand burns!

COOGU Teapot Set Specifications

COOGU Teapot Set Specifications

The Coogou Tetsubin has a lot more purposes than just that. However, unlike the rest of Japanese tea sets and tea sets in general, the Coogou acts as a kettle as well. That means, you can directly heat it up on the stove, whether it is gas, wood, or an electric burner. And the cast iron is a dream come true.

Cast iron, as we all know, is a mixture of iron. It has low conductivity and retains heat for a more extended period of time after the stove is off. The molecules of Fe that are expelled while boiling give off a whimsical taste. It actually supplies you with the 18g of iron that your body needs!

  • Enlarged spout ensures maximum pouring
  • Includes a trivet, lid holder and a mesh strainer
  • Constructed with durable cast iron
  • Works as a kettle for stoves
  • Enamel lining prevents rust
  • May chip off while shipping
  • Heavy when loaded

The Coogou Japanese tea set is a blend of contemporary and ancient Japanese kitchenware. The intricate patterns are a true symbol of their culture. A Tetsubin like this may have some disadvantages, such as – the handle may not be a favorite to many, and people might opt for a porcelain one instead of the everyday cast iron ones. But this Japanese tea set is absolutely stunning and is an authentic tribute to Japanese rituals.

To sum up, the Coogou comes at a great deal since it is an all-in-one package. Use it frequently or occasionally, this tea set is what you need. Happy shopping!

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