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Winter is an amazing season that is fun, exciting, and the greatest part is the snow, but all those amusement would wash away if you do not have an electric heater to help you pass through the long chilly nights. Your body needs to be kept warm and relaxed unless you want to stay in bed caught up with cold borne illnesses. Electric heaters are convenient and user-friendly tools that can warm up your entire room easily. To help you choose the best electric heater we have prepared a list of the top 10 best electric heaters for your home.

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters in 2020

10. Multifun Portable Electric Heater

Multifun Portable Electric Heater

Multifun electric heater would heat up your space within 2 seconds as it contains PTC ceramic which allows heating at wider angles and with no illumination and noise pollution.

Its compact, stylish, has a handle on top making it easy for portability, and also has an ETL certified fire retardant metal shell enclosing it.

  • Contains V0 flame-resistant materials
  • Smart thermostat features which prevent overheating the room
  • Heats up very fast and has a wider angle heating system.

9. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space heater

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space heater

Lasko designer electric heater comes with a wireless remote and has adjustable thermostat features with a ceramic heating element.

It is beige in color, stylish with an antique look, and can easily blend into your room like a decoration piece.

  • Has electronic controls
  • Prevents overheating the room
  • Contains built-in safety features

8. TRUSTECH Space Heater

TRUSTECH Space Heater

It comes with an adjustable thermostat, oscillating function, and prevents overheating; perfect for your indoor space.

It is white in color and has a tall tower ceramic design.

  • Can be operated using a remote control
  • Temperatures can be regulated from 50 – 95 degree Fahrenheit
  • Portable and lightweight

7. LONOVE PTC Electric Heater

LONOVE PTC Electric Heater

LONOVE electric heater is a ceramic-plate PTC sensor heater with tip over and overheating protection. It has 3 modes of temperature regulation and has good safety features including an automatic shut off.

Contains ultra-compact design, black in color, with a built-in fan to cool excess buildup of heat.

  • Noise-free heating system
  • Personalize Temperature with 3 modes of control
  • PTC material acts as a smart sensor for the heater

6. Homegear 1500W Electric Heaters

Homegear 1500W Electric Heaters

Homegear electric heater is an ETL certified infrared heater which is portable, efficient with a dual heating system with mica and quartz infrared heating tubes.

It is square-shaped, black colored in the center and silver on both sides, and has an LED display for checking the temperature.

  • Contains a remote controller
  • Equipped with electric floor and infrared heating system
  • Has a dual heating system but prevents overheating

5. Brightown Ceramic Electric Heaters

Brightown Ceramic Electric Heaters

Its heating element is made up of ceramic, it has 3 stages of heating, 1500W high, 750W low, and a normal cooling fan. The heater comes with precautions of not using in wet or moist places like the washroom.

Silver-colored and has a traditional design. It also has a strong handle on the top center for convenient carrying.

  • Has an adjustable thermostat along with multiple heating settings
  • It is ETL listed
  • Doesn’t overheat

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4. GEEK HEAT Infrared Convention Heater

GEEK HEAT Infrared Convention Heater

It combines both infrared and convection heating to produce very fast heat (within 5 seconds). It is portable and has 2 heat setting systems. The heater comes with instructions to let it cool first before moving it.

It has a stylish compact look and is placeable on any corner of the room.

  • Has an automatic tip-over switch system
  • Prevents overheating
  • Has a curved reflector which allows heat to travel in all directions

3. Andily Space Electric Heaters

Andily Space Electric Heaters

It is a long-lasting heater with ceramic and 3 modes of heating system: 1500W for high heat, 750W for low, and a fan mode only. It is a small heater and can be packed and placed in compact places.

This is a small heater, with manual options and is fully assembled.

  • It is a small heater with a thermostat
  • Automatic shut off system
  • Light display which shows heater is turn on or off

2. Airchoice Space Radiant Electric Heaters

Airchoice Space Radiant Electric Heaters

Allows fast heating and contains 4 heat setting system. Provides a silent warm environment. Has 2 generation infrared technology, with 120-degree oscillation.

It’s lightweight and has a classic design even suitable for outdoors.

  • Has an anti-scalding net for protection
  • Has tip-over protection feature
  • Automatically turns off when tilted.

1. Duraflame 3D Infrared Fireplace Stove

Duraflame 3D Infrared Fireplace Stove

Has a realistic 3D flame that gives the impression of a fireplace. The durable infrared quartz enables protective heating which can cover up to 100 square feet and is energy efficient.

It has a very stylish appearance. The realistic fire and log would give an aesthetic look to your room. The color, intensity of the flames, and speed is controllable and has a manual setting function to match according to your desire.

  • Has an adjustable thermostat feature
  • Operatable by a remote controller
  • The flame operates with or without heat
  • The Heater also controls humidity in the room

If you have read through this article you can choose which electric heater would be the best one for you and your family. Stay warm, stay safe.

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