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Sometimes after a hard day at work you may want to kick back and relax with a cold hard drink. All that stress accumulated will get you feeling like you’re a cranky kid. A wine cellar will seem like a gold mine to you after a rough day. It provides a storage space for all of your drinks and maintains the temperature and humidity to provide you with that thirst quenching drink whenever you desire. It also stops your drinks from spoiling too fast. If you can’t decide on what you want then check out this list of top ten wine coolers for you.

Top 10 Wine Coolers in 2020

10. NewAir Freestanding Cooler

NewAir Freestanding Cooler

The NewAir cooler will keep your wine cool with a quality compressor at a temperature of 41° to 64°. The temperature inside will maintain a constant chillness and it has a capacity of 23 standard bottles. You also have the ability to change the temperature through an adjustable digital display. The glass is double paneled to provide protection against harmful UV lights.

  • Attachable shelves
  • LED display
  • Built-in fan

9. WIE Wine Refrigerator

WIE Wine Refrigerator

The WIE is a freestanding wine cooler. It has a touchscreen display which allows you to view the temperature levels at any time. It is a large standard cooler and is able to hold a capacity of 28 total bottles at a time. The cooler has a stylish rack with a wave like design. It has an auto defrost system to maintain the perfect temperatures for your wine.

  • UV resistant glass
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Soft blue LED

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8. Wine Enthusiast Classic

Wine Enthusiast Classic

This is a wine cooler to boost the decor of your home. The cooler features a large 80 bottle capacity so you can easily show off your wine collection and act like some posh rich person. You also have the option of choosing between diamond, drawer or a shelf style rack. The cooler has a double pane glass to prevent damage from UV lighting. It also has a digital display system to allow you to change the temperature.

  • Blue LED
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Single zone fridge

7. Koolatron Wine Cooler

Koolatron Wine Cooler

This is a compact sized wine coolers which you can easily place anywhere in your kitchen. The Koolatron will keep your wine at a steady chill without making any sound or giving off any vibrations. It has a six bottle capacity. The door is made from a reflective tempered glass to make it stylish. The dark interior will allow adequate protection against UV lights.

  • Removable racks
  • Digital controls
  • Thermoelectric cooling

6. Wine Enthusiast Vinoview

Wine Enthusiast Vinoview

For those with a good taste, the Vinoview is the cooler which will efficiently protect your bottles. It has a sliding rack system which extends halfway through, so show off as much as you want. It has the ability to maintain the temperature of 28 wine bottles together. The cooler has a stylish stainless steel cabinet for maximum protection and UV resistant double pane glass.

  • Freestanding
  • LED display
  • High quality compressor

5. Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone

Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone

This wine enthusiast cooler features two different zones which you can set to two different temperatures. You can view your current collections through a bottom display rack and it can store up to 18 wine bottles. The cooler has a chrome wire rack to hold your wine bottles. The cooler is 3 times as efficient in saving power as other coolers.

  • LED display
  • Dual zones
  • Compressor cooling

4. Nutrichef Wine Cooler

Nutrichef Wine Cooler

This is a freestanding wine cooler with a total capacity of 15 bottles. It has a digital touchscreen interface which allows you to change and control the level of temperature. It has a highly durable airtight door to contain the temperature and to prevent spoiling of your wine. The wine racks are chrome wires.


3. Wine Enthusiast Refrigerator

Wine Enthusiast Refrigerator

This large scale cooler has a sleek and stylish design for people who love to show off. It has a large capacity of 155 wine bottles and is sure to provide protection against spoiling. You can adjust the temperature from 40°F to 75°F for perfect coolness. It also has UV resistant double pane glasses.

  • LED lighting
  • Black glass exterior
  • Freestanding and cabin placement options

2. Koolatron Wine Refrigerator

Koolatron Wine Refrigerator

The Koolatron is a stylish stainless steel wine cooler with customizable racks. It has a low lighting system which gives your home an elegant and stylish pop. You can enjoy a vibration free experience thanks to the thermoelectric function.

  • Digital control
  • Tempted glass
  • Dual thermoelectric unit

1. Nutrichef Wine Refrigerator

Nutrichef Wine Refrigerator

This wine coolers has been designed to be childproof, so you don’t have to worry about any crazy drunk kids running around. You can change and maintain the temperatures through a touchscreen digital display to maintain the perfect chill. It stops your wine from spoiling fast with a compression cooling system. It has a quiet fan inside for a sound free use.

  • Child safety lock
  • Thermoelectric unit
  • Chrome rack

For showing of your big collection of wine bottles or to just maintain them , a wine cellar is the way to go. It provides easy access to wine at the time of your choosing and is sure to be a worthwhile investment.

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