Mirrored Armoire: Necessary For Your Bed Room!

Bedrooms are an essential part of our house. This is the place where we dress up ourselves and also keep our stuff. This is also the place which we want to maintain tidy as well. For satisfying these needs, we need an armoire and a mirror as well. But to save space, we need mirrored armoires. Below we have listed the mirrored armoire of every requirement you have.

Badger Basket Mirrored Doll Armoire Reviews

Badger Basket Mirrored Doll Armoire

The armoire, which is designed as a mirrored doll armoire especially is on top of our list. This armoire from Badger Basket is extra-large in size, which comes with three baskets and hangers. This armoire is a safe option for keeping the dolls and accessories, which is very expensive. If you open one door of this armoire, then you will find three baskets which will surely be a great benefit to your works. The other gate of the armoire has a rod behind it, which has three hangers-on it so that you can hang your garments on the hangers and keep them ironed.

There is a mirror in front of the armoire, which helps you to check your appearance and helps your kids to test their dolls before playing with them and there is a door panel which is made up of Plexiglass, and this is the reason why you can see the clothes which are hanging on the rod. A shelf on the upper side of the armoire, which serves to keep the accessories in an arranged way. You don’t need to worry about closing the door as there are magnetic clasps attached to the door, which helps the door close automatically after opening. The top panel is trimmed in detail, which makes it more efficient. The doorknobs make it easy for the user to open and close the door swiftly. The armoire’s base is sturdy, which makes it more stable and durable—scalloped detail on the top trim panel.

Mirrored Doll Armoire Speciality

Badger Basket Mirrored Doll Armoire

Door knobs are easy to grasp to open and close the doors. The sturdy base adds stability. The construction is done by a solid group, which results in keeping your things inside the armoire. The baskets are very appropriate for storing items. For storage, you can have a big space by folding up the baskets. The folding is not complicated as the baskets can only be removed by extracting the panel at the bottom. The baskets have handles on both the front and backside, making it easy for the user to pull the bucket. After removing the baskets, you can have a spacious shelf that you can use to keep or accommodate other stuff.

The hangers are there so that any costly cloth or the clothes which need to be kept ironed can be kept hanging on them. This armoire is wholly made of wood, which makes it very durable as well. The materials used for making baskets are polyester. The frames and hangers should be wiped with a wet cloth as most of the parts are made of engineered wood. The baskets should never be drowned in water as the material can be wasted.

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What Mirrored Armoire is designed for

Badger Basket Mirrored Doll Armoire

It is designed as an organized closet with three baskets and three hangers, which you can see after opening just one door. The Plexiglass door is an added advantage as you know what clothes are hanging inside your closet. As the baskets are removable, you can have open storage if you think you don’t need the buckets. Due to the presence of the plexiglass door, you can sneak inside whether your clothes or accessories are intact or not.

There is a children’s safe mirror specially designed so that the children are never stopped to go in front of the mirror. The armoire is designed with removable spaces, which makes it spacious for extra clothing or at times of need. As the baskets are made of polyester, they should avoid water contact as coming in contact with water, polyester damages. Dolls of children up to 18 inches can be kept inside this armoire so you can use this armoire without any worry. The baskets have handles which are designed in such a way that you can easily pull them to get the buckets out. The mirror is there so that you don’t have to rush to the washroom again and again to see your face.

  • There is a closet large in size for organizing treasures and cloths.
  • Includes hangers and storage baskets that are easy to remove are three in number.
  • One door is mirrored, and the other is of Plexiglass.
  • Length, width, and height of this armoire are 23.5″, 11.5″ and 27.5″.
  • Cleaning this armoire is easy.
  • Appropriate for children above three years of age.
  • Warranty of the manufacturer, which is 30 days limited warranty.
  • The mirror of the armoire is children friendly.
  • You can see through the Plexiglass inside your armoire to observe everything is alright.
  • The hangers have handles which make it convenient for the user to take it out quickly.
  • There is an option of removing the baskets and use the space to keep other clothes of yours.
  • This armoire is partly made with engineered wood, which makes it efficient enough to be durable.
  • It would help if you had mild soap and a damp cloth to clean this armoire as soap with a strong base can harm the woods.
  • This armoire can come in different colors, but the color must be sleekly.

Armoires increase the beauty of the house if they are mirrored. So, having a mirrored armoire is necessary for saving space and enhancing beauty. We hope that after reading this article, you will be sure which reflected armoire you are buying next from the market.

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