How The Whole House Surge Protector Works

Ever heard of all the electrical appliances in a single house getting destroyed by a power surge? You are not entirely safe from them unless you can ensure absolute protection. Although spikes in voltages are not as frequent as they used to be, they are far from nonexistent. This is why it is essential that you take proper precautions, to ensure you can guarantee the safety of your domestic and commercial equipment, for them to have a long usage period.

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Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection Reviews

Whole House Surge Protector

You might be wondering why we are making it out to be such a big issue. Let us start by having a better understanding of the threat you might be dealing with. Power surges or spikes are minor to major increases in the voltages in your electrical power lines. These can typically last only milliseconds, but their impacts are immensely considerable. The spikes in power can be one huge surge or multiple small surges. Every electrical appliance you have plugged in a power supply, may vulnerable to them. These include your refrigerator, oven, air conditioners, electric lighting, PCs, gaming consoles, or any gadgets plugged into your wall power outlets. Even though the majority of your devices are equipped with precautionary measures, they can, for the most part, only tackle small scale power surges.

This is where the surge protectors come into play. When installed, they not only allow the designated electricity levels to pass through but also actively monitor any increases in voltage. Any excess power is redirected to the ground wire, ensuring that your appliances only receive the allotted energy. They are therefore essential devices in protection against your appliances getting destroyed and costing hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace, or even worse!

At this point, now that you are familiar with what surge protectors or suppressors are and why they are crucial, there is one more detail that you have to consider: what type you need. Generally, you will come across 4. Type 1 surge protectors are installed outside of your premises and prevent your home from power spikes due to lightning strikes. Type 2, also known as service or branch surge panels protect you from all the internally generated surges in power.

These account for more than 80% of general power surges and are the most important of the bunch. Type 3 shares a lot of visual details with the power strips you use, as an extension of your wall outlet. Naturally, they offer protection to the devices only plugged into them and are generally inadequate against huge power surges. There is also a Type 4 category which is designed specifically for in an industrial application, to protect the commercial equipment. It is therefore completely unnecessary for domestic uses.

It is true, that in order to have a complete package, you should install all three (Type 1, 2 & 3) of the varieties of surge suppressors, but our opinion is to have or at least start with the Type 2. This is undoubtedly the most efficient and necessary one, as it offers the biggest range of protection. We have researched extensively into the online marketplace for the best possible whole house power surge protectors, prioritizing reliability, compatibility, convenience, lifespan, and most importantly, customer opinions.

All you should know about Siemens FS140

Siemens FS140

Siemens is known all around the world for offering a wide range of reliable and remarkable products and services. The FS140 is no exception. It is used globally and has fetched numerous praising reviews as being one of the best whole house surge protectors out there. We could not agree more.

The FS140 is approved as a UL 1449 Compliant for Surge Protective Devices, providing you with the assurance of prolonged reliable application, up to the highest standards. Not only will this device protect your electronics from the damage caused by prolonged repeated small-scale surges but also notable protection against external ones. This is borderline going above and beyond Type 3 criteria!

You can rest easy thanks to the three stages of commercial class notifications. Equipped inside you will discover Protection Status LEDs, red service LEDs, and an audible alarm system, which will notify you instantly if anything goes wrong.

Design & Speciality

Whole House Surge Protector

The UL 1449 compliant FS140 gets our praise for being a very versatile device. When it comes to Type 3 surge protectors or many forms of power altering electronics in general, you have to be extremely specific to find the right equipment. Things are made much easier here as you can install the FS140 with panel boards and circuit breakers of any brand. This is something you might struggle with if you are looking at some competitors.

Other than the panel board, you can also have the confidence to install the FS140 outside of your home. The NEMA Type 4 rating will provide you protection against a broad range of natural elements. You will also receive a 10-year warranty, which would cover the cost of the device itself and any equipment connected to it!

Electricity is a serious business, and risking all of it with the absence of a whole house surge protector is an absolutely no go. Even milliseconds’ worth of a huge power surge is enough to cause you a disaster with the electrical appliances. When every modern home is laden with electrical appliances, their safety must be given a good priority, for their sake and yours! Free yourself of all worries by installing surge protection device, and ensure no possible harm comes to you or your appliances. After all, spending $180 on the FS140 is far cheaper than risking your thousand-dollar inventory!

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