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Gone are the days when people would rely on separate freezers for ice dispensation. Thanks to plummeting customer demand, you can now get amazing refrigerators with an in-built freezer and ice dispenser. However, it can get pretty hard to just opt for one model out of the many advertised jewels on the market. Don’t know which fridge freezers with ice maker function to go for from the lot? Worry not!

We are going to review the top ten fridge freezers with ice maker today in this short yet informational article for you. Therefore, sit back and take a quick look at the best products we personally hand-picked for you.

Top 10 Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker in 2020

10. Kenmore 50049 Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker

Kenmore 50049 Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker 

With a total storage capacity of over 24 cubic feet, this amazing fridge freezer with ice maker sports a simple and minimalistic matte black shade for the entire body.

The product comes with an in-door dual ice dispenser where you can also retrieve water from without worrying about any spillage. Plus, the refrigerator is lit with LED lights to help you fumble your way through its shelves at night.

  • Double door design
  • Multiple compartmentalizing removable shelves
  • Dual paddle system for water and ice dispensation.

9. Kenmore 50043 Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker

Kenmore 50043 Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker 

This stainless steel silver-colored Kenmore beauty packs in a massive punch with its high storage capacity of 25 cubic feet.

Most importantly, you will find this fridge freezer with ice maker to be equipped with super large compartments and glass shelves that you can remove for easy cleaning and scrubbing. Other than this, the ice dispenser and water dispenser are separately attached to a dual pad for convenience.


8. Beko CRFG1582DS Fridge Freezers

Beko CRFG1582DS Fridge Freezers 

Presenting a beautiful stainless steel silver color for the external appearance, the Beko fridge freezer with ice maker can easily withstand up to 261 liters without showing signs of overload.

This amazing product is famous for being completely frost-free, meaning you don’t have to waste time over defrosting every item that comes out of the fridge in the first place.

  • The fridge features reversible door hinges
  • High energy saving rating
  • Stand-alone installation.

7. Hisense RB320D4WW1 Fridge Freezers

Hisense RB320D4WW1 Fridge Freezers 

This amazing Hisense split fridge freezer in white comes with a non-plumbed ice and water dispenser feature for users’ convenience.

In addition, complete with an automatic defrost system and reversible door hinges, you can expect this incredible product to be able to withstand an approximate storage capacity of 261 liters at once.

  • Split freezer design
  • Automatic defrost system is very convenient
  • Reversible doors
  • Stand-alone easy installation.

6. Hisense Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker

Hisense Fridge Freezers with Ice Maker

Bringing yet another incredible Hisense fridge freezer with ice maker to you, unlike the previously reviewed model, this glossy black model comes with double side-by-side doors.

With a massive fridge and freezer combined storage capacity of 615 liters, this amazing product will assist you by automatically defrosting all the components inside.

  • Automatic defrosting system
  • Dual pad ice and water dispenser
  • LED illuminated body.

5. Russell Hobbs Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker

Russell Hobbs Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker 

Falling slightly on the pricier end of the spectrum, this amazing shiny black colored refrigerator with freezer sports a rear panel for easy control and adjustments.

Complete with a large storage capacity of 338 liters, you will find this impressive product to come equipped with multiple removable shelves and drawers, including an automatic, defrost system.

  • Stand-alone installation
  • Dual pad ice and water dispenser
  • The large, durable metal back frame
  • Multiple compartments.

4. Samsung RS50N3513WW Fridge Freezer

Samsung RS50N3513WW Fridge Freezer

Featuring a minimalistic stainless steel external approach, this beautiful Samsung fridge freezer is your best bet if you can manage to be flexible with your budget.

With an automatic defroster and digital compressor, this product will produce minimal noise during operation. Moreover, the LED body lighting will help you reach the refrigerator for a midnight snack.

  • Energy-saving system
  • Silent operation
  • Bright LED lighting system
  • Impressive Digital Compressor makes products unique.

3. Samsung RS68N8230B1 Fridge Freezer

Samsung RS68N8230B1 Fridge Freezer

If you have got the extra budget to splurge, why not take a look at this gorgeous 617 liters Samsung fridge freezer? Furthermore, the stand-alone installation of this product will allow you to make use of the product immediately.

Also, right off the bat, we can see that this shiny black colored fridge features a convenient child lock system that is meant to keep both, the product and your little ones safe from impending accidents.

  • In-built twin cooling feature
  • High storage capacity
  • Reversible hinges
  • Automatic defroster.

2. Haier Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker

Haier Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker 

With a moderately budget-friendly price tag attached, the Haier fridge freezer with an ice maker is a priceless gadget to own in your kitchen.

Adding to this, the body of this invaluable product combines a stainless steel look with a unique glass finish for an enhanced aesthetic. Also, you can dispense ice and water from the in-built plumbed pad.

  • Unique design
  • Rated as energy saving
  • Moderate 500 liters storage capacity
  • Low noise production.

1. Samsung Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker

Samsung Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker 

Our final product on this review is yet another impressive fridge freezer with an ice maker by Samsung. Plus, this 550 liters big boy features a unique French door on the very front, complete with a see-through glass window on one side.

Want to stop your kids from leaving the fridge doors open? Get this amazing model as its child lock feature will finally put an end to your worries. Besides, the stand-alone installation type will also let you operate the fridge from the moment you receive the package!

  • A convenient child lock system
  • Triple cooling system
  • High storage capacity.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a multifunctional refrigerator like the ones we mentioned above, just for you. Change up the outlook of your kitchen today, by checking out our top ten fridge freezers with ice maker!

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