Best Two Burner Induction Cooktops in 2020

Gas stoves are long gone. These days, people are using induction cooktops. It is safer than a regular stove and also environmentally friendly. If you have already decided you want to buy an Induction Burner, why buy single burner induction cooktop when you can buy two burners induction cooktops at almost the same price. People prefer induction cooktops over conventional cooktops for two main reasons: portability and drop-in feature of the induction cookware. It will not only increase the beauty of your kitchen; it will also make your cooking experience safer and more relaxed. Also, check out Best Plate Electric Stove Countertop

The price of cooktops may vary depending on many things. You may find many cooktops that claim to give similar product quality of an exclusive brand. But that is not entirely right. A premium product has some differences from a standard brand, but you can find cooktops in all the price range. We have come up with these ten best two burner induction cooktops.

Top 10 Two Burner Induction Cooktops

1. True Induction S2F2 Cooktop 

True Induction S2F2 Cooktop


All the True Induction cooktops are famous for their brilliant performance and stylish design. The two burners are clearly marked so that you can easily understand where to put the pan. The design of this cooktop is versatile and it will go with any small or big kitchen.

  • The surface of the cooktop is made of ceramic
  • It can hold up to 35lbs

2. Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction cooktop

Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction cooktop

This cooktop provides 1800W. Another thing that attracts customers is that it is 90% more efficient than its competitors. Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction cooktop is all black, and the borders are silver. 

  • This cooktop has five-timer levels and eight temperature levels
  • The minimum temperature level is 140 degrees
  • The maximum temperature level is 465

3. GForce GF-P136-854 Portable Double Induction Burner

GForce GF-P136-854 Portable Double Induction Burner

This cooktop also provides 1800W. GForce GF-P136-854 Portable double induction burner is another highly rated cooktop. The stoves are separated from each other by their design with all black and white detailing.

  • You can customize the time and temperature
  • For the time, the range is from 1 minute to 150 minutes
  • For heat, the range is from 150 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

4. RamblewoodGreen ICQ2-31C1 Double Drop-in Induction Burner

RamblewoodGreen ICQ2-31C1 Double Drop-in Induction Burner

This is a premium quality product. The price is a bit higher than other double induction burners, but it’s definitely worth it. RamblewoodGreen ICQ2-31C1Double drop-in induction burner is not only one of the best cooktops but also one of the most elegant.  It is all black with small red and white detailing. The control panel is added vertically.

  • This modish cooktop has all the other features as the previous cooktops of this list
  • It comes with two years warranty

5. Duxtop 9620LS LCD portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 9620LS LCD portable Induction Cooktop

So far, this is the most advanced cooktop on this list. Even if you are someone who does not like cooking, when you buy this cooktop, you will be inspired to cook at least once in a while. This cooktop is modern making cooking so much easier. The first thing that grabs the attention of the viewers is the LCD and several buttons. It is a modern cooktop.

  • Duxtop 9620LS has an LCD display
  • It is compatible with almost all kinds of steel kitchen utensils.

6. Cusimax Twin infrared Burner

Cusimax Twin infrared Burner

Most of the cooktops of this list are black. If you do not like black, you might consider buying this cooktop. Cusimax Twin infrared Burner is one of the most loved cooktops, and the price is also very affordable. The design is simple with a traditional design with a modern touch. If you get confused with so many buttons, this might be the one.

  • Equally easy to use and clean
  • Compatible with all kinds of cookware

7. Empava twin burner induction cooktop 

Empava twin burner induction cooktop

This cooktop is easy to assemble, and you can buy this product without concern about performance. They are known for their high-quality product and service. Empava believes in the beauty of simplicity. This cooktop has a simple design with a black body.

  • This cooktop comes with safety certifications
  • All the other elements in an affordable price range

8. CuisinArt ICT-60 twin burner induction Cooktop

CuisinArt ICT-60 twin burner induction Cooktop

You can cook food faster in this cooktop because of its fast-heat-up technology. This cooktop has an LCD and many other buttons for various functions. It is the affordable version of a high-end cooktop.

  • After the kitchen utensil is removed from the stove, the stove will be turned off automatically

9. Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop

Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop

Another affordable cooktop of this list. If you are on a budget, you should go for this cooktop. It is a black cooktop with white buttons. Each stove works separately, and both of them are compatible with only induction-compatible cookware.

  • The Inducto dual induction cooktop is 26 inches wide
  • It also has an LCD and a timer

10. Trighteach portable induction cooktop

Trighteach portable induction cooktop

There is nothing about this cooktop we do not like. It is an all in one cooktop for your kitchen. The design is kind of similar to other induction cooktops, but it has its beauty.

  • This cooktop has a child lock protection
  • It has high power, alarm setting, overheats protection, etc

Buying a cooktop is a matter of long time commitment. You cannot buy a random product for cooking. If you are someone who loves food, you should invest in your kitchen items, especially the cooktop. Hopefully you’ve found the right induction for yourself after reading this article.

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

There are always going to be some positive aspects and some negative aspects in every piece of machine. The same goes for induction cooktops. 

Pros of Induction Cooktops


  • They heat faster: Induction cooktops and stoves heat faster than their opposite gas and electric options. With induction, there’s no waiting for the heating elements to shift to the pan. So, the pan heats up super quickly from the direct contact. 
  • Accurate temperature control: Induction cooktops offer accurate temperature management. With gas ranges, it’s difficult to hit the exact temperature while electric ones take excessive time to heat up or cool down. Heat transfer stops immediately after the burner goes off so you don’t have to worry about boiling over of liquids or overcooking the food.
  • Energy-efficient: Induction cooktops are the more environment-friendly option as they don’t lose heat in the transferring process. With electric of gas stoves, a lot of energy is lost to the surrounding air. In induction cooking, only the pots and pans heat. It’s also more cost-efficient. Not to mention faster cooking time.
  • Safer to use: With induction cooktops, you don’t have to be alert at all times about something or the other catching on fire. It won’t emit gas and automatically turns off once the cookware is removed from it. No more asking yourself, “Did I leave the stove on?” and panicking.
  • Cool cooking surface: Here’s something that’s a rather big safety issue with gas and electric ranges. The surface gets exposed to a lot of heat and remains scorching hot for a while. This is really concerning if there are small children in the house. Induction cooktops maintain coolness in the cooking surface. Only the pan gets hot, and a heated instrument is never opened out, thus preventing risk of burns and fire hazards too.
  • Easier to clean: These cooktops are a dream for the ones who are tired of scrubbing at their conventional gas stoves. Unless there’s a direct spill, you’ll only require a soft wipe down to get rid of any dirt or dust. And typically food doesn’t stick to it either.

Cons of Induction Cooktops


  • Specific compatible cookware: To work on an induction cooktop, you’ll require a specific kind of cookware. While most of the newer cookware, particularly the stainless steel ones are compatible, the older cookware will need to be replaced. Be sure to check for the “induction safe” logo on new pans and pots. 
  • The learning curve: Induction cooktop isn’t the most complicated piece of equipment in the kitchen, but you will have to get used to it to get the best use out of it. The aptly size cookware needs to be placed exactly in the middle of the heating element to activate the cooktop. It can’t be too small, wobbly, or off-centered, so flat-bottoms pans and pots work good. For example: You may overcook some foods at first because you’re not accustomed to the heating settings of your new stove. 
  • More expensive: They’re an investment, but nonetheless, induction stoves are definitely on the pricier side. However, these do pay off in the long run because they’re cost and energy efficient.
  • Occasionally noisy: If you can hear a rattling sound coming from your cooktop, it’s the result of the transfer of energy from the coil to the pan. This sound does go away when you reduce the heat or place a pan on the stove, but the sound can be irritating to some users.
  • Prone to scratches: While its gas and electric counterparts have a heat element or grate to resist the wear and tear, inductions are constructed with smooth glass. This makes the induction vulnerable to scratches. It’s advised to not use abrasive cleaning measurer or sharp tools on your stove.


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