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Many of us find difficulties in figuring out how to get ready in jewelry in less time as we have to rush to the washroom, again and again, to see how we look. To solve this problem, below, we have attached the details of the top mirror with jewelry storage so that you don’t have to run again and again to the washroom.

AOOU Jewelry Organizer Hanging Wall Mounted Reviews

Mirror with Jewelry Storage

This mirror with jewelry storage is on top of our list as it is a frameless mirror that is also full in length. There is no other mirror that can be wall-mounted like this mirror from AOOU. The organizer of jewelry has a mirror made of real glass, and it is designed in full length with the dimensions of 47.2″ length and 14.6″ width. This mirror is called complete in period because it is tall enough to portray an entire human figure. Through this mirror, we can examine the level of beauty inside us when we wear different kinds of jewelry.

The outer part of the mirror also consists of LED lights, which makes this jewelry organizer more efficient as you don’t require any extra lighting to see yourself in the mirror. The LED lights come in three different colors, which makes your choice of lighting very efficient. The LED lights are handy while you dress up for going somewhere. These lights have a technology of intelligent switch which activates when you touch that. By only contacting, you can change the color of the LED lights, and you can also turn the lights on and off by this smart touch switch.

This storage is to be in the best position because it is already an all-rounder. It makes our life easy and dressing convenient. The most important thing about this storage is that it protects our jewelry from damage, and it doesn’t let the jewels get scratched. The velvet liner present in this storage protects your jewelry and accessories. The materials inside this armoire are eco-friendly, and as a result of this, the room is considered to be degradable. Due to the inner and outer side made with bio-degradable objects, it becomes easy for the storage to settle at any temperature. As a result, it doesn’t get damaged in a short period. The outer side of the wood is made with the wood of the American standard. Due to the wood being American standard, the materials inside the storage remains protected. Other than this, there can be a smell of glass glue, which happens due to the wood of which the outer part of the room is made up of.

Speciality & Design

Mirror with Jewelry Storage

It is designed with a fantastic storage capacity that can hold all your jewelry without tangling. This is intended to be environment-friendly jewelry storage as the glass mirror is made with the wood of the P2 standard. This also has an intelligent switch technology that can be switched on by simply clicking a circle on the mirror, which makes every woman feel delicate. Due to the frameless feature, many people keep it on top of their list. As many people take the design of mirrors with frames in a traditional way, so they love this mirror very much as it comes with a great length and fully frameless. The storage capacity is enough for keeping 108 earrings in the storage without tangling.

Other than the studs, you can also keep necklaces and other accessories without worrying about trapping. Besides being frameless and having a great room, it has some efficient LED lights which you can easily use to create a cozy environment while getting ready. Due to the touch switch facility, it is designed in such a way that after touching the switch, the lights immediately change colors and can be turned off or on as well. The entire store is designed in such a way that it remains environment friendly, and due to this, it is considered the most efficient and durable armoire for jewelry.

  • The mirror of this armoire is frameless, which makes it appealing to many people.
  • The mirror is full length in this armoire, which is why you can observe whole body posture in the mirror.
  • The switch is intelligent and comes with touch. You can turn the lights on or off or change the lights’ colors with that smart switch.
  • The LED lights come in three colors, which you can set according to your mood. The colors make it possible to create a cozy environment in the room while you dress up.
  • The armoire’s storage capacity is very efficient that it can keep 36 necklaces and 108 earrings without tangling with each other.
  • As the armoire is made up of wood of P2 standard, which can also be referred to as the American standard, it portrays an eco-friendly message to everyone.
  • Besides jewelry, you can keep your makeup and cosmetics as the armoire has three cabinets for those items. You can use these spacious three cabinets for keeping any essentials of yours.
  • This armoire comes with a warranty of 24 months, which means that if any of the parts of the mirror are damaged in two years, the company will replace it.

Mirrors are essential for us to admire ourselves. Every woman wants to feel delicate by decorating themselves with beautiful jewelry. To make this dream easy, they often buy the Mirror with jewelry storage as they want to save room. To clear the confusion of those ladies, we have written this review article of the top Mirror with jewelry storage to buy their own without any trouble.

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