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If your mom was any indication, messy rooms are the kryptonite of every parent. But if you house toddlers, it’s almost natural that their rooms will be a mess – with clothes and toys flung everywhere. This is why maybe investing in a closet organizer is a good idea. Thus, we’ve taken a look at some of the best kids’ closet organizers you can find today and listed them for you.

Top 10 Kids Closet Organizers in 2020

10. Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet

Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet

Simple and segmented, this closet allows you to organize in different stacks for your child – allowing you to keep track of their costumes, uniforms, and party dresses. The closet is made of laminated particleboard and has an excellent white woodgrain finish. The only downside is that it is rather difficult to assemble, as the screws are not labeled.

  • Includes three open shelves – one of which is adjustable.
  • Includes four open cubbies
  • Comes with adjustable clothes poles and a shoe rack.
  • Assembly required.

9. Handy Laundry Kids Closet Organizers

Handy Laundry Kids Closet Organizers

If you like everything organized and scheduled, this closet can be a great one for your kids, as they allow you to arrange their clothes by the day of the week. Measuring 4ft in height, the closets contain six shelves designed in vibrant colors to lure your kid into organizing their things. However, the quality of the product is not consistent.

  • Comes with six brightly colored shelves.
  • Includes 12 shoe size pockets.
  • Comes with a special swivel hook.

8. Milliard Kids Closet Organizers

Milliard Kids Closet Organizers

Do your children enjoy dressing up? Or maybe they’re always trying out new Halloween costumes? Either way, this closet can be the perfect piece of furniture for your kids. Specially designed to hold costumes, the costume organizer measures 4ft in height. It comes with a myriad of equipment – designed to hold bows, ties, and hats.

  • Comes with hooks, baskets, shelves, and hanger rods.
  • Includes a kid-sized shatter-resistant mirror on the side.
  • Can smell terrible.

7. Frenchi Home Furnishing Kid’s Clothes Hanger

Frenchi Home Furnishing Kid's Clothes Hanger

Sure, attractive closets full of features can be a novelty for your kids, but they also mean more work for you. If you’d rather have something simpler, maybe this one is worth looking into. This clothes hanger measures 43″ inches in height and has an exquisite look that makes it seem straight out of a 50’s vintage cinema.

  • Comes in white, blue, pink, and purple.
  • Affordable price.
  • Assembly required.

6. KidKraft 12510 Dress-Up Station

KidKraft 12510 Dress-Up Station

As we’ve stated before, kids love playing dress-up. This KidKraft closet can be a perfect addition to your kids’ room if they spend hours in front of the mirror. The closet is made of sturdy engineered wood and has a bubblegum pink finish that makes it look very attractive.

  • Includes a shatterproof acrylic mirror.
  • Contains seven compartments.
  • Assembly required.

5. Yomeliy Kids Closet Organizers Wardrobe

Yomeliy Kids Closet Organizers Wardrobe

Not all kids’ closets need to be bright and quirky. If you prefer functionality over fun, the Yomeliy closet wardrobe is the way to go. The shelves of this wardrobe are made of non-woven fabric that resists water and is easy to clean. It also contains durable steel pipes that add to its stability.

  • Includes 3 storage shelves – each with a capacity of 15lbs.
  • Comes with a movable hanging rod.
  • Includes a dustproof cover.

4. Iris USA Kids Closet Organizers Rack

Iris USA Kids Closet Organizers Rack

Compared to some of the others on the list, the IRIS rack is nowhere near as flashy, but its compactness and convenience make up for it big time. Just under 4ft tall and constructed of composite wood, the rack is highly accessible for your kids to play dress-up and hold all their costumes and dresses.

  • Contains adjustable shelves.
  • Contains adjustable side hooks.
  • Each shelf can hold up to 22lbs.
  • Assembly required.
  • Comes in two colors – natural and dark brown.

3. Sagler Daily Activity Organizer

Sagler Daily Activity Organizer

If you’re one of those super organized moms or dads, this product from Sagler can be another great addition to your nursery, as it allows you to arrange clothes by the days of the week as well. Large and spacious in build, the kids’ closet organizer measures 50″ inches in height. It comes in hot pink, with a myriad of colors for the different shelves.

  • Includes 7 large shelves.
  • Includes strong hooks for hanging clothes.
  • Each side contains side pockets.

2. mDesign Fabric Kids Closet Organizers

mDesign Fabric Kids Closet Organizers

If robust wooden shelves aren’t your thing, maybe you could try fabric instead. This fabric closet from mDesign can be a great addition to your child’s room. Constructed from non-woven synthetic fabric, the closet is designed to be spacious and breathable. The shelves are perfect for storing clothes, diapers, stuffed toys, etc.

  • Contains seven open shelves.
  • Contains three drawers.
  • Has a hook & loop design.
  • Measures 53″ inches in height.
  • Navy blue.

1. Maginels Children Kids Closet Organizers

Maginels Children Kids Closet Organizers 

The Maginels wardrobe is probably the best addition to your children’s rooms if you want a closet to match exactly with the décor. The plastic organizer measures almost 5ft in height and can be customized to fit your needs. It has a unique outer design – featuring random cartoon animals on the front panels.

  • Can be assembled into different shapes.
  • Comes with six storage cubes – each supporting up to 22lbs.
  • Comes with one hanging section.
  • Bright pink in color.

To conclude, organizing a kids’ room can be tough, but this is why kids’ closet organizers can help. Kids’ closets come with a lot of different features – and what you need will greatly vary depending on your preference. So wait no further! Add another item to your shopping cart today!

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