Best Toilet Mats in 2020 | High Absorbency & Comfort

Most of the commonly available toilet mats come in attractive designs and in multiple color variants. They are mostly rectangular or circular, special U-shaped incision forms a contour, hugging standard shaped toilet bowls comfortably. The mats are made of micro-fiber or chenille or cotton for absorbency and comfort. An anti-slip material lines the bottom to prevent it from sliding all over the place.

Top 10 Toilet Mats in 2020

9. Seavish Luxury Beige Bath Rug

Seavish Luxury Beige Bath Rug

About two inches of microfiber polyester shaggy designs provide a comfortable touch to your feet in the bathroom. They have a soft, plush feel, and add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. These machine washable rugs feature an anti-skid bottom made of TPR rubber.

  • Colors: White, Ivory, Beige, Grey
  • 19.5 X 31.5 Inches

8. FindNew Contour Bath Rugs

FindNew Contour Bath Rugs

Made of flannel fabric and memory foam, these super absorbent mats are a great accessory for your toilet. The skid-resistant bottom is made from high-quality latex material. This lightweight rug is contour shaped and sits comfortably around your toilet bowl.

  • Available colors- Black, grey, net-grey, coffee
  • Dimension: 20″X24″

7. Vagau 3-piece Bath Rug Set

Vagau 3-piece Bath Rug Set

This pretty and ultra-absorbent mat from Vagau comes in three-pieces- it is made of microfiber chenille, a water absorbent sponge, and PVC mesh for prevention against slipping. The chenille fiber top layer is about 1 inch thick and provides a soft, plush flooring for your base. It is washable in the machine and easy to dry without shrinkage.

  • Available colors: twelve unique tints, including pink, charcoal grey, brown, turquoise, lavender, etc.
  • Dimensions: 1 Standard Bath Mat: 15.5″x23″, 1 U-Shape Contoured Toilet Mat 19″x19″, 1 Large Bath Mat 19″x31″

6. DEARTOWN Bath Mat


A set of two bathrooms’ mats, these multicolor microfiber mats add a splash of color, innovation and design to your bathroom. They are striped and shaded in multiple colors. It has two mats- a rectangular and a contour that hugs your toilet bowl. The bottom is made from TP rubber to prevent slipping while the top is made from microfiber shags for greater absorbency and comfort. Keep the bottom away from water for longevity.

  • Seventeen color variants including black, grey, marzipan, beige, etc.
  • Dimensions: 20″x32″

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5. Buganda Memory Foam Contour Toilet Bath Rug

Buganda Memory Foam Contour Toilet Bath Rug

This plush mat is made of high-density polyurethane memory foam and velvet outer edge. It has strong absorbent properties. The mat is U-shaped to sit comfortably contour around the toilet seat. The material is soft and safe on the skin, giving your feet a pleasing experience. The anti-slip padding underneath prevents mat from slipping or skidding.

  • Available colors: grey, navy blue, wine red, purple
  • Machine washable, using detergent and cold water; bleach not preferred
  • Dimension: 20″ x 24″, Thickness: 5/8 inches

4. Yimobra Luxury Shaggy Toilet Bath Mat 

Yimobra Luxury Shaggy Toilet Bath Mat 

These cozy mats from Yimobra absorb water quickly, keeping your toilets dry and feet warm and soft. Feature a three-slim and one-thick design, these mats are resistant to wrinkling. The bottom is rough to prevent skidding and add friction.

  • Available color option: eleven, including lavender, green, grey, beige, plum, pink, etc.
  • Dimensions: 24.4 X 20.4 Inches

3. Pauwer Bath Rug Sets Mat Set

Pauwer Bath Rug Sets Mat Set

Style your bathroom with a three-piece set of these patterned, decorative rugs for your toilet. This bathroom mats are rectangular, circular, and U-shaped and are made of polypropylene fiber for a soft, comfortable touch. They preserve their elasticity for a long time.

  • Available colors- seven shades including navy, coral pink, black, brow, etc.
  • Dimensions: Standard Mat: 28.4″x17.7″/Contour Mat: 17.7″x17.7″ and Circular Lid Cover
  • Machine washable; Vacuum to remove dust regularly

2. Cotton Paradise Bath Mats

Cotton Paradise Bath Mats

These toilet mats are made entirely of absorbent cotton without the use of any synthetic elements and harmful chemicals. The mats are easy to wash and dry very quickly; for best results, it is advisable to not use chlorine or bleach. You can also roll them in to a compact shape for storage.

  • 20’’ x 34‘’; 900 GSM
  • Five colors- grey, brown, taupe, blue, etc.

1. Clara Clark Bathroom Rug

Clara Clark Bathroom Rug

This bathroom rug from Clara Clark comes in variable purchase options- you can buy it singly, with or without the addition of contour U-shaped mats, and a set of two to three mats, in size options of large and small. The mat is made of a combination of memory foam and soft velvet for high absorbency and a soft touch every time you step on it.

  • Available color options: fourteen, including teal, coral pink, beige, cream, blue, back, burgundy, etc.
  • Dimensions: Small Size 17×24 inches – Large size 20×32 inches – Contour 24×19 inches.

We have assembled a list of all the best toilet mats popular in the market and we have based our choice depending on comfort, material, slipping resistance, size, colors, and absorbency.

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