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Flash Furniture 30” Round Wood Cocktail Table Reviews

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If you are thinking that coffee tables and cocktail tables are the same- you are wrong! While the coffee table will only act as a centerpiece for your living room, the cocktail table, since it is lighter and higher, can be placed in your living room, garden, porch, bedroom, beside the pool, terraces – you name it, you place it! What’s more? Cocktail tables are also used as décor items in events like weddings, Christmas, etc. for the ultimate decoration. Besides, a cocktail table mainly accommodates two people. Can it result in something intimate or romantic? Yes, it can!

If selecting the right cocktail table seems hard for you, then go through the article and find out why we have chosen the round wood cocktail table by Flash Furniture as the best. Proceed!

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cocktail table

Cocktail tables come in all sizes, shapes, patterns. But here we have chosen a round wood cocktail table by Flash Furniture because round cocktail tables add a more elegant and polished look! This is a versatile commercial-grade cocktail table The table can definitely become an accent unit for your home décor! No matter what you consider the standard table height column and bar height or column height to be, you can totally obtain it from this table.

The Flash is relatively larger than the average cocktail table that you usually see. The table easily fits three people. And if you are willing to squeeze in like lemon, it can comfortably accommodate four to five people! This table is perfect for banquet halls, hotels, pubs, clubs, conference centers and, of course, your lovely home. Do you own an event management company? Then, order a lot of units, use simple fabrics for a sophisticated or sporty look, and the perfect decoration!

You can also enjoy it as a great snack or conversation table. And if you are looking for a place to play cards, then this is it! However, the table itself is not that attractive, but the addition of tablecloth harmonizing with the surroundings makes it stand out among all other furniture pieces.

Order the nifty cocktail table from Amazon at only $64. Overall, it is small, intimate, and will blend with all occasions!

Design and Quality

cocktail table

The table features a 30-inch round birchwood top. Though the top is finished nicely, yet it may look a bit sloppy. Though the top sits on the pole, you don’t have to worry about it falling off as the structure is strong enough. But for your maximum convenience, the table comes with two adjustable height options with 30-inch and 42-inch columns. You can easily choose the one that suits your need.

The chrome columns also come with a perfect furniture finish. They are durable and sturdy enough to sustain a lot of pressure. The base and posts are solid enough to last for a long time. However, we would advise that you avoid sitting on the table.

The beige color tabletop features a quadruple coated polyurethane varnish top. For extra safety, a black PVC covering was used on top of that. The base is constructed from aluminum, so the table will be stable and sturdy for a very long time. The base is also provided with self-leveling glides, which facilitates easy movement. There is some sort of finishing imperfections at the base, though. But this thing won’t affect the handy table at all. However, due to the beige color, the table actually looks like a blond chick! Kidding!

The Flash is really lightweight despite being stable and sturdy. So, you have easy portability! The X base of the table prevents it from slipping or rolling. But the best part? This structure of the base allows you to slide chairs and tools easily without bonking the knees! So, no damage will be done to your table.

One of the major drawbacks is that the tabletop spins a little. If you are an expert, you can fix it down and stabilize it. But look at the bright side: it can be moved, adjusted, and packed without any difficulty. And when it comes to the assembling? Five minutes is all you need – no tools required. However, do not try cutting the columns in any other sizes unless you are an expert on welding. Maintaining 90o cuts every time is not easy!

On the other hand, the functionality of a cocktail table is not all that is great about it. Looks matter too! As mentioned before, the table itself will not suit everyone’s likings. But place a lovely centerpiece or vase or tablecloth for adding a stunning touch to it, and it will definitely change your mind.

  • Breaks down for easy storing and moving
  • Two-column options of 30 inches and 42 inches
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Self-leveling floor glides
  • Suitable for cocktails and small plates
  • Amazon’s No. 1 choice
  • Easy portability & storing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy structure
  • Minimal setup time
  • Not much alluring
  • No extra parts available

Many of us prefer a glass top cocktail table over wooden ones. And honestly, the glass ones look more attractive. But at the same time, they are prone to easy damage. On the other hand, the wooden ones are much more stable and long-lasting. And what is more versatile in the market than the 30-inch round wood cocktail table by Flash Furniture? Available in two alterable column sizes, the table is suitable for simple tea parties to grand weddings!

The easy portability, storing, and maintenance clearly enhances the quality of the cocktail table. And it will not cut through your bank balance. Considering its convenience and versatility, this can be termed as the best cocktail table.

Hence, this is definitely the best cocktail table for the price you are paying. So hurry and grab your one!

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