Best Luxury Bath Towels in 2020 | Essential Part In Your Bathroom

We all have a litany of bath towels in our homes. It doesn’t matter if we are more inclined towards luxury products or prefer affordable alternatives, bath towels are an essential part of every bathroom. While they may be expensive, luxury bath towels are well worth the investment due to their superior absorbing capabilities, higher quality materials, and a sophisticated look. We have compiled the best luxury bath towels to transform your bathroom into a bona fide personal spa.

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Top 10 Luxury Bath Towels in 2020

10. Arrow9 Plush Luxury Bath Towel

Arrow9 Plush Luxury Bath Towel

tarting this list is a set of towels made from Turkish cotton that promises extra softness and durability. They come in an elegant monochrome color with nice highlights.

The towels are quite durable thanks to the reinforced double stitching on the hems. The cotton used has long staples which result in a plush feel on the body.

  • Made with plush 550 GSM materials.
  • Comes in a set of six towels.
  • Available in silver and charcoal.

9. Standard Textile Luxury Bath Towel

Standard Textile Luxury Bath Towel

These towels will remind you of five-star hotels. They are extra plush and heavy and can be used all around the house if you wish.

While the towels may be heavier than normal, they are extremely fluffy thanks to their extra long-staple cotton. A robust border design also prevents the towel from losing its shape after repeated washes.

  • Made with 650 GSM and 100% zero-twist cotton.
  • Comes in a set of six with three different sizes.
  • OEKO-TEX certification of 100.

8. AmazonBasics Turkish Towel

AmazonBasics Turkish Towel

These towels strike a good balance between thickness and softness. While they may look muted, they can go well with any aesthetic.

If you worry about towels gaining rough edges after repeated washings, these are perfect for you. They become even more plush and soft after washing.

  • Uses Turkish Cotton Loops.
  • Available in two three-piece sets.
  • High quality imported materials.

7. Classic Turkish Luxury Towels

Classic Turkish Luxury Towels

Durability and comfort are these towel’s specialty. Making use of Jacquard stitching and ultra-soft materials, you can be sure to bask in these towels for as long as you want.

Featuring a unique ripped Jacquard style, these towels are resistant to chemicals and fraying while looking uniquely gorgeous. The Turkish cotton used is super soft against the skin.

  • Bath sheets measure 40 inches by 65 inches.
  • Uses 100% Turkish Cotton.
  • Expertly woven by Jacquard looms.

6. Nutrl Home Luxury Bath Towels

Nutrl Home Luxury Bath Towels

Are you tired of washing dirty towels over and over again? Then these towels are your remedy. Their unique anti-microbial properties make them resistant to odor, mildew, and bacteria for maximum freshness at all times.

The extra-long cotton strands make these towels resistant to stretching and pulling forces while giving a plush and fluffy quality.

  • Designed with a unique waffle weave.
  • Made with Supima Cotton.
  • Polygiene is infused for resistance to bacteria.

5. Semaxe Luxury Bath Towel

Semaxe Luxury Bath Towel

If bright and shiny colors are your thing, then these towels will dazzle your bathroom. They can be hung anywhere and maintains their integrity even after heavy use.

Each towel features a silky smooth surface with a velvety finish that makes the colors shine. They are also quite durable due to the double stitched hemming.

  • Made with eco-friendly Turkish Cotton.
  • Comes with a fabric loop for easy hanging.
  • Colors are resistant to fading and discoloration.

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4. White Classic Bath Towel

White Classic Bath Towel

Nothing beats the classic luxury hotel bath towels when it comes to convenience and elegance. These can be used for almost any occasion, can be washed without fuss, and retains its delectable softness.

High-quality ring-spun cotton transforms these towels to new levels of plush and softness. Double-needled stitching prevents fraying and thread loss.

  • Comes in a set of eight towels.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Dries much faster than the competition.

3. Cotton Paradise Bath Towel

Cotton Paradise Bath Towel

Want a set of towels big and fluffy enough to wrap around? Want a range of natural tones to go with it? Then these towels are just the thing for you. They are extra thick and plush and come in a range of beautiful colors.

While there aren’t any ridges to aid in structural integrity, the ring-spun cotton makes this jumbo towel extra soft and absorbent.

  • Measures 40 by 80 inches.
  • Can be used in the gym, spa, and beach.
  • Made with 650 GSM ring spun cotton.

2. Chakir Turkish Luxury Towel

Chakir Turkish Luxury Towel

If you are looking for authentic Turkish towels, then it doesn’t get any better than this. Buy these to revitalize your bathing experience to the next level.

With original and unique Turkish cotton and regional expertise that remains unmatched, Chakir’s towels will make you feel gorgeous every time you use them. The natural dobby weave provides unparalleled durability, absorbency, and plushness.

  • Comes in a set of four.
  • Imported from Turkey.
  • Double-stitched edges for greater endurance.

1. Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel
Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel

If you want the best of the best, then look no further than Pinzon. These luxury towels will provide the softest, fluffiest, and most magnificent bathing experience.

Made with organic cotton and expertly crafted, these towels are very breathable, giving you a silky feel when you use it. The towels are also extremely absorbent and dry quickly.

  • Made with 700 GSM materials.
  • GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Measures 70 by 40 inches.
  • Comes in a set of two.

It is no denying that luxury bath towels are expensive. However, it is a wonderful investment as it will last a long time and make you feel luxurious every time you use it. We hope this list helps you make the best choice from all the beautiful options out there.

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