Best Portable Smoothie Maker in 2020 | Make Your Smoothie in an Instant

Trying to maintain a healthy diet? But not sure how you will be able to survive without tasty foods and beverages. We all have this wrong conception that healthy eating is dull and tasteless. But it is entirely false. Smoothies are one of the most robust and yummiest things you can have. All you need to do is cut your favorite fruits or vegetables, add ice or milk, and blend them. A smoothie machine is something every kitchen need. There are many portable smoothie makers available in the market. You can easily carry it in your purse.

Portable smoothie makers are cheaper than standard ones. It is perfect for one person and easy to clean. So, if you are looking for a personal blender buying a portable one is better.

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Top 10 Portable Smoothie Maker

10. Popbabies Portable blender

Popbabies Portable blender

It is a well-designed blender with travel-friendly in size, and it is far safer than regular blenders. In just a few seconds, your drink will be ready to drink. It is available in 4 beautiful colors that are made of food-grade materials and entirely safe to prepare baby food too.

  • Can prepare a 400ml drink at a time
  • BPA FDA free

2. G-ting Portable personal Smoothie Blender

G-ting Portable personal Smoothie Blender

G-ting Portable personal Smoothie Blender has six blades and intelligent safety protection technology. You can prepare 15 glasses of smoothie after charging it for 2 hours. This stainless-steel glass cup is FDA and BPA free that can hold a 450ml drink.

  • It has a display screen
  • You can charge it with your power bank

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3. Sboly Personal Blender and smoothie maker

Sboly Personal Blender and smoothie maker

It only takes 10 seconds to make a juice and needs only 300 watts. You can blend any kind of fruits and vegetables in this machine. This blender is super easy to clean and more comfortable to use. It has only one button and built-in overheat protection. This blender can hold up to 590ml.

  • It has a safety lock and silicon O-ring to prevent leakage
  • It comes with a silicone ice cube tray

4. Oster BLSTPB-WBL my blend travel sport bottle personal smoothie maker

Oster BLSTPB-WBL my blend travel sport bottle personal smoothie maker

It is an affordable, powerful blender. When the machine detects overheat it automatically turns off the mixer and restart after 15 minutes. The plastic body of this blender is BPA free. And the bottle can hold up to 590ml. This machine is available in 5 colors. Blue, green, orange, pink, and red.

  • Three years guarantee and 1-year warranty

5. Bestobal Portable blender

Bestobal Portable blender

Charging it for 4 hours you can prepare 12 to 15 smoothie, just a perfect portable blender. Its small, materials are durable, and everything else is also perfect about this blender. Bestobal Portable blender has four powerful blades that can blend all vegetables and fruits. This portable blender looks like a stylish coffee mug. Bestobal Portable blender is one of the most beautiful mobile smoothie makers.

  • Super easy to use and to clean
  • To turn it on, press the button twice and turn off automatically

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6. Cincred Portable Smoothie Maker


Cincred Portable Smoothie Maker 

Cincred has brought in a fantastic offering in the market that is equal parts compact, attractive, and functional. Being extremely lightweight, you can carry it anywhere – on hikes, picnics, or vacations. The smoothie maker even comes with a 400 ML travel cup, so that you can store and drink your favorite shake on the go. The cup is made of BPA free material. A healthy drink in a healthy cup, what more can we ask for! 

  • Elegant design 
  • Easy to clean 

7.Godmorn Portable personal Blender

Godmorn Portable personal Blender

You can make a 300ml drink at a time. After 40 sec of use, this blender will automatically turn off to prevent overheat. It has 17000RMP speed, which is more than enough to make smoothies. You can charge this machine with an adaptor, power bank, laptop, or by using car charging. And after it’s fully charged, you can prepare 10 to 15 smoothies. Godmorn Portable personal Blender is a BPA-free product. A healthy should be made in a safe blender, after all.

  • It is not heavy and is securely packed

8. Supkitdin Portable Personal Blender

Supkitdin Portable Personal Blender

After the product is fully charged you can prepare 12 glass smoothies. It is an affordable and travel-friendly blender. Supkitdin Portable Personal Blender has six 3D blades to make the smoothest drinks. It has an LED indicator, one micro USD port, and a food-grade bottle.

  • It comes with two straws and a brush to clean the machine

9. Oberly Portable Smoothie maker

Oberly Portable Smoothie maker

It takes 2-3 hours to charge this machine fully. After it is fully charged, you can prepare 10-12 glasses for smoothies. In less than 2 minutes, your smoothie will be ready to serve. Oberly portable smoothie maker is available in 5 colors. All the parts of this juicer can be detached so that you clean it easily. This machine has six 3D blades and a waterproof rubber ring.

  • Intelligent safety protection: if you or anyone accidentally open the blender while it’s working, it will automatically stop

10. Tenswall personal size Portable Blender

Tenswall personal size Portable Blender

Tenswall personal size Portable Blender has 22000 rpm speed and six stainless steel blades to make the best smoothies for you. This product has an anti-sweat cover, and the container is made with toxin-free food-grade material.

  • An affordable portable
  • User-friendly blender

Difference between a blender and smoothie maker

What is the difference between a blender and smoothie maker

Over the years, I have seen many people in the dilemma of buying a smoothie maker or a blender. While both of them make essential kitchen appliances, which one you should purchase largely depends on your needs. 

The primary purpose of both is to crush and grind food to extract a smooth paste from them. But they are different in terms of small details and mechanisms. Let’s take a look at the differences between a blender and a smoothie maker.


The difference lies in their basic purpose. Blender provides helpful assistance in everyday cooking and can offer multiple functions at once. You can crush and liquefy a variety of food substances using a blender.

In contrast, smoothie maker, as the name suggests, helps you make smoothies and although blenders can assist in this regard, this specialized machine does a better job at extracting fruits and vegetables to make you a cup of smoothie. Being designed for singular function, they come with lower capacity than a blender.

Design and Features

As far as designs are concerned, blenders are bigger in volume and size than smoothie makers, as they come with higher capacity to assist you with day to day cooking. Most blenders also feature a pitcher where you can mix the ingredients before crushing them. Blenders are usually handheld and available in different sizes and shapes. They come with a range of features. 

On the other hand, smoothie makers feature only the essential functions like power on and power off, with a couple of buttons at best. They come with much less, yet specialize functions necessary particularly for making smoothies. A smoothie maker generally features a detachable pitcher that you can pour out the drink from and a cup that you can use to carry the beverage.  


The two appliances are different in terms of maintenance as well. A blender, being multipurpose, is rather high maintenance, especially the complex ones with several functions. Smoothie makers, on the other hand, are engineered with minimal design. You will not need to spend as much time cleaning these small units. However, a smoothie maker requires thorough cleaning after every wash to prevent the fostering of any microbes and fungi.

Healthiest things to put in a smoothie

Healthiest things to put in a smoothie

You can serve smoothies as cool, pasty, and creamy beverages; they are so full of nutrients that you may as well call them a meal in a glass. Although many fruits and vegetables make tasty smoothies, we are trying to boil down the list of things that make smoothies absolutely delicious and healthy at the same time.

Nuts and Seeds

Protein in a drink can energize you and stabilize your blood sugar. Tossing a few nuts, some nut butter, or seeds will do wonders, not only to the taste but also to the health benefits. Moreover, such sources offer heart-healthy fats. Note that they come with high calories, so you will need to be cautious about the portion you put into your smoothie.

Yogurt and Milk 

Another essential source of protein is dairy products. That’s where yogurts and milk come in. They add a creamy texture to your drink, add a delicious flavor, and contribute to the health benefits as well. Although you don’t want to overkill, so be mindful about the portion you pour in the smoothie maker.  


I have met very few people in my life who don’t enjoy the taste of berries. But you may or may not be aware that berries have incredible health benefits as well. They contain antioxidants which act as anti-aging agents as well as help prevent cancer. From where I stand, tossing some berries – blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, or any other, sounds like a great idea. 

Green tea powder

Green tea extracts are well-known in the health regime for their ability to promote weight loss. Adding green tea powder to your smoothie can add such benefits to your drink. And the best part is, the green tea powder does not have an overpowering scent or flavor, so you won’t even know the difference. Benefits without a strong taste, isn’t that just perfect?

All the smoothie makers of this list are made of safe materials which all of them are cost-effective. We hope after reading this article, you will be able to find the best portable smoothie maker for your requirements.


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