Best Hanging Closet Organizers in 2020 | Rearrange Your Random Stuffs

As a kid, everyone believed that there is a monster inside the closet. When they grow up, the closet ends up becoming so untidy that they are unable to find that monster. After all, closets never seem to run short on shoes, clothes, and other random stuff thrown in together. If you have such a closet, then a hanging closet organizer can be a real lifesaver. A good hanging closet organizer is quite capable of keeping the closet tidy and really clean. So, you will rather want to open your closet every now and then to admire the view. Now, let’s have a look at the best organizers that can make your closet look great.

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Top 10 Hanging Closet Organizers in 2020

10. CLOSETMAID 31464


Are you looking to throw away all those extra pairs of shoes but just cannot? In that case, this hanging closet organizer can take all the responsibility for them. These closet organizers contain slender chambers. The chambers are specially designed to hold purses, hats, shoes, etc.

  • Ideal for vertically hanging items
  • Contains a shelf space of 5.4”
  • Come with bamboo slats for the shelves
  • Easily hangs on to a wire shelf

9. Doiown S-Type

Doiown S-Type 

The primary building material for this hanging closet organizer is stainless steel. It is the perfect tool to hang a pant with.

This hanging closet organizer contains a fantastic design that allows rough use. It contains an even surface that is perfect for holding multiple pants.

  • Protects pants from scratches
  • Keeps pants wrinkle-free
  • Does not form any rust over the years

8. Ikea Skubbs

Ikea Skubbs

Ikea’s hanging closet organizer is ideal for those who need a lot of storage space. It comes in a pair and keeps all your shoes safe.

This organizer contains a smooth hook to hang up items. In addition, it is made with polypropylene and is quite durable.

  • Can be used to store hats
  • Perfectly houses boots in the bottom rack
  • Contains a sleek loop fastener

7. Richards Homeware 80703

Richards Homeware 80703 

The best part about Richards’ hanging closet organizer is that it has a spacious rack on each level. As a result, it will save much of your floor space.

This hanging closet organizer has been designed with really deep shelves. So, it becomes easy for you to store all the sweaters at home.

  • Contain a couple of durable hooks
  • Can be fitted into a double row closet
  • Can lean forward at times
  • Properly distributes the weight of the items

6. Housen Solutions 9-Compartment

Housen Solutions 9-Compartment 

At first glance, Housen’s hanging closet organizer may not seem attractive at all. However, it has enough storage to get the job done time and again.

It contains a unique design to store items of various sizes. In addition, the 2-Velcro design makes your job easier for hanging the closet shelf.

  • Contains eco-friendly building material
  • Comes with a feather duster to clean the body
  • Organizes sweaters, towels, scarf, etc. with ease

5. Iwill Create Pro-Layer

Iwill Create Pro-Layer 

Iwill’s hanging closet organizer can withstand a lot of weight. Moreover, it’s built to withstand rough use, so you will not feel the need to buy a new one.

The hanging closet organizer has been separated into four distinct compartments. These compartments also have a foldable drawer to stock the smaller items.

  • Can fit over a number of different dowel rods
  • Comes with a really bright color
  • Contains an additional drawer for extra storage

4. Kaleep Multi-Layer

Kaleep Multi-Layer

This hanging closet organizer is efficient as it creates an additional hanging area in a vertical position. It comes with four arms in the upper region that rotates 360 degrees.

They are designed to provide room for all the extra clothes lying around in a room.

  • Stops the formation of creases on the clothes
  • Contains a chromed steel construction
  • Hangs a total of five pants
  • Does not bend while storing heavy fabrics

3. Zober 5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

Zober 5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer 

As the name suggests, Zober’s hanging closet organizer is quite spacious. It contains a solid frame to keep clothes in a decluttered manner.

Zober’s hanging closet organizer comes with an open design. As a result, it becomes easy for the user to save space and keep clothes in an orderly fashion.

  • Provides six mesh pockets to store tiny accessories
  • Contains a couple of solid hanging hooks
  • Comes with fortified stitching
  • Shelves contain cardboard bottom

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2. StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet

StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet

StorageWorks’ hanging closet organizer is spacious enough for accommodating a lot of your valuable accessories. This closet organizer is fortified by wide cardboard. So, you can store almost 50lbs. but the hanging closet organizer will not bend.

It comes with a foldable design that allows storage of a number of unwanted items in the household.

  • Provides multiple pockets on the sideways
  • Contains premium grade polyester canvas
  • Stores multiple accessories and keeps them fresh

1. Misslo Hanging Closet

Misslo Hanging Closet

Misslo’s hanging closet organizer provides a fantastic solution to organizing all the unwanted items in a house. With this closet organizer, you won’t have to worry about dirty socks sticking out in the corner of a room.

It has been made using non-woven fabric that improves breathability of the garments.

  • Contains PVC coating on the pockets
  • Provides a changeable metal hanger
  • Takes up very little space in the room

You may feel down from organizing all the stuff at home every now and then. However, when you have the best hanging closet organizer by your side, this task will not feel boring anymore. With that said, these hanging closet organizers can tidy up even the messiest of rooms.


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