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Round Pouf: HUAWELL Japanese Style Straw Futon Reviews

Round Pouf

This round pouf from Huawell is a pouf that is handcrafted from the straw husk which is completely eco-friendly. The straw husk stuffed inside this pouf is stuffed with the cotton of space quality. The quality of the husk is natural. This husk comes from a pollution-free environment which results in the pouf being more durable to any possible weather condition. This pouf being completely natural allows you to live a natural and healthy life.

This pouf portrays a sign of naturalism as it is padded with cotton and husk so in city life you can get the actual feel of the village as well. This can be a match for every location of your house as it portrays a sign of simplicity in your entire house. This can be used for sitting or can be used for keeping the essentials required for a tea party. So, this stool can be used as a dining table as well to keep your kettle and a cup of tea. The surprising thing about this pouf is that it can act as a yoga mat on which you can try different postures of yoga. Due to this pouf, you don’t need to go out to feel yoga or practice it as you can get the real feel just at your home by watching this pouf.

This pouf can also be used as a meditation mat or parent-children mat while you indulge in parenting or play with your child. As this pouf is completely breathable, you can use this as a relaxing seat while you relax in your leisure time. As this pouf is shorter in height, so you can use it conveniently to drink tea with your friends and family. This pouf is directly imported from the USA which means that it is originated in the USA in an eco-friendly manner.

Speciality & Design

Round Pouf

This Pouf is designed to make your sitting arrangements happy comfortably. It is designed so that you can use it as a parent-child mat while playing with your kids. This pouf is designed as breathable and convenient pouf which results in using it as a yoga mat or meditation mat on which you can concentrate on your soul needs. This is designed in such a way that it provides superior comfort wherever you place this.

As this is short in height, so it can be regarded as a small dining table for small gatherings or drinking coffee or tea with family or friends. This is completely designed from straw, so it gives a natural look to the entire setting of your house. May whatever your decoration in the house is, it compliments every decorative inside your house. An interesting thing about the design is that it can be used as a wave window pad which keeps a feeling of freshness always in every corner of your house. The straw being environment friendly makes it more durable and that is why the design complies with every environment condition.

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  • This is made from the material of straw, rattan, and stainless steel to give it a more natural look so that the naturalism of the environment is maintained properly in the house.
  • The height of this Pouf is 6.7 inches which is perfect for every means such as you can use it as a small dining table or you can use this to seat on when you and your family members are in a relaxing period.
  • The weight of this Pouf is 2.25 pounds which makes it convenient for the user to move it from one end of the house to another end. Due to this rotating quality, the pouf can suit every setting of the house.
  • breathable and convenient which makes it possible for the users to use this pouf as their yoga or meditation map. For meditation, you need peace, and sitting on this pouf will exactly give you that peace.
  • Environment-friendly materials are used in the making of this pouf which makes it possible for the product to be durable and to match with every environment condition possible in the house.
  • This pouf can be used for tea parties or you can keep your small decorative items on this pouf to rise the beauty of this pouf and make it look more beautiful.
  • The package of this pouf comes with only a cushion and the rest is needed to be assembled by you, so you can assemble or customize it is the way you want.
  • This pouf can only be wiped with wet cloths as the material of this product is not washable. So, when dirt gets upon this pouf, you should just wipe it up with a wet cloth and wipe gently so that no thread comes out of this.

Poufs are meant to make your sitting experience a happier one. It might create significant confusion as there are various options available in the market and all of them are of high quality. We hope that after reading this article, you won’t be confused and will buy the Pouf, which is best suited to the interior of your house as it is the best one available in the market which will give you the feeling of naturalism inside your own house.

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