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Electric furnaces are multi-industrial equipment with a few more options that allows it to go beyond what a regular furnace offers. It comes with a heating chamber where the temperature can be digitally controlled through a PID module. Such a furnace is often used to achieve more accurate control of temperature where heating requirements of any particular object is specified within a particular range.

In addition to that, even though an Electric Furnace is not powered by gas, it has the potential to reach very high temperatures to melt alloy metals. Moreover, an electric furnace has market potential in Food processing, Chemical processing, Laboratories, Equipment manufacturing industries, etc.

Top 10 Best Electric Furnaces in 2020

10. Lyman Electric Furnaces

Lyman Electric Furnaces 

This is an economical big dipper casting furnace which perfects for someone who is looking for a great value. Although it may be compact in size it will blend the toughest alloy.

Furthermore, it has a heavy aluminum construction and its compact size, wide mouth and non-tip design facilitate easy lading.

  • Instant heating technology
  • Easy on/off temperature dial

9. Eapmic Electric Furnaces

Eapmic Electric Furnaces 

This is an automatic electric melting furnace that is famous for its portable design that comes with a highly advanced PID module. Also, it is a dedicated metal heating furnace with a 2kg crucible capacity

Besides, the furnace is made out of quartz stone. It has high resistance to extreme heat, alkali, and acid resistance.

  • Very accurate temperature control through PID module
  • Equipped with tongs for added safety

8. Toauto Electric Furnaces

Toauto Electric Furnaces 

An all-in-one electric furnace that comes with a grooved graphite crucible, graphite ingot mold, and crucible tongs with a large furnace capacity of 3kg.

More than this, the graphite construction allows the user to easily unmount the crucible from the furnace and added insulated lids to keep out oxygen for a finer melt.

  • Monitoring of temperature at 2-second internals
  • 6-in-1 melting kit for wide range of metals

7. Cast Master Electric Furnaces

Cast Master Electric Furnaces 

It is one of the mid-priced electric furnaces famous for its high durability ratings which are especially for dedicated professionals. Moreover, if you are a jeweler at work that this is the perfect furnace to get a fine blend of precious metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, and copper.

The crucible is a design that has the ability to withstand constant exposure to very high temperatures. Plus, it also has advanced circuitry built to last in repeated usage intervals.

  • Advanced circuitry for instant heating
  • Maximum melting capacity of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit

6. LAKAGO Electric Furnaces


LAKAGO Electric Furnaces 

The electric furnace is a design that allows ease of use and hassle-free furnace assembly which can be professionally used to process precious metals.

The furnace is built with a very high-temperature ceramic chamber that allows the caster to use the electric furnace consistently.

  • Includes melting furnace, graphite crucible, pliers, and 110v power cord
  • PID module allows precise and a constant burn
  • Maximum heating temperature of 1100 degree Celsius

5. GanGou Electric Furnaces

GanGou Electric Furnaces 

If you are in the market for something compact but still comes in an all-in-one package with a PID module and the user kit, the GanGou electric furnace has it all.

This compact electric furnace has a graphite construction with added corrosion resistance and precisely built for uniform thermal conductivity.

  • 1150 degree Celsius temperature capacity
  • Quartz furnace and graphite crucible

4. Tabletop Rapidfire Electric Furnace

Tabletop Rapidfire

This electric furnace is a game-changer for true artists which is built to be very versatile to handle multiple projects such as with metals, ceramic, clay, glass, enameling, etc.

Durability is its middle name and it is build in the USA with a large 6″ x 5″ x 6″ firing chamber. This chamber can heat to 1205 degrees Celsius consistently for 10 minutes.

  • Programmable ramping controllers
  • Digital control panel
  • Efficient thermocouples for even heat distribution

3. Tabletop Deluxe Electric Furnaces

Tabletop Deluxe Electric Furnaces 

This Electric Furnace that bears a premium price point and offers all the equipment necessary for a professional caster

The Tabletop Deluxe has a compact design that makes the product portable in addition to its highly configurable kit to accommodate several sizes of crucibles.

  • Extreme heating capacity of up to 1205 degree Celsius
  • 10 oz to 120oz available crucibles

2. MXBAOHENG Electric Furnace

MXBAOHENG Electric Furnace

It’s sturdy and premium construction and design make it ideal for laboratories where experiments require the user to precisely meet the requirements of a project.

The machine has a furnace built from shell material. Plus, the outer box is a coat with quality cold plates and also harbors a treatment of phosphate coating.

  • Efficient and energy-saving
  • Equipped with LTDE programmable instrument

1. Across International Electric Furnace

Across International

This is the mother of all-electric furnace that has Mitsubishi alumina fiber insulation of chamber and SiC heating elements. Furthermore, this product comes with a Dual walled steel furnace housing which helps minimize heat dissipation also creating a

This CE compliant based product features a split furnace chamber made from quartz. Other than this, this is a moderately compact unit that weighs approximately 55 pounds.

  • Multiple atmosphere process in a single cycle
  • Mechanical dual vacuum gauge
  • Dual-channel input (Electrical/Gas valve)

With the ever-expanding brands of furnace options in the market, these are the selection of the highest-rated electric furnace available for industrial and laboratory. Hence, they are very can deliver the required results for a professional caster to effortlessly achieve predetermined results.

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