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One very common complaint a lot of homeowners have regarding their air con is that it starts to diffuse pungent odor. This could either be due to an in-built flaw in the machinery or simply because of all that gunk and dust that gets stuck inside the coil-over long time of usage. But you can easily fix this issue with the help of an air conditioner cleaner. Don’t know where to start looking? We’ll help you out with that! Go through our pick of top ten air conditioner cleaners to find the right product that meets your requirements.

Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Cleaners in 2020

10. Armor All

Armor All

This Armor air conditioner cleaner of 5 ounces can easily clean through the toughest and most persistent gunk.

The product works to destroy the very particles responsible for releasing bad odor, thus ensuring you breathe in the only fresh and fragrant air. The aerosol-like design of the cleaner makes it easier to be used. You can also it on small car-ac vents.

  • The product can be found in 7 different scents
  • Quick operation
  • The canister is comfortable to hold onto.

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9. Lundmark


With a lightweight of only 2.25 pounds, this Lundmark air con cleaner can be used on the coils, fins and even on the A.C condensers.

This air conditioner cleaner promotes the positive flow of clean air through the vents, therefore enhancing the coolness of the overall breeze. The cleaner comes in a strong, plastic spray bottle.

  • The product can easily be rinsed off with water after each spray
  • Quick and simple cleaning method
  • Can be used on different air con parts.

8. Nu-Calgon


This is the air conditioner cleaner you should consider getting if you have more than one air con in your home. The Nu-Calgon Evap Power cleaner is efficient and highly effective in what it does.

The product features a light colored liquid cleaner in a 1 pound bottle. You can pour the liquid into a spray bottle for better handling. After coating the coil and fins with the liquid, make sure to rinse it thoroughly with water.

  • Durable, large container
  • The liquid is lightweight enough to be rinsed away easily with water
  • This air conditioner cleaner is ideal for very dirty coils and fins.

7. Rectorseal


If the previous model we reviewed was not large enough for you, wait till you get your hands on this 4 pounds air conditioner cleaner!

The liquid in this air con cleaner turns into a foam like consistency once you spray it onto the object in question. The bottle is completely bio-degradable so you can also give something back to the environment by investing in this product.

  • The cleaner can be used on aluminum and copper products
  • Foamy consistency is easier to clean off with water and a rag
  • Large amount of cleaner.

6. SimpleAir


This non-toxic SimpleAir EZ Green air conditioner cleaner comes in a simple, easy to use metal bottle. The product is odor-free and very effective in removing dust and stickiness.

This biodegradable cleaner of 19 oz is safe to use on any copper and aluminum constructed coils and fins. You can remove dust and gunk build-up with the help of this cleaner in no time.

  • The nozzle on this cleaner can be rotated in 360 degrees
  • Foam-like consistency is easier to wipe off
  • Environmentally friendly product.

5. Frost King

Frost King

Alongside air cons, this Frost King air conditioner cleaner can also be used to remove dust and stickiness from fan blades and oven trays.

This heavy duty cleaner features a foam-type consistency as well, thus making it easier and faster to wipe off after usage. The product can remove anything and everything starting from stubborn dust to even grease and oil in coils and fins.

  • The cleaner works to neutralize bad odor
  • Easy to hold bottle design
  • Can also be used to clean reusable filters.

4. Nu-Calgon


We are back with another Nu-Calgon air conditioner cleaner, however, unlike the previous liquid model we reviewed, this one follows the foamy consistency.

Contained in a metal canister, this air con cleaner does not required to be rinsed off with water after usage, as the quick-drying properties of it will vanish off itself.

  • Quickly dries and removes gunk away
  • Strong yet safe to use on copper and aluminum parts
  • Very subtle lemon after-scent.

3. CRC


The CRC 18 ounces foaming air conditioner cleaner will also not require you to rinse off with water after every usage.

The product will not emit any sort of odor while being in use, therefore being an ideal product for those with sensitive sense of smell. The cleaner will remove all sorts of greasy build-up and dust residue within a couple of minutes only.

  • Heavy duty foamy cleaner
  • The bottle is easy to hold
  • Safe to use on metallic objects.

2. WEB


The WEB WCOIL-19 is safe to use on fan blades, air conditioner coils, and also on car tires.

This 1.5 pounds air conditioner cleaner comes in a metal aerosol-like canister. The foamy consistency of the product will stick to even the most stubborn grease and effectively remove it afterward.

  • Completely biodegradable bottle
  • The product is designed with a multi-directional nozzle for easier access
  • The cleaner also works to kill off viruses.

1. 3X: Chemistry

3X: Chemistry

The last product on this list is this 3X: Chemistry foaming air conditioner cleaner. The item weighs around 1.42 pounds only.

Clean out the toughest dust and grease build-up with this heavy-duty air conditioner cleaner. The product diffuses zero odor when in use.

  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Foam can easily be wiped off
  • You can use the product on gadgets other than air conditioners.

It is necessary for you to always keep your air conditioner vents clean from dust and grease build-up in order to enjoy its best performance. Get yourself air conditioner cleaners to keep your product up to date and work well all around the year.

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