Best Metal Wine Racks in 2020 | With Sturdy & Weightless Steels

When looking to store your bottles in smaller spaces a metal wine rack is the better option. The narrow shape of the metal wine racks is ideal for smaller homes where you can store your bottles under your staircase. They have a smaller size in comparison with wooden ones and are also easier to move around making it possible for flexible placement.

If you are also thinking about the decor of your home then a metal rack is suitable as they consist of a modern design to go with today’s homes. If you are unsure on the best option then take a look at this list of top ten metal wine racks.

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Top 10 Metal Wine Racks in 2020

10. Mango Steam Wine Rack

Mango Steam Wine Rack


The mango steam is a 32 capacity bottle holder featuring a contemporary design. The product won’t leave you feeling dumb as it only takes 4 easy steps to assemble.

It has a dimension of 26.75inches X 20.87inches X 9inches. The body has been crafted with quality steel.

  • Thicker frame
  • Black tempered glass
  • Floor levers

9. Muscle Rack

Muscle Rack

This is a stylish rack that can hold a total of 12 bottles on 3 separate racks. The racks are scalloped wire shelves and it only takes a few minutes to assemble.

The 3 scalloped shaped racks have a chrome finish to slow down rusting and to improve durability increasing its lifespan.

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Padded leveling
  • Chrome coating

8. Kings Brand Wine Rack

Kings Brand Wine Rack

The kings brand is a freestanding wine rack with a storage capacity of a total of 21 bottles. The stylish swirls will give any room you place it in a splash of elegance. Its dimension is 17inches x 8inches x 37inches and requires simple assembly.

The frame of the rack is made from a durable metal which holds the bottle in a straight grip.

  • Chrome finish
  • Spiral design
  • Horizontal placement

7. V iski Belmont Geo Rack

V iski Belmont Geo Rack

This is a stunning gold plated wine rack that is sure to bring out the full potential of your home decor. It can hold upto 6 bottles through 6 hexagonal spaces and can be placed on a flat surface.

This metal wine rack is designed for stability because of the stacked formation. The hexagonal shape allows light to go through and to make your wine shine more.

  • Geometric honeycomb shape
  • Sturdy and weightless
  • Airy frame

6. Vintageview W Series

Vintageview W Series

The W series is a wall mounted wine rack that features a contemporary design. This wine rack can be adjusted to be fitted to three varying wine bottle shapes. This wine rack is designed to safely hold your wine with the assistance of a signature rack design.

The rack comes in 4 different finishes like satin black, brushed nickel, chrome and chrome luxe.

  • Range of height
  • Durable metal
  • Neck and base storage

5. Kings Brand Display Rack

Kings Brand Display Rack

Add some additional stylish points with this wine glass shaped metal rack. It can hold a total of 11 bottles and has a unique marble table top. The metal frame makes weight distribution easier and adds to the level of stability. The frame is made up of a strong metal with a black coating.

  • Wood marble top
  • Stable metal structure
  • Wine glass shape

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4. DreamiDeco 3 Tier Rack

DreamiDeco 3 Tier Rack

This 3 tier rack is suitable for both wine and champagne bottles and can be fitted horizontally or vertically in accordance to your available space. Place it in a humidity controlled room and positioning against the wall will add to the stability.

This metal frame has a black color and can fit 12 bottles. The black coating provides some shielding against rusting.

  • Wave design shelves
  • Detachable and stackable
  • Anti-corrosive

3. Vecelo Wine Racks

Vecelo Wine Racks

The Vecelo wine rack has a solid table top where you can place flower vases as decor or to just keep your glasses and bottle openers. The metal wine rack has space to hold 15 bottles of wine and is freestanding.

The strong metal has a chrome coating to ensure longer lifespan and the top is crafted from marble. It has pads at the bottom to prevent slipping so your wine doesn’t go to waste.

  • Sturdy marble veneer
  • Stable structure
  • Easy to assemble

2. Soduku Mounted Rack

Soduku Mounted Rack

This is a compact sized metal wine rack for when you want to save some space in your home. It can hold a maximum of 5 bottles and can be mounted on your walls. It also has hooks at the bottom where you can hang 4 glasses. The metal rack has been designed to be efficient in space and has a highly durable metal frame.


1. Vecelo Freestanding Rack

Vecelo Freestanding Rack

This is more than a wine rack. It has a table top where you can place your books and glasses or any other decor. It has a maximum capacity of 20 wine bottles and has 5-6 glass hangers.

Pads have been placed at the bottom so that it doesn’t slip. The metal frame has a strong and elegant design to provide stability.

  • Stable weight distribution
  • Anti-slipping
  • Easy to put together

Metal wine racks are the proper investment for storing your drinks. They are smaller in size and don’t take up much space so choose the one according to your own specifications.


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