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Many of who have air conditioners daily know the importance of changing the air filter often. If the air conditioner filter gets dirty and filled with dust, not only will it restrict the proper flow of cold air but also damage the air conditioner itself. For those of you who are looking for a good air filter, we have prepared a list for you all. To know more keep on reading the article of our top 10 best air conditioner filters.

Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Filters In 2020

10. Air Allergy MERV 11 Air Conditioner Filter

Air Allergy MERV 11 Air Conditioner Filter

Air Allergy air filters can trap very small fine particles and dust including molds, dust, pollen grains, dust mite debris, and much more. It can also trap different types of odors as well as bacteria.

They are 14” x 14” x 1” in dimensions. Plus, they are also better than fiberglass filters and have more pleats per square inch.

  • They are energy-efficient and decreases maintenance cost
  • These filters are also reusable and washable
  • They have met every required industry standard and showed promising results in trials tests

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9. GE Air Conditioner Filter

GE Air Conditioner Filter

It can catch particles as small as dust, pollen and even bacteria. This is a replacement air conditioner filter, and can fit into any air conditioner.

It comes in many dimensions, the standard one is 18.5” x 9.8”x 0.5”. The air conditioner filter is white, and has a regular design.

  • You can replace it into any air conditioner irrespective of brand
  • It is very lightweight and easy to install

8. WEB ECO Air Conditioner Filter

WEB ECO Air Conditioner Filter

It is very good at trapping airborne particles, dust, and other tiny particles in the air. In addition, it also functions to help keep your room clean and contaminant free. It has very high efficiency and reusable for over 10 years.

you can adjust the frame from 14” x 30” to 25” x 30”. It has a very stylish appearance with green color in the middle surrounded by black border squares

  • It is washable and adjustable
  • It has 3 stage filtration abilities and MERV7
  • The parts of the filter have plastic as a material and are not harmful

7. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

It is a highly effective air filter and can trap all types of contaminants and is made up of polypropylene material. Besides, it comes with a warning sign on the manual of not washing it with soap and water.

It has a cut-to-fit design and is white in color. As for its dimension, it has a length of 15 inches and 24 inches width

  • It has electrostatically charged particles which can trap very tiny particles from the air
  • Fit the windows of most air conditioners
  • Highly efficient at keeping airflow from the AC cool

6. SpiroPure Air Conditioner Filter

SpiroPure Air Conditioner Filter

It is a MERV8 filter that has 70% to 85% efficiency for keeping the air clean and cool. This air conditioner filter is comparable to a 3M filtrete MPR rating of 300-600.

The original size of the filter is 20” x 28” x 1’’. It is rectangular and is easy to install too.

  • It has good durability and is cost-effective
  • It improves air quality and is easy to handle

5. Lifetime Air Conditioner Filter

Lifetime Air Conditioner Filter

The lifetime air conditioner filter has a self-changing electrostatic filter media which working without electricity. It has a lifetime guarantee and is resistant to molds and other contaminants. It carries out an excellent work of trapping dust, pollen, etc.

The actual size of the filter is 21-3/4” x 23-3/4” x 7/8”. It is silver colored and consists of aluminum as material.

  • It has a filtering rate of MERV11
  • This filter consists of non-woven fiber layers in the middle which helps to increase the airflow
  • This filter also has 20 times more filtering capacity than other fiber-glass filters

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4. Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter

Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter

This filter not only has powerful allergen combating properties but also 2x dust removal defense activity too. It outperforms ordinary filters, it is reusable and washable too. Furthermore, it also helps to keep your room 2x times cleaner than other ordinary air conditioner filters.

It uses high-quality material like fiberglass and has a 2-pack style. Its dimensions are 13.81” x 19.81” x 0.81”.

  • Provides great filtration and keep the air cool
  • Very easy to handle and install

3. Aprilaire 201 Air Conditioner Filter

Aprilaire 201 Air Conditioner Filter

Aprilaire air conditioner filters have a filtration rate of MERV 10. It can prevent about 92% of air contaminants ranging from 10 to 0.3 microns to pass through the filter and get trapped in it.

It comes in packs of 2, it has 3 models 2200, 2250, and Space Gard 2200.

  • It is made with new filtration technology
  • It helps to circulate the air around your space
  • It’s lightweight and portable

2. Duck Brand Air Conditioner Filter

Duck Brand Air Conditioner Filter

Duck Brand air conditioners are well known for removing dust and tiny debris, bacteria, odor from the air. It can also be cut into sizes to fit your air conditioner. You can open it easily, wash and reuse it.

Moreover, for this air conditioner filter, it comes as black in color with dimensions of 24” x 15” x ¼”

  • Use to insulate your air conditioner
  • It is a versatile filter
  • Lightweight and can be cut into different sizes

1. FilterBuy Air Conditioner Filter

FilterBuy Air Conditioner Filter

It can trap almost 95% of the air pollutants in your house. It has a great filtration system and is considered an ideal filter for both commercial and residential spaces.

Its filter frames use beverage boards as material and can withstand high temperatures and high humidity.

  • It uses less energy to operate
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Has high quality filtering capability

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Choosing products to take a long time, but now that you have read our top 10 best air conditioner filter articles you can decide which filter would be the best to buy.

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